How To Sell Arts & Crafts Online In India?

How To Sell Arts & Crafts Online In India?

February 7, 2022
4 Minute Read
Divya Mallick

Selling your Artwork online is also art. India is a country with one of the most vibrant and colourful art forms. We have various art forms that were developed by our ancestors and are loved by everyone. But it is a fact that this art form is not well known online.

While there are a lot of online selling websites in India, arts and crafts are lacking. Low competition, high demand and low supply make this industry very lucrative. In this blog, we will be looking at how to sell arts online in India and how you can start your own online business in the arts industry.

Let’s Get it Started...

1- Start your own Art Blog :-

One of the best ways to sell arts online in India is to establish your blog. A blog is an excellent platform for selling arts and crafts online because it is an inexpensive way to market. You can also offer freebies and discounts on limited products to attract more and more visitors to your blog. Having a blog is a great way to sell art online because you don't have to spend money on advertising.

Sell online in India

After finding your style, start building your content for your blog post and optimize your website for the search engine.

From your blog post, your audiences will redirect to your website & social platforms. Then you can sell online your Art.

2- Teach Online :-

You can start by teaching art. If you are a fine artist or have a flair for teaching, online classes are a great way to convert your passion into money. This can be monetized in many ways. You can sell digital downloads, physical products or offer one-on-one classes. You can teach people different artworks & get paid for it.

sell online in India

3- Sell Online through other Art Selling Website :-

As an artist, you must be aware of many different websites that sell original art. While selling your art online is fine, selling a piece through a different website is also another way to go.

You have to register with these art-selling websites & then list your work. Let’s take a look at some of the best sites to sell your artwork.

1- Etsy

2- Amazon

3- Flipkart

4- Saatchi Art

5- Shopify

ell  online in India

4- Sell your Art Online using Social Media :-

Nowadays social media is the best way to utilize your audience to sell your product. A lot of people are doing their business through social media only. Selling through social media is much cheaper than a website.

sell  online in India

You have to create a strategic plan for content, audience & sales. You have to post relevant content regarding your niche consistently to engage your audience & build your community.

 Then you can take up orders through DMs or you can create your own Instagram Shop. 

5- Start your ecommerce store :-

 sell online in India

If you want to sell your artwork online, then you can build your website to sell your products. And this is the best option to sell your products online.

People would see you as more professional & serious which could potentially lead to more cash flow coming to your wallet.

Another factor that you must have in your mind for having a personal website is that the initial audience for that website will be the people that you are already connected to.

Typof is a trusted eCommerce platform for Artisans to sell their products online. Typof is specially built to support Artisans in their online journey.

Typof is helping artisans to create their eCommerce site & go live, interact with their customers, and sell the product directly.

So get started to build your eCommerce site & sell arts online in India.

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