Meet Our Passionate Team

When it comes to teamwork, there is nothing more better than collaboration. Some wants perfection, some waits for perfection, but at Typof we fight for perfection.Come! Let's explore the world of artistic people.

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results

Aayushi Sinha

Let's start with this litle bird, eyes full of hopes and cloudlands, someday she's surely gonna fly high.

She carefully select her words in order to reach out to as many individuals as possible. She is committed to ensuring that everyone is heard and that things are balanced, particularly when it comes to group activities.

Divya Mallick

At this young age, She has made her remarkable identity in the ecommerce marketplace with her passion and intelligence.

Even the phrases are not enough to describe her dedication towards her work.Whenever it comes to helping our customers, Divya Mallick starts working no matter where she is.She is a perfect example of Women Empowerment! She is a exceptional leaders.She have the capacity to understand, regulate and connect with emotions of others.She also has a strong decision-making and problem-solving skills because of which she's able to execute successful solutions to keep the company moving in the proper direction.

Pranay Prajapati

Let's have a look at this creative weenie.What a creative head he has! With his creativity he has created a another world for Typof, full of prolificacy.

What makes him different from others is that the peculiarities he has such as openness to new experiences, observance, curiosity, a willingness to take risks, self reliance, persistence and the freedom from fear of failure.He lives in the world full of ideas,which helps him to continuously come up with new and bright ideas.

Dr. Priyanka Mishra

Having a well known artist in our team is a boon! She is flawless in her passion as well as in her profession too.

She is a recognised Odissi dancer. Recently, she got her Doctorate degree in Odissi Dance form. The expressions ,the gestures she has learnt till now in her art is perfectly flaunted in her way of handling our customers.We all know that learning odissi dance is not everyone's cup of tea and that's where she believed that hardworking is the key to learn something new.

Rajesh Ku. Sardar

You all may have heard about "Mitochrondia: Power House of the Cell" and boom that's the term which perfectly defines him. He is the power house of our team.

Like water is necessity for human survival, he is essential for our team. He is like an asset for Typof. He is a fun loving head with a hyperintelligent mind. His role in Typof is alike the role of the Central processing Unit in the system which means without CPU a system is just a body without soul and the same goes with him also,without him typof is like a body without soul.

Ranjit Ku. Pradhan

Now,let's talk about him,this techie guy, having avarice of time travelling,he really has to travel a lot everyday from his one home to another!

Handling patron all alone is not a easy task, but he has proved his capabilities and tackling power at Typof.
Everyday,the aura he shows towards his work is commendable. On being asked about one word which describes him, he uttered loyal,and that's true ,considering the loyalty he gives towards his work is appreciatable.

Sabab Quadri

Meet the most happy-go-lucky as well as peppy person in our team. Without him our family is incomplete. The word "affable" is a perfect fit for him.

With the aspiration of rising above the moon and overcoming the qualm, with his devotion and endurance, he is shinning like a moon in the universe.
The best quality he posseses is the guidance and mentorship, which is a valuable thing for booming!
The way he analyses the knots ,shows the active functionality of his brain which turns out to be a catbird seat for our team

Sanmaya Biswal

A very hard working professional, who has lead Growth team of India's fastest footwear D2C Brand.

He doesn't speaks much but his works says all about him. People often calls him crazy because of the way he sees the situation, even in worst to worst situation he sees positivity in it. In every situation he tries to learn something new from it and that's the reason where he is now! He has a craze of learning new things from his childhood days which helped him in achieving the positions he has earned till now.

Khan Soleman

The perfect word which can describe him is "Tight-Lipped".The less he talks, the more he works.

Being from different field of study, he decided to grow with Typof which shows the faith he has in Typof. Within a span of months, he has come a far way that shows the dedication he gives in his work.
The word dedication and persistence go hand in hand for him. Being from a non-technical background and working in a tech company is not a lap of luxury, what holds him to not to give up is his zeal towards his work.

Trilochan Parida

The name itself suggests the traits he has. Trilochan, the third Eye, who has the strongest vision.

Building a company not only requires skills, new ideas but also vision plays a vital role in it. When the vision is clear, strategy becomes easy.The vision as well as the passion he has are being reflected in the success of the company. Known for his creative ideas among the competitors, Trilochan Parida has come a long way proving himself as one of the king of Saas Company.
As a person he holds a good sportsman spirit which everyone should learn from him.

“ The ratio of We’s to I’s is
the best indicator of the development of a team!”

That's the success mantra of our success! More the we's ,less the i's, more the victory.Our Team is not like a family, we are a family, where there is no space for i's, but an ocean for we's. We believe in working together as well as growing together. Our team strength is unbreakable.Our team helps each other to learn new things and helps us to maintain the same decorum in our day-to-day life. It helps us to opt for a habit of obeying others and this develops as a habit which is definitely a very good thing.

All about the Team you have ever met!

In every organisation, you'll get same definiton of teamwork i.e the team which helps the company to achieve a particular goal.

But we are talking about the Typof team which is for sure different from others because our team policy is not only limited to achieving certain goals but also to help our team to grow with each other. Growing Team will lead to a Growing organisation as well!

"The Squad!!"

We refer our Team as SQUAD.You Know Why? Let me tell you one thing "The more powerful the squad, the more success you'll get". Our team is combination of Statement , Quotation, Analysis and most importantly Development. That's what make Typof SQUAD different from other team!