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"Typof has been a great experience for a solo-entrepreneur like me. Right from the template design till going live, they hand-hold you and are super responsive. Thanks to ‘Typof’ team and wishing much success to you."

Ramaya Kumar - Customer
Ramaya Kumar
Founder, Greengold jwellery

Do you really need WooCommerce for Building and Growing your E-commerce Brand?

Dashboard for growth

Woocommerce is actually complicated

Belive it or not woocommerce is actually complicated and if your planning to build an ecommerce website on woocommerce it would need you to work with a full time developer to keep it up and running.

Where as Typof is a No code platform you would never need to use code to operate Typof.


Woocommerce is really slow

As you can See the comparission of Typof and a Woocommerce site. It clearly shows how Typof outperforms Woocommerce in terms of Performance and speed.

This Not only hampers your marketing but also is the major reason of users bouncing off from your website before buying anything.

100% performance optimised
Speed Index
Tools for integration in Woocommerce

You Need additional apps for simple functions

Woocommerce is not self sufficient for operating a full fledged ecommece brand as you would require additional widgets like coupon, pops, store speed optimizer, product image exporter etc.

With Typof you get all these tools without any additional apps


No Support and Reliable

As Woocommerce is an Open source platform so getting support is near to impossible without paying extra for that.

No Direct Support from Woocommerce

Price that you got to pay for FREE in terms of...

Heavy Developer Cost in Woocommerce

Heavy Developer Cost

Hefty Hosting Charges

Hefty Hosting Charges

Tools for integration in Woocommerce

Slow Loading Websites

Low Conversion Rate in WooCommerce

Low Conversion Rate

Order Management

Little to No Verified Orders

No Direct Support from Woocommerce

Lack of Support and Help

Hear the stories from Real Life Entrepreneurs who were just like you...

"Amazing platform to representyour brand and handmade products"
Chynelle Priyanka Stephen
Founder, Crackpot By CPS
"Typof has provided us an excellent platform to sell our products and showcase our business online."
Smaranika Mohapatra
Founder, Maavni Designs
"It's an amazing platform to build your website and sell your handmade products. Very cooperative team. "
Nitisha Jha
Founder, Art Gilheri

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Typof, and how does it differ from WooCommerce?

Typof is an innovative no-code e-commerce platform that empowers businesses to create and manage professional online stores without any coding knowledge. On the other hand, WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin that offers robust customization options for e-commerce websites.

Which platform is easier to use for beginners?

Typof takes the lead with its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, making it ideal for beginners and non-technical users. WooCommerce requires some level of technical expertise due to its integration with WordPress and customization options.

Can I customize the design of my online store with Typof and WooCommerce?

Both Typof and WooCommerce offer customization options. However, Typof's pre-designed templates and easy customization tools make it more accessible to users who prefer a simpler approach, while WooCommerce provides more flexibility for those seeking extensive design options.

Which platform offers better scalability for my business?

Typof and WooCommerce are scalable solutions, but Typof stands out with its seamless scalability that allows businesses to expand their online stores effortlessly as they grow. WooCommerce's scalability is reliant on the performance of the WordPress platform it is integrated with.

Does Typof offer mobile responsiveness for my online store?

Yes, Typof ensures that all websites built on its platform are mobile-responsive, providing a seamless shopping experience for customers on various devices. WooCommerce also supports mobile responsiveness but may require additional configuration.

What about security and support options?

Typof and WooCommerce prioritize security, but Typof's platform is fully managed, offering regular updates and dedicated support. WooCommerce's security is dependent on the WordPress environment and may require third-party plugins for added protection.

Can I integrate payment gateways with Typof and WooCommerce?

Both Typof and WooCommerce support popular payment gateways, enabling secure transactions for your customers. Typof simplifies the integration process with its user-friendly setup, while WooCommerce offers more payment options but may involve more complex setup.

Which platform offers a better selection of apps and extensions?

WooCommerce boasts a vast array of plugins and extensions due to its integration with WordPress. However, Typof provides a growing selection of integrations and tools specifically designed for its no-code platform.

What about pricing? Which one is more cost-effective?

Typof is known for its affordable pricing and straightforward plans, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes. WooCommerce, while free to install, may incur costs for additional plugins, hosting, and domain registration.

Which platform provides better customer support?

Typof offers dedicated customer support to help you with any inquiries or technical issues. WooCommerce's support largely depends on the community and the resources available through third-party developers.

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