Complete List of Typof Features & Product Updates

Complete List of Typof Features & Product Updates

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January 2, 2024
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Lopamudra Barik

This comprehensive overview of Typof's  features lets you know what's happening. It also includes some upcoming features.

If you haven't already, create your Typof online store now to explore all of these features for yourself.

Full List of Features on Typof

So, let’s get started.

1. Unlimited Category, Sub Category:

Easily organize and expand your product range without constraints.

2. Customize Category Page Banner and Content:

Tailor the visual presentation of your product categories for a unique and engaging online store.

3. Group Category to Single Menu:

Simplify navigation with a consolidated menu for a user-friendly shopping experience.

4. Set SEO for Category Page:

 Improve online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find your products.

5. Search, Filter Products:

Enhance user experience by enabling customers to quickly find products based on their preferences.

6. Product Inline Edit:

 Save time by editing product details directly on the product page for efficient management.

7. Product Bulk Update with Condition:

 Manage large inventories more efficiently by applying bulk updates based on specific conditions.

8. Set Top Products in Category/Collection Page:

Highlight key products to boost visibility and increase sales.

9. Import/Export Products with Variants:

Streamline inventory management with easy import/export of product data.

10. Copy, Share & View Products Page Directly from Portal:

Facilitate collaboration and marketing efforts by easily sharing product pages.

11. Add Up to 10 Images in the Product:

Provide a comprehensive view of products with multiple images for increased customer confidence.

12. Sort Product Images:

Control the visual narrative of your products by arranging images for a more organized display.

13. Auto Generate SKU:

Reduce manual effort and errors by automatically generating SKU numbers.

14. Digital Products (Downloadable):

Expand your product offerings to include digital goods for diversified revenue streams.

15. Include Video in Product Page Image Slider:

Enhance product engagement by incorporating informative videos.

16. Set Range Price (Quantity, Measurement):

Provide pricing flexibility to accommodate various customer needs.

17. Product Customisation Request (Form, WhatsApp):

Cater to individual preferences, fostering customer loyalty through personalized products.

18. Design Your Product Page:

Showcase your brand's identity and enhance the overall shopping experience.

19. Set Product Page SEO:

Improve the discover ability of individual product pages for increased traffic and sales.

20. Create FAQ for Product Page:

Address customer queries proactively, reducing support requests and improving the shopping experience.

21. Set Tags to Product:

Improve product organization and discoverability for a smoother browsing experience.

22. Product Combo (Buy Together with Discount):

Encourage upsells and larger purchases by offering discounted product combinations.

23. Create a Box with a Discount and min. Qty option:

Incentivize bulk purchases with discounted rates, boosting order values.

24. Create Variants for a Product:

Present product options efficiently, allowing customers to choose variations easily.

25. Add Services to a Product:

Enhance product value by offering additional services, creating new revenue streams.

26. Order List with Filter and Search:

Streamline order management with easy sorting and searching for efficient fulfilment.

27. Order Details:

Access comprehensive order details for quick reference, facilitating better customer service.

28. Manual Update Order Status with Image:

Provide real-time updates on order status with visual confirmation for improved communication.

29. Add Comments to Orders:

Enhance internal communication and customer service with order-specific comments.

30. Download Invoice:

Simplify accounting and record-keeping with easily downloadable invoices.

31. Download/Print Address:

Expedite order fulfilment by printing addresses for accurate shipping.

32. Online Order Status Update:

Efficiently manage order statuses directly from the order list for timely updates.

33. Schedule for Shipping (with Multiple Shipping Partner):

Optimize shipping logistics with scheduled shipments through various partners.

34. Download Order’s Product List:

Easily manage inventory by downloading detailed product lists associated with orders.

35. Clone Order:

Save time on order creation by duplicating previous orders, especially useful for repeat customers.

36. Edit Order:

Quickly make adjustments to orders based on customer requests or changing circumstances.

37. Cancel Order:

Provide customers with a seamless cancellation process for improved satisfaction.

38. Edit Customer Address in Single Order:

Ensure accurate order delivery by easily updating customer addresses.

39. Create a Manual Order (With Payment Link):

Facilitate manual order creation, especially useful for phone orders or custom requests, with integrated payment options.

40. Export Orders to Excel:

Simplify record-keeping and analysis by exporting order data to Excel for detailed insights.

41. GST Report (With Date Range):

Ensure compliance with tax regulations by generating GST reports within specified date ranges.

42. Abandoned Cart List (Customer Details):

Recover potential sales by reaching out to customers who abandoned their carts, reducing cart abandonment rates.

43. Send WhatsApp Msg from Portal:

Enhance customer communication through a popular messaging platform, fostering a more personalized and direct connection.

44. Auto Reminder Email for AC:

Increase conversion rates by automatically sending reminders to customers who abandoned their carts, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

45. Export to Excel List of Abandoned Cart:

Analyse and strategize recovery efforts by exporting a list of abandoned carts for targeted marketing.

46. Get Product Enquiry:

Capture valuable leads and address customer queries promptly through a streamlined product inquiry system.

47. Coupon (% , Flat):

Drive sales and customer loyalty through targeted discounts, attracting price-sensitive shoppers.

48. Buy X Get Y Coupon:

Encourage larger purchases by offering complimentary or discounted products based on customer order value.

49. Threshold Coupon (Buy 1X Get 10% or Buy 2X Get 30%):

Incentivize bulk purchases with tiered discounts, maximizing customer spending.

50. Offer Single or Multiple Products for Free or Discounted Rate With Timer:

Create a sense of urgency and drive immediate action by offering time-sensitive promotions.

51. Create an Urgency Counter for Sales:

In still a sense of urgency in customers, driving faster decision-making and increasing conversion rates.

52. Announcement Bar (Scrollable, Link to Image Pop Up):

Effectively communicate promotions or important messages to customers, increasing awareness and engagement.

53. Pay out Report:

Easily track and manage pay outs, providing transparency and accountability for financial transactions.

54. Sales Report (By Sales, By Product, By Customer, By City, By Coupon etc.):

Gain valuable insights into your business performance through detailed sales reports, enabling data-driven decision-making.

55. Forms (General Enquiry, Bulk Order Request, Customization Request, Contact Us):

Streamline customer communication and capture relevant information through customizable forms.

56. Customer List (With WhatsApp):

Build a direct line of communication with customers, fostering better engagement and support.

57. History of Order Customer Wise:

Easily track and review the order history for individual customers, facilitating personalized service.

58. Create Your Own Theme:

Showcase your brand's identity with a customizable theme, creating a unique and memorable online store.

59. Add Custom Links:

Direct customers to specific pages or promotions with custom links, enhancing the user journey.

60. Create Static Pages:

Provide essential information and improve site navigation with custom static pages.

61. Write Blogs:

Engage customers and boost SEO with informative and relevant blog content.

62. Add Feedbacks:

Showcase customer satisfaction and build trust with visible feedback on your products and services.

63. Set WhatsApp Trigger to Collect Feedback:

Encourage customer feedback through a familiar and convenient channel.

64. Set SEO for the Landing Page:

Improve the visibility of your landing page for increased traffic and conversion opportunities.

65. Connect Apps (Payment Gateway, Logistic Partner, Marketing Tools, AI):

seamlessly integrating essential tools and services.

66. Add Social Media Links:

Increase brand visibility and connect with customers through your social media platforms.

67. Add Custom CSS and JS:

Customize your site's appearance and functionality according to your specific requirements.

68. Set Local Shipping (Radius KM Wise, Pick Up Option):

Optimize shipping options for local customers, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

69. Shipping Fee Setup (Country Wise, Prepaid, COD, Each Product Wise, Flat Rate, Rage on Order Value, Range On Weight):

Tailor shipping fees to match various product types and order specifications, ensuring transparent and fair charges.

70. Set Multiple Email and Mobile Numbers to get Order Communication:

Facilitate efficient communication by directing order-related information to multiple contact points.

71. Order Return T&C:

Clearly outline return policies, reducing disputes and ensuring a smooth return process.

72. Set Guest Checkout:

Simplify the purchasing process for customers who prefer not to create an account.

73. Bulk Order Option:

Cater to wholesale customers with a convenient bulk ordering feature.

74. Ignore the Inventory:

Allow for sales without tracking inventory, accommodating unique business models.

75. Snack Back (Real-time Push Notification on Product Purchase):

Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction with real-time purchase notifications.

76. Staff Account Management:

Control access and responsibilities with organized staff account management.

77. Currency Setup:

Cater to global customers by easily configuring and displaying multiple currencies.

78. Currency Wise Payment Gateway Setup:

Enable seamless transactions by aligning payment gateways with preferred currencies.

79. Country Wise Landing Page Design:

Personalize landing pages based on the visitor's country for a localized experience.

80. Auto Detect Country and Currency:

Improve user experience by automatically detecting and displaying the relevant country and currency.

81. Multi-Vendor Management:

Streamline operations with efficient management of multiple vendors.

82. Auto PO Generate Vendor Wise:

Simplify procurement by automatically generating purchase orders for individual vendors.

83. Reward Setup:

Encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases by implementing a rewards program.

84. Earn By Referring:

Incentivize customers to refer others, expanding your customer base through word-of-mouth.

85. Upgrade Plan:

Easily scale your business by upgrading your plan to accommodate growth.

86. Google Merchant (Auto Product Upload):

Increase product visibility with automatic product uploads to Google Merchant.

87. Google Analytics:

Gain valuable insights into website traffic and user behaviour.

88. Google Ads:

Drive targeted traffic with strategic advertising on Google.

89. Meta Pixel (Conversion API, Browser):

Track website conversions for improved advertising and analytics.

90. ChatGPT:

Enhance customer support and engagement with an integrated chatbot.

91. Integrate Payment Gateways (Razorpay, Phonepe, Cashfree, Paytm, CCAvenue, Stripe):

Provide diverse payment options for customer convenience.

92. Integrate Logistic Partners (Delhivery, Shiprocket, Sypmax, NimbusPost, IthinkLogistics, ShipyBox, ShipDelight, BlueDart):

Streamline shipping logistics by integrating with popular logistics partners.

93. Integrate Marketing Tools (Pabbly, Contlo, WebEngage, Klaviyo, Wati, Interakt, AiSensy, Mailchimp):

Enhance marketing efforts with seamless integration of marketing tools.

94. Auto Generate Sitemap:

Improve search engine visibility by automatically generating a sitemap.

95. Auto Manage Schema (Store, Product):

Enhance search engine understanding of your store and products with automated schema management.

96. Single Page Checkout:

Simplify the checkout process for a faster and smoother customer experience.

97. SMTP Integration:

Ensure reliable email communication through seamless integration with SMTP.

98. Firebase Integration for OTP:

Enhance security and user verification with OTP integration through Firebase.

99. Analytics:

Make informed decisions with detailed analytics on website performance and user behaviour.

100. Custom Domain:

Establish a professional online presence with a unique and branded custom domain.

Typof constantly improves. New tools make designing easier. Typof cares about users. They update lots. Designers love it. More features come. It stays fresh. Great for creative work.


1. What are Typof features?

Typof offers a range of features including advanced typography settings, user-friendly interfaces, templates, and tools for various design needs.

2. How often does Typof update its products?

Typof regularly updates its products, often introducing new features and improvements to enhance user experience and design capabilities.

3. Can I suggest a feature or enhancement for Typof?

Yes, Typof welcomes suggestions and feedback from users. There's often a process for users to submit feature requests or ideas.

4. How can I provide feedback on Typof updates?

Users can often share feedback directly through Typof's platform via dedicated feedback channels or contact customer support.

5. Are there tutorials or guides available for new Typof features?

Typof typically provides tutorials, guides, or demonstrations to help users understand and make the most of new features, often available on their website or within the platform.


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