Typof: Ecommerce Website Builder in India for Every Business

Typof: Ecommerce Website Builder in India for Every Business

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August 17, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

How do you choose the best eCommerce website builder for your company when so many options are available?

This eCommerce site builder analysis delves into the benefits and drawbacks of the leading platforms and a thorough understanding to assist you in determining which platform is ideal for your business.

Your online store is the ultimate stop for a consumer to purchase things from you. Whether your business is all digital or has a physical location with plans to expand online, it's essential to provide your consumers with a memorable online purchasing experience.

The design of your e-commerce store can influence whether people buy from you or choose a different company. It's crucial to construct your e-commerce site in a manner that not only saves you money but also makes it simple for your clients to use and leaves a positive impression.

What is an Ecommerce Website Builder?

Using HTML-based editors known as website builders, you may create a website without knowing any programming ( some might also require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

They often provide a selection of templates and walk you through the procedure so you can establish a website even if you have no design or web programming skills. Using these templates, you may develop a site specific to your business because they are frequently entirely adjustable.

Why is a Website Builder Better than a Custom Developed Site?

Using such a site builder to create a website typically goes without a hitch. Some programs, like Typof, come with built-in landing page pre-made templates and logo creators, enabling you to expand your brand's content as you launch it online.

Its functionality is quite simple. Register and set up an account. Pick a plan that is appropriate for your company. Choose a template that blends your brand with your personal preferences. Some themes are ideal for consultants, some for designers who wish to highlight their portfolios, and others for online shops.

Edit your template according to your preferences. You may reorder the segments and add text, photos, and videos. Reach out to a domain. You have two options: utilize a domain you've previously registered or select a domain and register it straight away. You can get started once you publish your website. That's how simple it is.

Working with a web designer or design firm takes careful communication, time commitment, and financial planning. Before displaying any designs, the firm will likely give you an upfront estimate, but they could supply you with examples from their catalog to give you a sense of what to anticipate.

Unlike building a website using a website builder, building and developing a site from scratch takes anywhere between 14 weeks and six months.

How to Determine What Best Ecommerce Website Builder to Use?

There are several options available for eCommerce website builders, and many of them can complete the task. However, not every one of them will function precisely as you require, so it is still not that easy.

Many factors are taken into consideration while selecting a platform. Take into account the following inquiries to select the best choice:

Is it affordable for you?

Consider how the platform's monthly (or annual) payment model fits your budget because prices may vary significantly.

A platform with many tiers or packages will allow you to expand your organization and add additional capacity as your demands change over time. Depending on your company's demands, Typof offers several price plans and monthly rates without any concealed transaction cost that might raise overall expenditures.

Comparing Typof's out-of-the-box capability to other website builders, retailers may save significantly on annual in-app membership fees.

Can you easily use and manage tasks in a website builder?

You should think about the timetable for that work if your site requires unique build-outs or development work because, occasionally, developer work can take many days (or perhaps even months) to complete.

Timing is essential, mainly if you're engaged in profitable endeavours. It would be best if you were confident that the backend development and website build-out would be finished long before your official launch and beginning to create your site.

A last-minute rush to complete something is never a wise choice and might result in an incomplete or subpar build. To guarantee that you are ready for your first sale and continuous success with Typof, the store launch experts can assist you in expediting the setup process with coaching from start to end.

Do the available templates fulfil your need, and Does it offer Customization Freedom?

Check out the templates offered by each eCommerce website builder you're thinking about to see if any could be helpful for your company.

It may be necessary to have a responsive design made for you to create your online store if you prefer something else to the alternatives the site currently offers. Doing so might be more costly and time-consuming and may also restrict the site builder options accessible to you.

You may choose from hundreds of templates for every sector with Typof. Whether you work in fashion or health and beauty, there is something for everyone. To offer your business an advantage over the competition, choose from a range of professionally chosen, completely responsive designs.

How adaptable is it?

The level of customization is crucial when determining how to create an eCommerce strategy for your website.

If you want multiple integrations, extensions, or add-ons — perhaps from sites like Facebook or Google or if you're trying to connect marketing tools or chatbots — it's essential to choose a builder that offers tools and features to make your site more flexible.

You may alter the appearance and feel of your website without writing any new code thanks to Typof's user-friendly Page Builder visual editor. With HTML, CSS, and well-known code libraries, you may create your online store using the industry-leading theme framework.

How easy is learning and building a website builder?

Knowing your degree of website building expertise is crucial before dealing with an eCommerce site builder so you can decide how much help you want and what you can do alone. Jumping in with both feet is not the best action if you've never constructed a website.

The best part is that Typof could assist anyone, regardless of their level of website development expertise. You may personalize your site without knowing how to code with a committed support staff, coaching team, and a variety of easily comprehensible site templates.

Top Ecommerce Website Builders in 2023

Similar to what you do with other aspects of your company, finding the ideal solution for your needs may significantly impact how you manage your company.

It's time to begin looking at the top developers to create a shortlist of the choices that make perfect sense for you now that you know what makes a successful eCommerce store builder.

Here are 5 of the top e-commerce website builders to take into consideration:

1. Typof

The modern eCommerce platform, Typof, is more user-friendly than Canva and just as potent as Shopify.

You might wonder how anything can be both primary and effective simultaneously. That is Typof's magic. It doesn't impose setup fees or transaction costs and offers an open system. You don't need to know design websites or code to use Typof.

Typof, is more user-friendly than Canva and just as potent as Shopify.

It includes most of the sophisticated capabilities you want, including hosting, inventory management, drop shipping, content marketing, and flexible payment options. It is not the end of it. Instead of only having access to the manuals and FAQs like other eCommerce systems, you receive 24/7 technical help from their team.

2. Bigcommerce

One of the top Open SaaS eCommerce systems for mid-market and business companies is BigCommerce.

It offers all the advantages of multi-tenant SaaS, including business web hosting, a cheaper total cost of ownership, and a quicker time to market, along with framework APIs that let companies personalize their websites and link them with third-party programs and services.

3. Woocommerce

An open-source, free plugin called WooCommerce may add backend e-commerce features to a frontline WordPress website.

WooCommerce could be a suitable option to monetize an existing WordPress site quickly. However, scaling WooCommerce may be challenging since adding more payment, catalog management, and marketing functions is expensive and time-consuming.

4. Squarespace

Squarespace, a website builder most accessible by the artistic community, provides several themes to display works of art, videos, or music.

It is primarily a content management solution, but SquareSpace Commerce provides additional specific capabilities, including expert templates and automated mailings for individuals who want to sell physical or digital goods.

It is an excellent choice for novice merchants and smaller organizations since it offers expert templates, automatic mailings, and interaction with social media networks.

5. Weebly

Weebly provides a user-friendly UI and simple setup for small company owners with little expertise in web development and several free creation and exchanges for people on a budget.

Weebly only provides basic photo-editing and blogging features because it is a platform aimed at novices and single businesses, which may make it challenging to make your site appear professional. As a consequence, Weebly could be a good place for young business owners to start, but be mindful that this might not be capable of supporting your company's expansion.


There are several trustworthy eCommerce website builders from which you can pick. Some don't require any experience with website creation or coding. In contrast, others call for a thorough grasp of the technical components of websites, not to mention an operational e-commerce store.

Whatever you decide to design, a site builder has to include the following fundamental qualities to be a great alternative. The time to decide has become since so many alternatives are available, and it might be challenging to select the most effective platform for your company.

The challenging selections are made for you by Typof. With the aid of our platform's robust, market-leading features, you can maximize the potential of your site and expand your business.


What is an e-commerce website builder?

An e-commerce website builder is a software tool that allows individuals and businesses to create and launch an online store without any coding or technical knowledge.

Why use an e-commerce website builder?

Using an e-commerce website builder saves time and money as it eliminates the need to hire a developer. Additionally, these tools offer features such as pre-designed templates, shopping carts, and payment gateways that make it easy for anyone to launch an online store.

Do e-commerce website builders offer support?

Yes, most e-commerce website builders offer support in the form of documentation, tutorials, and customer support via email, phone, or live chat.

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