Typof vs Dukaan: Who Wins in 2023? Comparison and Analysis

Typof vs Dukaan: Who Wins in 2023? Comparison and Analysis

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April 13, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

How similar are Typof and Dukaan to one another? Which platform is most advantageous for business owners? Let's sort through the noise to get to the bottom of things.

People's attitudes toward shopping have shifted as a result of the pandemic and numerous lock downs. The new standard now is online purchasing, period.

Online purchasing may have been a luxury for the majority of Indians prior to the pandemic. Currently, 60% of internet users are thought to prefer online shopping and frequent online retailers.

What is Typof

Just as easy to use as Canva, Typof is the no-code e-commerce platform. This platform comes with a number of features that direct-to-consumer businesses normally require, making it easy to build up a store with pre-made components and ensuring a straightforward checkout experience.

Just as easy to use as Canva

To improve user experience, they place a high priority on creating efficient, SEO-optimised(SEO) e-commerce sites. They also work to support businesses in going live in 30 minutes as opposed to months.

Typof is a pioneer in the e-commerce website builder space, providing an AI-powered platform that enables businesses to develop, manage, and optimize online storefronts with astonishing ease.

Typof is distinguished by its unique Auto SEO feature, which automatically optimizes website content for search engines, increasing exposure and driving organic traffic. The platform's no-code approach enables even non-technical users to construct their ideal websites using a drag-and-drop interface.

Furthermore, Typof's dedication to performance optimization ensures quick load times and a smooth user experience. Typof's marketplace integration broadens enterprises' reach across many platforms.

Why Typof?

1. Increased Efficiency

2.Automatic SEO Optimisation

3. RTO optimisation

4. Constant Support

5. Customise Features Personally

Why brands prefer Typof over Dukaan!

Other developers began to recognise an opportunity as Typof became well-known among companies of all sizes and sorts, despite their modest marketing expenditures.

Typof and Dukaan are both platforms that allow businesses to create online stores and sell products or services.

However, they may differ in terms of features and functionality.

Companies might prefer Typof over Dukaan if they find that Typof offers a more comprehensive set of features that align with their specific business needs.

For example, Typof have more advanced customisation options, payment gateways, integrations with other tools or platforms, or better SEO capabilities.

What genuinely Separates Typof from Dukaan and Why It Is Better.

1. There is no simpler way to start an online store!

Starting a Typof account is simpler than starting an online store. You really can establish your internet business in under a minute!

Simply register using your email id, and select the company category.

Typof plays a pivotal role in enhancing brands' growth by minimizing reliance on third-party apps, a critical aspect in boosting performance and SEO. This approach ensures a seamless and efficient e-commerce experience.

By providing integrated features, Typof optimizes website speed, which directly impacts user engagement and conversions. The platform's self-sufficiency eliminates the complexity of managing multiple external plugins, saving time and resources for strategic growth initiatives.

Moreover, reduced dependence on third-party apps translates to cost savings, enabling brands to allocate funds toward marketing and expansion efforts. This streamlined approach also leads to a consistent user experience and faster issue resolution.

With Typof, brands can focus on innovation and differentiation, propelling them toward sustainable growth, higher search engine rankings, and a competitive edge in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

2. The foundation of every store is performance and SEO


Typof integrates cutting-edge AI technology to optimize various aspects of your store. From page load times to image compression and code optimization, Typof ensures that your website runs smoothly and swiftly, providing an exceptional user experience.

With mobile usage on the rise, having a mobile-responsive website is crucial. Typof's designs are inherently responsive, adapting seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices, which can positively impact your SEO rankings.

Typof comes equipped with built-in SEO tools that help you optimize your content for search engines. From customizable meta tags to SEO-friendly URLs and structured data, Typof ensures that your website is well-prepared to rank higher in search engine results.

Clean and descriptive URLs not only make navigation easier for users but also contribute to better SEO rankings. Typof generates user-friendly URLs automatically, enhancing both user experience and search engine visibility.

This comprehensive approach to boosting performance and SEO sets Typof apart as an exceptional e-commerce website builder in India for small businesses.


Performance and SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) are critical elements for the success of any online store, including those built using Dukaan, a popular e-commerce platform.

Performance refers to how fast your online store loads and how smoothly it functions. A slow-loading website can negatively impact user experience, leading to higher bounce rates and lower conversions.

 3. Low use of extra third-party apps


Typof empowers brands to achieve substantial growth by minimizing their reliance on third-party apps, resulting in a streamlined and efficient e-commerce experience.

Third-party apps can sometimes slow down websites and affect their performance. Typof's integrated features eliminate the need for numerous external plugins, ensuring that your online store loads quickly and offers a seamless browsing experience. Faster load times lead to higher user engagement and better conversion rates, ultimately boosting brand growth.

Many third-party apps come with subscription fees or additional costs. By relying on Typof's built-in features, brands can significantly reduce their spending on third-party app subscriptions. This cost savings can be redirected towards marketing efforts, product development, or other growth-focused activities.


In contrast, Dukaan model often involves a combination of its core platform and various additional apps. While this provides flexibility, it can also result in a more convoluted ecosystem, requiring ongoing attention and resources.

4. Avoid the primary cause of RTO


RTO causes great pain.

RTOs occur for a variety of reasons, one of which is the client providing the incorrect phone number. However, this can happen for a variety of reasons. 

But as a brand, we must be certain that we are at the top of the game.

With Typof checkout, we guarantee that your consumers enter a valid number with a pre-configured OTP solution.

Typof's commitment to performance optimization ensures fast load times and a seamless user experience. With its marketplace integration, Typof expands businesses' reach across multiple channels.

This can happen due to various reasons such as incorrect addresses, failed delivery attempts, customer unavailability, and more.


In contrast, Dukaan's approach may not proactively address the issue of incorrect addresses, potentially leading to a higher RTO rate. While Dukaan offers a range of features for e-commerce businesses, including website creation and catalog management, it's vital to note that Typof's emphasis on minimizing RTO through smart address validation distinguishes it as a solution that goes beyond the surface.

5. Never manage your online store only on the shoulders of developers.


Typof was created for business owners who prefer to take action over relying on developers for simple adjustments that take time. Typof likely emphasize intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that allow users to perform tasks with minimal technical knowledge. This reduces the learning curve and encourages individuals to take control of their stores.

Even a young child may create an online store using our tool because using it is as simple as adding material and publishing it.

Developers can focus on more strategic and complex tasks, while simpler updates can be handled by business owners.

Discover how simple it is to create your online store with Typof.


On the other hand, Dukaan, while offering a range of features for online store creation and management, might require more developer intervention for certain customizations and updates.

6. Customer Support is the core of Typof’s Value Prop


Typof takes pride in offering top-tier customer support, designed to ensure the success of your e-commerce journey.

Our dedicated team of experts is available 24/7, providing personalized assistance tailored to your unique business needs.
We keep you informed with the latest e-commerce trends and updates, empowering your online store to stay competitive.
Our extensive knowledge base serves as a valuable resource, and we actively seek and appreciate your feedback to enhance our platform continually.

Moreover, our vibrant community forum allows you to connect with fellow Typof users for shared insights and solutions. With Typof, you're not just getting an e-commerce platform; you're gaining a committed partner invested in your prosperity.


Dukaan has indeed adopted AI-driven chatbots to enhance their customer support services. This approach aims to provide quicker responses and assistance to customers.

The AI chatbot can handle routine queries and tasks efficiently, such as order tracking or FAQs, without the need for human intervention. However, it's important to note that while AI chatbots are excellent for handling common inquiries, they may lack the personal touch and nuanced assistance that human customer support representatives can offer for more complex issues.

So, while AI chatbots improve response times, the quality of support in complex situations might still benefit from human intervention.


When comparing Typof  with Dukaan , it is clear that Typof  is performing far better than Dukaan. Typof provides a better business environment for both small and large organisations, whether it be in terms of pricing, user friendliness, or commercial features.

In the realm of e-commerce, Typof and Dukaan emerge as contenders with distinct approaches to empowering businesses. Typof takes the lead by addressing the critical issue of over-reliance on developers for online store management.

Selecting the right e-commerce website builder is a pivotal decision for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.


What is Typof?

Typof is a online e-commerce platform that allows small and medium-sized businesses to create and manage their own online stores without any coding skills.

How do Typof and Dukaan compare in terms of features?

Both Typof and Dukaan offer similar features such as ocial media integration, automated marketing tools, and CRM integration, inventory management, payment gateway integration, order management, and analytics. However, Typof also provides additional features like Auto SEO, customisable templates, and no restriction designing, which may give it an edge over Dukaan.

Which platform is more user-friendly, Typof or Dukaan?

Both Typof and Dukaan are designed to be user-friendly with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use tools. However, user preferences may vary, and some users may find Typof or Dukaan more user-friendly depending on their specific needs and requirements.

How much do Typof and Dukaan cost?

Typof offers a free plan with limited features, as well as premium plans starting at $10 per month. Dukaan doesn't offers a free plan, as well as premium plans starting at $10 per month. Pricing may vary depending on the specific plan and features chosen.

Which platform has better customer support, Typof or Dukaan?

Typof provides customer assistance using multiple communication channels like email, chat, documentation, and direct calls. On the contrary, Dukaan relies on an AI chatbot for customer support, eliminating human involvement entirely. Nevertheless, the effectiveness and promptness of their customer service can differ, so it's advisable to assess customer feedback and recommendations for a more comprehensive grasp of the support quality provided by both platforms.

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