Boost Your Online Store's Performance with These 9 Must-Have Pages

Boost Your Online Store's Performance with These 9 Must-Have Pages

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December 13, 2022
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Sanmaya Biswal

Building an eCommerce store is quite important if you want to sell your products online.
In today's time with easy-to-use online builders like Typof etc building an eCommerce site and maintaining is not a that hard thing to do.

But still, a lot of entrepreneurs get confused about what different pages one needs to have in their eCommerce store.

Because having important pages not only boosts up your SEO and keyword rankings it also Builds your brand and trust amazon the people.

But how exactly?

To explain to you that I have laid down a detailed guide on 9 key important pages which every eCommerce store must have in order to grow their business and build their Brand

Now every eCommerce brand can have more than these 9 pages mentioned here but these nine pages are the core foundational ones for any eCommerce store and missing to add any one of these might put you back in the race against other brands or sometimes might have search engines and ad platforms to view your store unethical.

Which you would certainly never want to do with your eCommerce store

So here are the 9 Must-Have Pages for your Online Store

1. Homepage

Your homepage is the most critical and often is the first page every eCommerce store should have.

Home Page

Now just like its name, it’s the home of almost all the key and important pages of your Online store.

Think of your homepage as a page that introduces a visitor to your brand, showcases different products like best sellers, top in deals, why they a customer should buy your product, different content that your company has made to showcase their brand, and links to all other pages of the online store so that your visitor can easily navigate to them to find the relevant information they want from your brand.

Just like I have mentioned above, your homepage is the mix of all the important pages of your online store structure in a way to grab a visitor and pull them into the story, why, what, and how of your brand.

Having a really amazing Homepage can create a long-lasting impression on a visitor who can probably be your customer down the line.

Every online store builder lets you create your Online store’s homepage quite easily. For some online store builders like Woocommerce, Shopify, etc you need to have a team of developers and designers to design and customise the entire look and functionality of the homepage.

But with Typof you can easily create a Homepage of your online store without writing a single line of code. You just need to add content and all your job will be done.

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2. Category/Collection Page

Just like the homepage shows everything about the brand starting from all products to why one would buy from them etc. Your category page shows the customer's information regarding the products under a particular category.

Consider a category page as a product catalogue page that consists of products that share similar characteristics but still are slightly different from each other

Here below are some examples of Product Category Pages

Category Page

Category Page

Category Page

3. Product Pages

Your product page is the most important page of your online store as it is the page from where your customer decides if he/she will buy the product or not.

Best Product pages consist of many essential and important components like:

- High-Quality Product images 

- High converting Product Descriptions 

- Shipping Details 

- Returns Policies

- Product Exchange Policies

- Reviews

- Product Explainer content

Now all of these components add up to the success of the product's page to convert better.

Here are some examples of High Converting Product Pages that are built with Typof.

Product Page

Custom Product Page

As you can see in the above screenshots these product pages have really a great balance of all the components that we have mentioned above in order to create high-converting product pages.

4. Cart Page

A cart page for every online store is just as similar to the cart which we use while we shop online.

Visitors to your online store add products to their cart that would store all their desired products which they want to buy.

Whenever a visitor takes this extra step of adding products to their cart they move a step ahead to becoming your customer by buying your product.

As online buyers have a relatively lower attention ratio than offline buyers due to a lot of distractions it’s quite important for every online store to help them to take action faster.

For an online store, the Cart page holds a lot of opportunities to increase the Average Order Value or (AOV) of the cart by

- Upselling

- Cross-selling

- Down selling 

Various other products that a visitor might be interested to buy

So Typically there are different types of Cart Pages:

- Slider Cart Page

- Mini cart Page

- Value Optimizer page

- FOMO or Urgency Builder page

5. Checkout Page

Your checkout page is the page where you want your customer to add their shipping address, confirm their contact information, add coupons if they have any, and then proceed to payment.

Typically this is the second last page of the entire eCommerce customer journey of a visitor on your online store.

To make the Checkout page efficient every online store needs to make sure that

- It has all the important information

- Few steps to action

- Loads faster and quicker

- Doesn’t have any glitch

- Needs to have the tracking setup properly

- Needs to communicate the last objection a customer might have.

Online store builder like Typof helps every online store to set up all these necessary details in their checkout.

One Click Checkout

Any issues in the checkout pages might lead you to miss a possible customer.

6. About Us

Is probably the most underrated page of any Online store but is often the most looked-after page for someone who needs to know more about the brand.

Now let’s think about it: every eCommerce store eventually sells products, some could sell the better version of it and some would sell a cheaper or more expensive version of the product that already exists in the market.

Now for a market that is by anyhow using a certain product, there will be customers who would be looking to switch their current product but are still unsure if that’s the right decision or not because change is something we humans are naturally not willing to do.

And basically, when they find the best alternative to their current used brand they look at it as their solution but would also look if that’s a legit thing or not, what’s the company behind, and so forth.

Not everyone does this but people who do visit your about page can really be converted to a loyal audience base if you can create a really strong impression about us that builds the relationship with the visitor and tell them “why they should trust them and believe in them”.

Typical components of a successful About us page for any eCommerce store include: 

  • The mission and the vision of the brand
  • The Key USP
  • Founding Team 
  • A soft Call to action ( could be to join the newsletter, community, etc )

Here’s an example of the About us page from

About us page

7. Privacy Policy

Privacy is the concern of most people now in the online world no one is getting to be tracked by software as they want to keep all their necessary data Safe.

This page ensures your visitors and your customers that their personal data and their payment-related information are safe.

Because mostly whenever someone buys a product online from a website they enter their personal address, phone number, payment information, etc which are really very critical information that every customer might be reluctant to provide there are no proper legal privacy policy documents.

If you don’t have a privacy policy for your online store you can build a FREE one with the help of Typof’s FREE privacy policy generator

8. Returns and Exchanges Page 

Returns/Exchanges happen whether it is online or offline. It's the general norm for customers to Return/Exchange a product if they don’t find it’s a good fit for them.

Returns/Exchanges also play a key role in assuring customers that they have the flexibility to opt for the Return/Exchange of a product if in case they don’t find it a good fit for them. 

So it’s highly suggestible to build a proper page dedicated towards the Returns/Exchanges policies of your online store.

9. Customer Login Page

Often customers are quite excited once they buy a product and they really want to track when it’s going to reach them. So having a dedicated customer login page where they can see their entire purchase from your brand really helps this can also give the customer a push to re-buy that particular product.

This often happens in cosmetic or body care brands

To sum up here's a list of all top 9 must have pages that we have discussed

  • Homepage
  • Category/Collections Page
  • Cart page
  • Checkout Page
  • About Us Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Returns and Exchnages Page
  • Customer Login Page

Do let me know if you have all of these pages updated on your eCommerce store or you gonna create them now

Btw Typof can help you to do all of that without spending a ton of money and time on building a full-fledged eCommerce site.

We have a dedicated support team and a team of experts who can help you in the journey of building an eCommerce website even if you want the top to switch from one platform to Typof we can do that with ease.

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What is "9 Must-Have Pages for your Online Store"?

9 Must-Have Pages for your Online Store" is a guide or a product that lists down the essential pages that an online store should have to ensure its success.

What are the nine essential pages that an online store should have?

The nine essential pages that an online store should have are: Homepage, About Us, Products or Services, Product or Service Pages, Shopping Cart, Checkout, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

Why is a homepage important for an online store?

A homepage is important for an online store because it serves as the first impression of the store and it should immediately provide visitors with an idea of what the store is all about and what it offers.

What should be included in the About Us page of an online store?

The About Us page of an online store should include information about the store's history, mission, and vision, as well as the team behind the store and its values.

Why is it important to have individual pages for each product or service offered in an online store?

It is important to have individual pages for each product or service offered in an online store because it allows visitors to learn more about the specific product or service, view images, and make informed decisions before making a purchase.

Why is a shopping cart important for an online store?

A shopping cart is important for an online store because it allows visitors to add products to their cart and continue shopping, which makes the purchasing process more convenient.

What should be included in the checkout page of an online store?

The checkout page of an online store should include the total cost of the purchase, shipping information, and payment options.

Why is it important to have a Terms and Conditions page in an online store?

A Terms and Conditions page is important in an online store because it outlines the rules and regulations that customers must follow when making a purchase, as well as the terms of service and any disclaimers.

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