Things You Need to Know About eCommerce Shipping for Online Store

Things You Need to Know About eCommerce Shipping for Online Store

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January 14, 2023
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Divya Mallick

When you start your eCommerce business, shipping is one of the most important parts as it transports products from one place to another. People expect their products to arrive at their doorstep as fast as possible and in a good condition.

So, once the digital transaction is done, the shipping ensures the physical delivery of goods to your buyers. 

Hence, you should be aware of all the variables of shipping and how to create your own shipping strategy. This will help your business grow, and keep its long-term health and success. So, as an online business owner, when you , get it all figured out to ensure that your shipping will never cause any loss in your business.

If you follow this, your customers will also be happy with the service that you are providing. 

Here are a few steps that will help you decide how you can start your eCommerce shipping journey with ease:

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Plan Your Shipping Strategy

It takes effort in planning a smooth-going eCommerce shipping strategy. Shipping can be a daunting prospect for any small business as it is a key part of any online retailer. Even if the whole process of shipping looks complicated at first, you can sail through it easily with thorough research.

Using safe and fast shipping, you will be able to create a great shopping experience for your clients. Your shipping strategy includes analysis of different things involved in the process and pipelining them in a proper manner for the best results.

Packaging and Labelling Options

All the products should be safely packed before you ship them to your customers. You need to ensure they are ready to be transported over long distances without any damage. This is because one of the main reasons for buyers returning the product is they receive a damaged product. Improper packaging can lead to unnecessary returns and complaints from your clients, causing you big losses.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the well-suited types of packaging for your products. 

As the cost of most shipping options is based on its size and weight, it is advised to keep your packaging as small as possible. By doing so, you can cut down your shipping costs, which ultimately helps you save your profit margin as well.

You should also source a variety of package sizes and packaging materials depending on your business and product line. 

Most importantly, your packaging can also act as an extension of your brand and help marketing in an indirect but effective way. This is the reason why you should pay attention to the style of packaging and put in some creativity while designing it. This way, you can contribute to your customer’s overall experience and how it reflects your brand’s message. 

Calculate the Cost of Packaging and Shipping

The courier service providers base their shipping rates on various factors including package size, weight, and distance between the point of pickup and delivery. Most of them have their charges clearly defined on the website to make it simpler. So, you can do the calculations and choose someone who you can rely on. 


Calculate the Cost of Packaging and Shipping

On the other hand, do not forget to consider your margins to be successful at eCommerce. You always need to keep an eye on your profit margins and manage everything accordingly. Know that shipping represents a significant expense for eCommerce merchants. If you don’t do enough research, you could end up losing money on shipping. It is better to calculate all the costs related to shipping in advance and distribute the overall expense carefully to avoid losses.

Choose a Dependable Carrier Service

While fulfilling your shipments using a carrier service, it can almost feel like handing your entire business into the hands of a stranger. It is one of the decisions that need to be taken carefully in order to avoid possible dangers like the mishandling of products. Therefore, choosing a reliable courier service is a very important aspect of eCommerce shipping. 

You can always use a courier comparison to get a clear idea of the different services available to you and their charges. In addition, be sure to take into consideration some of the key points like the delivery service type, their speed of transit, and how trustworthy the service is. In short, be mindful while choosing a courier partner to make your shipping process hassle-free. 

Order Tracking and Customer Support

Whenever your customer faces any issue with their delivery, the tracking information gives them a good point of reference. As a seller, providing them with telephone or email support gives them the reassurance that your business cares.

When you give an order tracking facility, it not only offers an element of security from your side. Additionally, providing the option of customer support gives your customers peace of mind when they choose to shop from your online store.

So, when tracking the order every step of the way is combined with an open line of communication between the courier, it builds a positive experience for both you and your clients. As with most courier services, tracking is relatively inexpensive and is built into the price, you can definitely include it.


Shipping is definitely one of the most essential aspects when you design a website for an E-commerce business. A reliable E-commerce website builder like Typof will help you with everything you need to know about building a successful online store. This will assist you in working through and overcoming the challenges involved in the shipping process. 

Typof can be seen as the best eCommerce platform for small business that helps their clients develop the best and most efficient shipping strategy. It will take time and tweaking to determine what works best for building your new eCommerce site.

However, understanding all the variables and evolving your shipping strategy with your growing business will ensure good profit.


Things You Need to Know About eCommerce Shipping for Online Store

eCommerce shipping refers to the process of delivering products purchased from an online store to the customer's desired location.

What are the key considerations for eCommerce shipping?

Some of the key considerations for eCommerce shipping include shipping rates, delivery speed, shipping carriers, package tracking, and return policy.

How do I determine the right shipping carrier for my eCommerce store?

You should consider factors like shipping rates, delivery speed, package size and weight, and customer service when choosing a shipping carrier.

What are some popular shipping carriers for eCommerce stores?

Popular shipping carriers for eCommerce stores include USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Canada Post.

How do I calculate shipping rates for my eCommerce store?

Shipping rates are typically based on package weight, package dimensions, and shipping distance. You can use shipping calculators provided by shipping carriers or eCommerce platforms to estimate shipping costs.

How do I ensure timely delivery of products to customers?

You can ensure timely delivery of products by choosing a shipping carrier with fast delivery options and providing accurate delivery information to customers.

What is package tracking and how does it benefit my eCommerce store?

Package tracking allows customers to track the status of their shipment and know when to expect their delivery. It benefits eCommerce stores by improving customer satisfaction and reducing customer inquiries about shipping status.

What should I include in my eCommerce store's return policy regarding shipping?

Your eCommerce store's return policy should include information on who is responsible for shipping costs for returns, the time frame for returns, and any restrictions on returns.

How can I reduce shipping costs for my eCommerce store?

You can reduce shipping costs for your eCommerce store by negotiating shipping rates with carriers, offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount, and optimizing packaging to reduce package size and weight.

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