Top 10 Link-in-Bio Tools for Ecommerce Brands | Boost Your Online Presence

Top 10 Link-in-Bio Tools for Ecommerce Brands | Boost Your Online Presence

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May 29, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

There is just one way to connect out from your profile, with the exception of Instagram stories, so if you ask every marketer what the misery of their existence is on Instagram or TikTok, you'll probably get the same answer everywhere.


Since links cannot be used in Instagram posts or TikTok videos, businesses must come up with inventive ways to strategically use that link in their Instagram bios. There is a better approach, though, than simply changing the link for each of your postings. 

A link-in-bio tool can a situation by enabling marketers to establish a unique page that followers can browse to learn more about the information published in your feed.

Why utilize a tool for links in bios for e-commerce

While feed posts on Instagram don't permit links, users can add links to stories (and the 10,000follower requirement is no longer necessary thanks to their new link stickers).This means that marketers will need to be a little inventive.


Additionally, TikTok doesn't have storylines; you just receive one bio link. 

You can avoid having to update your bio link every time you post something to your feed with a call to action by using a link-in-bio tool.


Link-in-bio tools serve as a miniature landing page that your followers can use to browse a variety of links. You may direct readers to sales sites, advertise fresh blog content, and more by creating links based on your most recent postings.

How to utilize a tool for links in bios

They're simple to set up and use, whether you want a link-in-bio tool for your Instagram or TikTok account (both only give you one way to connect out from your profile).


Choose the link-in-bio tool that will work best for your brand by first looking through our list of the top 10 below. Create an account and add the links you wish to share with your audience to your customized Instagram or TikTok landing page.


The URL for your custom page should now be copied and added to your bio. Update the bio link in your profile, then publish your modifications.

After you've put your new bio link in place, you'll want to monitor how it's doing by monitoring your statistics once a week or once a month. Keep track of how many people view and click on each of your links or posts so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

Top 10 tools for link-in-bio

Are you prepared to start looking for the top link-in-bio team to suit your needs? one that utilizes TikTok and Instagram to increase your website's traffic and sales?

Here are ten excellent possibilities for you.

1. Linktyp

You might be able to convert followers into customers through your social network bio by using Linktyp, a free, editable link in bio tool powered by Typof.


To enhance your online sales, make it simple for customers to find and purchase your products. Linktyp can streamline your customers' online shopping process, making it easier for them to purchase your products.


Linktyp can help you grow your clientele and boost your online sales whether you manage a tiny business or a major online store.

You may increase conversion rates and make it simpler for clients to find what they're looking for by using Linktyp to make it simple for them to find the products they desire.

To boost sales, simplify the online shopping process for your customers. Being linked will raise customer satisfaction.


Including links to all of your social media profiles and accounts in your link in bio has never been easier. The various linkages and scattered profiles will be replaced by a streamlined and coherent appearance. 

Increase your social media presence with Linktyp and begin growing your business right away.

2. Linktree

One of the first and most well-known link-in-bio tools is Linktree. However, compared to many other tools on this list, its general capabilities are more limited.

  • Get infinite links for your TikTok or Instagram bio (even if you are on the free plan)
  • Set your Linktree page's colors to reflect your company's identity.
  • Analyse your traffic and clicks.

On their profile, Passion Planner uses Linktree to link to a variety of pages, such as product pages, email signup pages, assistance articles, free download pages, and more.


Users of can make aesthetically pleasing, simple micro landing pages with their Instagram or TikTok links. Additionally, it is one of the few programs that allows users to pay a one-time fee to access its more expensive capabilities.

  • A micro landing page may be made in about a minute.
  • Countless links can be added to your Instagram or TikTok bio.
  • Simple social media link addition will cross-promote your other platforms. is used by Brit +Co on their Instagram page. They were able to use it to make a page that leads to sales pages, gives information about podcasts, has an email list signup built in, and links to their most recent Instagram posts.

4. by Later

A technology developed by social media scheduler Later is called For a team seeking for several social media management tools in one, this is a wonderful choice. You cannot, however, add it to your TikTok bio because it only functions with Instagram.

  • Both their link-in-bio tool and social media scheduling are included in their free plan.
  • Create a more interesting Instagram landing page by using blocks.
  • You can include up to five links each post, allowing you to simultaneously market several products.

Both their link-in-bio tool and social media scheduling are included in their free plan. Create a more interesting Instagram landing page by using blocks.

You can include up to five links each post, allowing you to simultaneously market several products. by Later

5. Linkit/Sellit by Planoly

One of the top link-in-biotools available for ecommerce is Planoly. The two solutions for links inbiology are "Linkit" and "Sellit."

While Sell it effectively enables e-commerce firms to build up a digital storefront directly from their Instagram or TikTok bio link, Link it allows users to give links to recent posts.

  • Put two buttons linking to your website, blog, product pages, etc. at the top of your tiny landing page.
  • Make your photo unique and match the colours of your buttons to your brand.
  • On your landing page, create a highlight grid with the top three posts.

The Sill uses Planoly for their link-in-bio feature, giving followers an excellent opportunity to buy items that have been highlighted on their Instagram account.

6. Tap Bio

Another excellent link-in-bio tool is Tap Bio, and they made a special landing page for it out of their bio cards to show people what their landing pages on Instagram or TikTok might look like.

  • Only premium plans have access to statistics.
  • The landing pages lack the same level of aesthetic appeal as other tools on our list.
  • Complicated and challenging to set up

Piecework Puzzles is an excellent illustration of how adaptable this technique is because they use Tap Bio for their bio links. Add your own background image, button colours, and other details.

7. Like Shop

The Dash Hudson collection of visual marketing tools includes LikeShop. For content planning, scheduling, and reporting, they provide a range of marketing software alternatives.

  • From your landing page, include links to Instagram posts, videos, and reels.
  • Create a tiny landing page specifically for you by adding highlighted photos, email signup forms, websites, and more.

Birdies links to their Instagram account via Likeshop. Along with links to their blog, brand story, and FAQs, they also feature posts from their feed.

8. LinkPop

Shopify offers LinkPop as a link-in-bio option, making it ideal for ecommerce firms.

  • LinkPop is easy to set up and use for ecommerce firms utilizing Shopify as their website platform because it is powered by Shopify.
  • Utilize analytics to evaluate the performance of your landing page.
  • Make it simple for customers to buy things through your Instagram bio link.

LinkPop is utilized by Loop Living for their Instagram landing page. They can post a personalized bio, link to their online store and social media accounts, and modify a number of various links thanks to this service.

Shopify offers LinkPop as a link-in-bio option, making it ideal for ecommerce firms.

9. Taplink

A wonderful tool for building more detailed, personalized landing pages is Tap link. Brands can direct customers to a variety of items, product categories, and websites with this tool.

  • Make a completely unique micro-landing page for the link in your Instagram or TikTok bio.
  • Even for premium accounts and services, there are reasonable prices.
  • add countless links

As a tiny landing page, STRETCHIT uses Tap Link to showcase a variety of various products and services, as well as link to their app and YouTube channel.

10. Sked Link

Sked Link is one more illustration of a social media management platform that developed its own link-in-bio solution. Teams aiming to streamline management processes and consolidate tools will find this valuable.

  • Various buttons leading to your most popular landing pages should be added.
  • Within your bio link, create an Instagram grid that may be purchased.

Freshé customizes their Instagram bio link with Sked Link, adding a brief bio and a variety of connections to their website and product pages.

Sked Link

For your e-commerce brand, choose the best link-in-biotool.

 Promote goods and landing pages that are profitable for you. Check out how Referral Candy may benefit your ecommerce brand's digital marketing to get even more from it.


What are Link-in-Bio tools for ecommerce brands?

A Link-in-Bio tool is a service or platform that allows ecommerce brands to create a customized landing page with multiple links. This landing page is usually placed in the bio section of social media profiles, such as Instagram, where users can click on the link and access various products or content from the brand.

Why are Link-in-Bio tools important for ecommerce brands?

Link-in-Bio tools are important for ecommerce brands because they provide a convenient way to showcase multiple products or content in a single location. Since social media platforms typically allow only one clickable link in the bio section, these tools enable brands to overcome that limitation and direct their audience to different pages or products.

Are there any free Link-in-Bio tools available?

Yes, several Link-in-Bio tools offer free plans with basic features and limitations on the number of links or customization options. Examples of free Link-in-Bio tools include Linktree, Lnk.Bio, and Milkshake. However, many of these tools also offer premium paid plans with additional features for those who require more advanced functionality.

How do I choose the right Link-in-Bio tool for my ecommerce brand?

When choosing a Link-in-Bio tool, consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, integration capabilities with your ecommerce platform, analytics and reporting features, pricing plans (including free options), and any unique features that align with your brand's specific needs. It's also helpful to read reviews and compare different tools before making a decision.


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