5 Best Marketplaces To Sell Handmade Items In India

5 Best Marketplaces To Sell Handmade Items In India

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January 23, 2022
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Divya Mallick

India is home to more than 1 billion people. She has its own diverse culture and that diversity includes all the kinds of extravagant forms of talent.

The art and crafts of different localities show their own stories with the essence of the villages and old traditions. Every region in India has a particular craft as its speciality – from Rajasthan models to Kalighat in Bengal. Piecemeal from these traditional trades, there are numerous talented individualities complete at making some of the most intriguing.

Online retail gives all of them the luck to showcase their art and acquire a living using them.

One of such companies is Typof that provides eCommerce websites to local artisans. We’ll be talking about it later in the blog and now let’s explore all the other options that we have in the view.

Online Marketplaces for Handmade Items in India

1. Etsy

Etsy is an eCommerce company that deals with hand wrought and quaint particulars as well as art and craft inventories. All hand wrought products include jewellery, bags, apparel, home scenery, cabinetwork, toys, artworks, and more.

As for the quaint particulars they can be anything that's at least 20 times old. This business has around 2.1 million merchandisers on its point and roughly 39.4 million buyers. Thus, making it a good place for you to set up your online retail shop.

  1. As a hand worker, you can produce a shop on Etsy for free but the table you post will bring a minimum figure of around 15 Rupees (roughly14.68 Rupees).
  2. This figure will allow you to list your products for an outside of 4 months or till they're bought.
  3. Still, keep in mind that Etsy claims 5 of the final price of each online retail product vended.
  4. Besides this, you can also mileage of offsite advertisements that Etsy pays you for, but you would need to pay a 15 figure for each product bought from the advertisements.
  5. Incipiently, you have to register for the online retail shop, which is easy to do, just follow the guidelines mentioned.
  6. If at all you encounter any issue you can always reach out to the support staff via dispatch or request a call.
Etsy - to sell handmade items Globally

2. Amazon Karigar

Amazon Karigar is an action taken up by the eCommerce business titans, where they offer any talented artist a niche for their crafts to be vented online. This is one of the commerce for original folks from India to vend traditional crafts to the rest of the world.

Touching the lives of further than 12 lakh hand workers by dealing their product; presently having nearly 1 lakh variety of handwrought products to choose from. Any type of original handwrought retail can register and earn gains from the trade of their product from each over the world.

The present criteria for joining this program are as follows:

  • Firstly, all the products to be sold should not be made in machine, is the base of the guideline.
  • Secondly, you should have all the needed attestation. Similar as procurement details, contact details, bank account, GST, and Visage.

With everything in place, you can also start the enrolment process. After you register, you'll be notified regarding a training session. An account operation support existent is assigned to you to help you set up and handle your Amazon account for the first thirty days. Besides this, Amazon also revealed that they would have a ‘Karigar Mela’ to further promote these artworks from talented individuals from each around India.

Amazon Karigar - Sell your handmade products online

3. Authindia

AuthIndia, allows you to step into the world of crafts and artworks of India. Like this, you can discover and vend all Indian crafts worldwide via this online retail platform. AuthIndia has further than craft particulars on display which brings in further than website callers per day.

They have an end to give an online eCommerce platform for all crafters without the hindrance of any mediator. This ensures that all your gains are earned and handed over to you without any deductions.

They deal with traditional oil, silk thread jewellery, home scenery crafts, hand-painted crafts, and folk-art oils from all regions of India. You name it, they've all those intriguing beautiful workshops! All you have to do is list your product on their point and have consumers come to you.

  1. Unlike any other point, this bone doesn't charge for any enrolment neither for commission. They offer their services to you for free.
  2. Also, the enrolment process is easy for you to fill out.
  3. This eCommerce business doesn’t make having GST obligatory and leaves the pricing to you.
  4. Besides this, they also offer you with banner space advertisements on home runners or blog runners. That is, if you wish to announce and increase the product reach with the implicit buyers.
AuthIndia - List your handmade items

4. Craftsvilla

CraftsVilla proclaims that it's an online business to discover India. The website sells products like traditional vesture like sarees, hand-drafted gift particulars, home scenery, and accessories.

The products come from individual suppliers and crafters who are working with traditional Indian crafts and trades. While big empires are always on the lookout for lower commerce to swallow, CraftsVilla has been maintaining its niche. Since they've over crafters and contrivers dealing over 4 million products on CraftsVilla.

They believed the world should have equilibrium, balance, partnership, and respect within the community and between people and the rest of nature.

This online business aims to remove mediators, escalate the livelihoods of the original crafters and contrivers, and also assist these folks to produce and upgrading their brand. Most importantly, help to keep these heritages alongside the civilization and values of India alive.

  • Thus, with this business, you have a free enrolment process, low commission rates on the trade of particulars, and have no limit on the product you can upload onto this online business.
  • However, when you are looking to register make sure you have all the needed documents:
  • PAN
  • GST registration
  • Identity proof
  • Trademark registration certificate (if applicable)
  • Also, all other related documents about your company/shop
  • And lastly, all bank details are readily available, so as to fasten up the process.
Craftsvilla - Sell handmade Sarees online

5. Typof

Typof is a no-code e-commerce platform that is as user-friendly as Canva.

This platform includes a variety of solutions that are commonly needed by direct-to-consumer brands, making it easy to set up a store with ready-made components and providing a seamless checkout experience.

They aims to help businesses go live within 30 minutes, rather than months, and prioritize building performance-oriented and search-engine-optimized(SEO) e-commerce sites to enhance the user experience.

Why Typof ?

1. Better Performance

2. Auto SEO Optimization

3. RTO Optimization

4. 24*7 Support

5. Personalise Feature Customization(Only in TypofX)

Moreover, we will do the complete design/migration of your website by our experts for Free. No need of hiring other developers to do that.

Typof Dashboard

Typof Features

AWS Scalable HostingShipping IntegrationMeasurement tools for Apparel
SSL CertificateAdvance On-Page SEORTO Optimiser
Custom Domain LinkingCash On DeliverySingle Click Checkout
Unlimited ProductsStaff accountsRewards
Shopping CartCustomer account for order trackingVideo Product Catalogue
Discount CouponsManual order creationCategory wise filter
Payment LinksAbandoned cart recoveryCountry wise landing pages
Custom PagesFacebook Pixel IntegrationCurrency and Strip integrations
BlogGTM IntegrationTax management country wise
Newsletter SubscriberWhatsapp IntegrationBulk product and image upload
Product ReviewsReportsDedicated Account Manager
VariantsFrequently brought together featureMulti Vendor
Order ManagementSearch by Pin-codeMulti Currency
Payment Gateway LinkingCustom page design.Dedicated Support


Summing it all up with saying that if you’re searching for some innovative and new decorative items for home decoration, gifting or for any other purpose just go to these web pages and get your products made locally and by homegrown artists.

You can find best e-commerce platforms to sell on your own website.


Can I sell handmade items online in India?

Yes, you can sell handmade items online in India through various marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.

What are some popular online marketplaces to sell handmade items in India?

Some popular online marketplaces to sell handmade items in India are Etsy India, Amazon Handmade, Kraftly, Indianroots, and World Art Community.

What types of handmade items can be sold online in India?

Various types of handmade items such as jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, and art can be sold online in India.

How do I register as a seller on these marketplaces?

To register as a seller on these marketplaces, you need to create an account and provide some basic information about your business. You may also need to provide additional information such as tax registration and bank account details.

How can I promote my handmade items online?

You can promote your handmade items online by optimizing your product listings with high-quality images and descriptions, utilizing social media platforms to showcase your products, collaborating with influencers, and offering discounts and promotions.

How do I manage orders and shipping for my handmade items?

Most marketplaces provide a dashboard where you can manage your orders and shipping details. Some marketplaces also offer integration with third-party shipping providers. You can also consider using courier services to handle the shipping of your products.

How do I handle customer service for my handmade items?

Providing excellent customer service is important to ensure customer satisfaction and positive reviews. You should respond to customer inquiries promptly and resolve any issues in a timely manner.

How do I price my handmade items?

When pricing your handmade items, consider the cost of materials, time and effort involved in creating the product, and the market demand for similar products. Research the pricing of similar products on the marketplaces to ensure that your prices are competitive.

Are there any legal requirements to sell handmade items online in India?

Yes, there are legal requirements such as tax registration and compliance with the Consumer Protection Act. It is important to research and comply with the legal requirements to avoid any legal issues.

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