6 Original Thank You Messages for Choosing Us - Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation

6 Original Thank You Messages for Choosing Us - Expressing Gratitude and Appreciation

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May 31, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

One of the simplest methods to strengthen your relationship with your clients is to sincerely express your gratitude. It's straightforward, but surprisingly few businesses ever take the time to sincerely thank clients for their business.

Finding their moments of opportunity is essential for ecommerce businesses to stand out against firmly established rivals. Competing on price or efficiency is infrequently a feasible strategy. Product, brand, and customer service are three differentiators that new and expanding stores should prioritize.


Businesses that concentrate on providing memorable client experiences might choose to compete on customer loyalty and word-of-mouth, defeat the industry giants, and establish their own niche.


Thanking customers for their purchases is important in this end ever. In fact, 68% of businesses have lost a customer because they believe the organization doesn't care about them, and almost 50% of American consumers believe that showing customers that you value their business is essential to giving exceptional care.

Thanking your consumers with intention and sincerity can help you show off the human side of your brand, build connections, and foster loyalty.

How to thank your clients

It's not difficult to send the ideal thank you note. In truth, most consumers don't set very high standards for appreciation: according to a TD Bank study, 60% of consumers believe that gratitude should be expressed by saying "thank you "directly to the recipient, while 44% think that thank you notes should be individualized.


Thank your consumers without implying that you expect anything in return. For instance, don't pester them to buy while simultaneously asking them to "share on social media." Just make sure to thank them directly and personally for their business and their confidence in your ability to deliver. That is sufficient to establish a relationship.

Who are you thanking first?

To personally thank every customer with every order could seem excessive or even dishonest, and as your company expands, it will become impossible to handle on your own. Because of this, it may be useful to divide your consumer base into the segments you want to focus on.


Giving out a fancy gift package with each order, for instance, is a definite way to go over budget. A handwritten message and a branded gift sent to a segment of high-value clients, however, can strengthen an already solid connection. Here are some ideas for how to divide up your clients into various thank-you levels:

  • Every client
  • every dependable client
  • Anyone who has emailed the customer to support them on their birthday
  • High-value clients (what does this include, in your opinion)
  • Completely random acts of joy Specific holiday thank you cards (Christmas, Valentine's, etc.)

Set a reasonable budget

The amount of clients you intend to reach out to will determine the budget for your thank-you program. You don't need to spend a lot of money to produce joyous moments, even if you want to express gratitude to all of your consumers.


Gary Vaynerchuk states in the Thank You Economy that "it's not the money that makes these efforts shocking and awesome, it's the care and creativity involved." Cheap wow scan frequently be just as successful at fostering that connection.

Below are few suggestions of quick, low-cost ways to express gratitude to your clients.

Establish a repeatable procedure

Choose a repeatable procedure to get those thank yous into your customers' hands, depending on whether you're included a thank you in every package or just periodically sending out gifts. Although automation is not required, designing the process will ensure that it does.


Provide a simple method for your employees to suggest grateful consumers if you have one. A Google form or a Friday afternoon card-writing workshop could be used.

A culture of gratitude for your clients is created when you involve the whole company in these joyful moments.

There are six ways to appreciate your clients

At the end of the day, you still need a few straightforward ideas to act on, even though imaginative preparation and astute decision-making create the ideal environment for delight.


Next, we'll go over six ways you can show thankfulness to others and provide some instances of companies going above and beyond for their clients in case you need some motivation.

1. Send handwritten notes of appreciation

A tried-and-true method for thanking your clients on a budget. A handwritten thank-you note demonstrates that a person is working behind the scenes and on the other side of the screen.


Being somewhat of a forgotten art, thank you notes are powerful. When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter as opposed to a hurried email or Facebook message? These channels are incredibly effective, but a handwritten card transcends the transient nature of our digital inboxes and produces something real and significant.

When composing the ideal thank-you note, bear in mind these five suggestions:

  • Use premium stationery or cards that are distinctive and reflect your brand.
  • Use the client's name and make it unique!
  • Thank you and be clear about the purpose of the note.
  • Be considerate; mention something they said or something from their order to demonstrate that this card is intended just for them.
  • Kindly but professionally end the card. (Once more, many thanks, best wishes, sincere, etc.)

Additionally, you may send out thank-you notes in response to a customer's message, a special order, or a holiday. Not just a card inside the order will do.

2. Add product inserts

A simple approach to express gratitude is to provide something small with an order that is being shipped out the door. This is one of the most economical methods to provide clients with a little more joy since you've already paid for the shipping and the box.


Exceeding client expectations is the main goal of packaging inserts. Customers look forward to the moment they can feel their new product in their hands since unboxing is an experience in and of itself.

With a little further work, they are ready to be "delighted". It's also a chance to upsell and add value to the order with lovely how-to instructions.

3. Offer complimentary gifts or samples

Do consumers value free samples more than anything else? Giving a small sample or gift together with their order is a wonderful way to express gratitude for their business.


Free samples are not only a fantastic opportunity to surprise and please your consumers, but they also highlight a product they haven't yet tried. If they enjoy it, they might even add it to their next order. To ensure that the sample is something your consumer can use, just make sure to try to match the sample to their profile as much as you can.


When clients place larger orders, Beardbrand will include a few samples of their best-selling products for them to try.


The recipe kit delivery service frequently collaborates with companies they believe their clients would adore. These tiny samples add value to the meal and are a pleasant surprise.

4. Use video to build personal ties

Try making a unique thankyou video for each of your customers if you want to go a step further. Videos are fantastic since it's difficult to pretend to be personal. The client is aware of the true amount of time you invested.


Because creating personalized movies requires a lot of physical labour and time, they come appear as incredibly attentive. Send movies as part of a follow-up after a purchase or as a completely different interaction. Videos are especially fantastic for holidays and other events where you may get creative with the topic.


Even if you merely want to test how viewers will respond, videos are a terrific experiment. Using videos to thank consumers may be done in so many various ways that your creativity is only limited by your imagination.

5. Provide after-purchase discounts

Loyal clients can be rewarded with discounts and vouchers to keep them coming back while also appreciating them for their business.

Although discounts should be used with caution since they can train customers to wait for special offers, offering a discount to a new customer is usually a cost-effective approach to entice them to return and make another purchase.


Discounts can be delivered independently, as a package insert, or as part of a thank you email. When generating discounts, make sure to include a unique coupon code so you can track how effective they are.

6. Highlight your clients

Showcasing your clients is a terrific opportunity to publicly express how much you appreciate them!


Because your customers rely on exposure to create their own audience, user-generated content (UGC) is especially beneficial in the creative sectors. Hairdressers, for example, enjoy being featured on Instagram.

Small businesses appreciate a Twitter or blog mention. It can help them obtain credibility and clients. Furthermore, it fosters a link between you and them.

A simple thank you can go a long way

There are numerous methods to thank your consumers and generate post-purchase moments of happiness. Remember that being personal, considerate, and authentic is essential. Customers, and people in general, appreciate genuine thanks but despise insincerity.


Making connections with consumers comes naturally when you have a grateful mindset. Building these consumer ties allows you to distinguish your brand from the competition.


How can we express our gratitude for choosing us?

We are deeply thankful for selecting us. Your trust means the world to us, and we promise to continue providing exceptional service to exceed your expectations.

What makes us grateful that you chose us?

Your decision to choose us fills our hearts with gratitude. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to serve you and will work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.

How can we show our appreciation for your choice?

Thank you for choosing us! Your confidence in our abilities motivates us to go the extra mile. We're committed to delivering the best experience and value to you.

What does it mean to us that you've chosen us?

Your decision to choose us speaks volumes, and we couldn't be more grateful. We promise to make your experience with us exceptional and unforgettable.

How can we convey our appreciation for your trust in us?

We're honored that you have chosen us. Your trust in our brand is something we cherish deeply. Rest assured, we will do everything possible to make your experience remarkable.

What does your choice mean to us?

Your choice to partner with us is a testament to our dedication and commitment. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We're excited to embark on this journey together and exceed your expectations.



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