8 Best  Etsy Alternatives  to Expand Your Business in 2023

8 Best Etsy Alternatives to Expand Your Business in 2023

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April 6, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Etsy is no longer the only website where handmade and artisan good scan be sold. The top 8 Etsy substitutes are listed below for your consideration.

Did you know that over 20,000 Etsy sellers recently went on strike and signed a petition to stop the website from raising its commission fees from 5%to 6.5%?

Let us examine some of the additional motivations for searching for Etsy alternatives. Small and medium-sized business owners who sell high-margin goods. Select from the Standard or Plus package. (Free plan available but with a lot of hidden costs) Requires submitting a request and a waiting period of 2-4 business days.

We have listed the top 8 Etsy alternatives in this article after carefully evaluating a few dozen different marketplaces for your online business.

Why Do Vendors Need an Etsy Alternative  ?

While Etsy is well known in the community of artists and crafts people for its reputation and substantial traffic. It does, however, also have a fair share of drawbacks.

If Etsy had offered sellers value-added tools and strong seller assistance, it might have been your first choice for selling platforms.

They don't, however, appear to live up to the standards set by the platform's sellers. The following are some typical problems that sellers encounter:

  • The initial investment may be on the higher end for the majority of platforms. However, each sale made on Etsy is subject to a 5% commission fee. This will end up costing more in the long term!
  • It is only reasonable for vendors to demand some level of respect and protection from the platform, particularly when the platform depends on its sellers.
  • Many reviews and complaints from merchants highlight how Etsy arbitrarily suspended their seller accounts. Sometimes immediately after the vendor has paid for a platform listing.
  • Despite being active for more than ten years, Etsy does not have a uniform set of rules that all sellers must abide by other users on the marketplace sell the identical products, some listings are taken down or banned.

More challenges with selling on Etsy exist in addition to these typical ones that the majority of sellers encounter.

You should find it simpler to manage all these other facets of running your business thanks to your eCommerce platform. To help you get started, here is a list of the best eCommerce platforms.

Etsy is undoubtedly a simple-to-use marketplace where you can sign up,add product images, and begin selling. Nevertheless, Etsy is not the platform for you if you are serious about managing your business and growing it.

Etsy  Alternatives to Think About in 2023

Here are the top Etsy substitutes for 2023.

1. Typof

Just like Canva, the no-code e-commerce site Typof is easy to use. This platform has many features that ordinary direct-to-consumer businesses require, making it easy to set up a store with pre-made components and guaranteeing a straightforward checkout experience.

Building efficient, SEO-optimised e-commerce sites is a top priority for them in order to improve customer experience. They also work to support businesses in getting live in 30 minutes as opposed to months.


Why Typof ?

1. Better Performance

2. Auto SEO Optimisation

3. RTO Optimisation

4. 24*7 Support

5. Personalise Feature Customisation(Only in Typof X)

2. Dukaan

Although we may sound prejudiced, how many eCommerce platforms are committed to discovering remedies for each and every problem experienced by the platform's sellers?

The ideal Etsy substitute is Dukaan if you want to launch your own company and build your own brand from scratch. To construct an online business,you do not need need any technical or design expertise.


You can create your own online store on Dukaan and start selling your handcrafted goods in under a minute.

  • The best aspect is that Dukaan has a variety of features, tools, and plugins that help the sellers manage their businesses more successfully. Dukaan has you covered whether it is order management, logistics, or payments.
  • Almost every part of your business is covered on a single platform, from easily adjustable themes to free tools for creating slogans, product descriptions, etc.
  • There are several themes available on Dukaan that are extremely readily customisation. Simply follow the steps that are clearly outlined when creating your store theme. It is simple to add content, alter it,and change the colour scheme to reflect your brand's look.
  • The goal of Dukaan is to make it simple and effective for a seller to manage every aspect of their business on a single platform. The platform is incredibly valuable and easy to use.

3. wix

Because Wix is essentially a website builder rather than an eCommerce platform, it is highly known in that industry. Yet, their drag-and-drop website builder has integrated eCommerce features.

It has a built-in blog feature and is mostly used for constructing web pages.

It has a built-in blog feature and is mostly used for constructing web pages

Additionally, Wix includes an integrated eCommerce feature that enables you to connect your online store to the website and transform it into an appealing eCommerce site. Further features include real-time delivery estimates, multi-channel selling, etc.

  • You can select from Wix's extensive library of more than 100 templates. Wix's ease of use appeals to retailers of all sizes. To create a polished website for your company, you do not need any technical knowledge or coding skills.
  • As was already mentioned, Wix is an extremely user-friendly platform. You may take care of everything on your own, including building the website, managing orders, shipping, updating the product catalogue, and much more.
  • There is, however, a learning curve that needs to be considered. Wix's extensive feature set and functionality may take some getting used to.

4. Woocommerce

The most popular platform is WooCommerce, especially since you can add it as a free plugin to your WordPress website. 

You may construct an eCommerce store with a ton of features using the widely used WordPress platform, which also has a variety of themes and plugins.

The fact that WooCommerce runs on the WordPress platform is its main advantage. Your WooCommerce store enjoys the same advantages as a WordPress website.

This contains crucial plugins for SEO, live chat, and other features that enhance your store's functionality. Although some plugins may be premium ones, the majority are free.

  • WordPress offers a variety of themes, but if you cannot decide which one you like, you may always buy a WooCommerce theme online and upload it to WordPress.
  • WordPress themes can be easily customised. But, you might need to use your technical abilities or work with a developer to create an eCommerce store that is more distinctive and looks professional.
  • With the free WooCommerce theme, creating the store is quite easy for a basic eCommerce website. However, you will need to have good programming skills if you want to create a store that looks more professional.
  • The plugin is free because WooCommerce is an open-source platform. Yet, there are  other fees that might add up to a sizeable sum for someone who sells handcrafted goods online.

5. Magento

For large enterprises looking for a dependable platform, the open-source platform Magento may be the ideal WooCommerce substitute. The platform had a prior negative reputation for being challenging to use.

However, it appears that after Adobe bought the business in 2018, the usability has improved. You can use Magento to build a completely unique eCommerce website for your company. To utilise the platform, you do need some technological knowledge.

Open-source platform

It has a thorough system for keeping track of orders, products, and stocks. The platform is really sophisticated. The robust architecture of Magento allows you to establish and manage several stores.

You can help people in many places and in many languages. Thanks to Magento's open-source nature, you can completely customise your online store if you have the necessary technical know-how.

6. Squarespace

When creating an e-commerce website, Squarespace is a fantastic Bigcommerce substitute. Customers can use a variety of features and tools to build an appealing and useful online store thanks to this platform.

Because it is simple to use and intuitive, it is regarded as being more user-friendly and easier to browse for those who are not familiar with coding. Bigcommerce may be more challenging to use, particularly for new users. Use Squarespace's all-in-one website builder to set your company apart from other online retailers.

With its superb, moving, and cutting-edge designs. You can present your goods (or services) in the greatest light possible with Squarespace. Similar to Wix, Squarespace is a website builder. The platform's well-designed templates and themes make creating websites relatively simple.


By combining the eCommerce capabilities with one of their cost-effective membership plans, it may also be utilized as a builder for online stores. Due to its dual nature, Squarespace can be a terrific replacement for large-scale businesses.

If you select square space, you receive a website and an online store. You can build a visually appealing website and use it to conduct online transactions. Integration with social media and practical analytical tools are additional features. Given that Squarespace began as a website builder.

7. Bigcartel

On the website Bigcartel, artists can sell their creations. It provides a sizeable, intimate network that makes distributing content and increasing visibility straightforward.Similar to Etsy but with additional features like a social network.

On BigCartel, you may sell your own artwork or even commission others to make pieces for you. Similar to a gallery, Bigcartel gives artists everything they need in one place. Additionally, it interacts with social media so that users never have to leave the app to track the careers of their favourite artists.

Artists can sell their creations

Despite offering several eCommerce features, such as payment gateways and marketing tools, their overall functionality is rather straightforward. Big Cartel was created especially for those without coding experience or technical knowledge.

  • They are all free, despite the fact that their range of topics is very limited. The innovative design of these themes is likewise excellent. These are really customisation and appealing. You can experiment with various design components, including the logo, text, font, and colour.
  • You will be guided step-by-step through the process of setting up your store and starting the addition of products when you first join up for the Bigcartel platform. It's also quite easy to customise the store thanks to an editor in the WordPress style.  

8. Opencart

The platform known as Opencart is best referred to as an online store management program. It is an open source platform that is free to use and download.

Opencart's eCommerce functionalities are largely up to par. Whether it be a checkout system for an online store, order management, inventory management, etc. Open-source software like Opencart enables full customisation at every stage.

It provides a variety of add-ons that can assist your online store become more functional and provide many useful features.

For a better understanding of the business on the platform, Opencart offers its users performance data and assists in the creation of sales reports.

  • Since Opencart is open-source, the code can be completely modified. You can alter the web store anyway you would like if you have the necessary technical knowledge.
  • This platform is your playground if you are an expert programmer. The online store can be modified to meet your specific requirements. But, if you lack technical knowledge, this is simply not a choice for you.
  • The Opencart UI is quite straight forward and tidy.Social media and other sales platforms can be combined. You can develop and manage several stores under one management thanks to its helpful multi-store capabilities.


Yes, we have given you the top Etsy substitutes where you may sell your handmade goods and support your interest while earning some money.

We are aware that developing a product from scratch requires a significant investment of time, effort, patience, and enthusiasm. For this reason specifically, we believe that opening your own online business may be your best choice.

eCommerce is here to stay and continue to expand as the world becomes more and more computerised. So why not launch your own online business to capitalise on this large market?

You can check more alternatives of Shopify her


What online marketplace compares to Etsy?

Like , Typof,dukaan,wix,woocomemrec,Magento and many others, there are several marketplace websites that are similar to Etsy.

Is there an affordable alternative to Etsy?

The open-source platform WooCommerce may be what you are looking for. Choose Typof instead if you do not have the necessary technical knowledge. It is significantly less expensive than Etsy!

Is Shopify less expensive than Etsy?

No, Shopify is more expensive than Etsy, particularly in terms of the first expenditure. When compared to Etsy, Typof is even more cost-effective.

Why do vendors on Etsy stop using the site?

Poor seller service is the main issue that Etsy sellers deal with. Many are looking for alternatives because of this, as well as Etsy's intense competition and dearth of tools for building a distinctive brand.

Is trying to sell on Etsy worth it?

Etsy is an excellent place to start if you are not serious about turning your creativity into a business. But, it is not worthwhile to sell on Etsy if you want to launch a company that can expand and become a brand.

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