8 Easy Steps for Selling Purses Online 2024

8 Easy Steps for Selling Purses Online 2024

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March 11, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Want to selling purse online? If yes then this articles for you.

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in the fashion industry? If so, you might consider selling purse online. Handbags and purses are timeless fashion items, so you can be sure of that. If anything, the market is expanding as more options become available and more customers understand they can find the perfect bag for any need.

For the past few years, the purse industry has been steadily growing, and it is projected that this trend will continue for some time. The market is expected to grow by 5.7% between 2020 and 2030, reaching a projected size of 49.12 billion in 2021.

It's the perfect time to start selling purses online because the market is flourishing as a result of both emerging and well-established designers.

Small firms have a lot of room to dominate particular aesthetics and niches given the size and diversity of the market. Consequently, if you want to genuinely increase your revenue, it's time to take your purse-selling firm online.

Tips for Selling Handbags and Purses Online in 2024

These tips will help you to sell handbags and purses online:

  • Choose a Specialization
  • Source the Handbags
  • Create a Brand
  • Price Your Purses
  • Make Content to Display Your Handbags
  • Choose Where to Sell
  • Shipping and Packaging
  • Promote Your Company
  • Let's explore each step in detail:

    1.Choose a specialisation

    Choosing the type of purses you will sell is the first step in selling them online. Concentrating on one thing rather than attempting to sell every type of purse is a much better technique. You'll be able to identify your target market thanks to this. For instance, the industry's witnessing enormous expansion potential as a result of consumers' growing demand for purses that are sustainable and environment-friendly.
     Similar to selling mass-produced purses that everyone is accustomed to, you can also sell handcrafted bags created by local artisans.

    Identify a market that is still untapped: You might want to look into this market since there are many places that sell evening clutches but not many that sell premium business bags or multi-purpose satchels.

    Emphasis on both fashion and functionality: You can choose to specialise on one, both, or even somewhere in the centre with handbags that strike a balance between the two given that they can be used for both fashionable and practical purposes.

    Adapt to a particular price range: There are purses in every price range, from affordable carryalls to dear luxury purses, so keep that in mind as well. Any purse design that complements the ideas behind your brand is acceptable.

    Enter unorthodox markets:

    Although vegan alternatives that don't utilise any materials derived from animals are more popular, leather has long been a popular material for handbags. There are essentially endless alternatives.

    Choosing overspecialisation is, of course, the cornerstone of your firm, and this is where you need to shine. Spend some time on your study to assist you choose a certain niche.

    A review of the market: You can look at well-known marketplaces like Amazon,eBay, Alibaba, etc. to find out what's hot.

    2. Source the handbags

    While there are several ways to sell handbags, you must think about how you will obtain your handbags. Here are three primary methods:

    sours of handbag
    source of hand bags

    1.Develop your own

    You might want to consider starting your own brand of purses if you have a good sense of style. This is an expensive strategy because it requires a facility, people, and raw materials to make the purses.

    Yet, if you have the requisite skills, you can launch a modest bespoke handbag company. It might be the perfect opportunity to launch a unique handbag line.

    With print-on-demand platforms like Printout, you may create purse designs. Also, you may use these services to white-label handbags and purses using your own design concepts.

    2.Manufacturers and wholesalers

    It's customary to purchase purses in bulk from a supplier or manufacturer to stock up on them. You can identify manufacturers of the handbags you would like to sell online by using directories like Alibaba.But you'll have to put up some money up front.

    It can be difficult to find the correct suppliers to work-with. Check out their evaluations and ratings, request samples, and, if at all possible, arrange in-person encounters.

    First, decide if you have adequate space to keep your purse. You must securely keep your handbag and purse inventory because these things are your primary source of money. This calls for preserving them in a smoke-free, chilly, and dry setting.

    3.Drop shipping

    Launching a drop-shipping handbag business requires comparatively minimal capital. It enables you to focus on selling them online without having to handle any inventory or buy purses from a supplier. Because when clients buy purses from your online store,drop shipping suppliers can distribute them directly and instantly.

    You can find several drop-shippers who work with online shops to buy cheap goods. Another option is to speak with a local handbag distributor directly and ask whether they offer drop shipping services.

    3.Create a brand

    If you want to remain in people's minds, branding is crucial, especially in the realm of fashion.When your brand's recognition grows, your business may grow even more. You should research your USP in order to develop distinctive brand and identify what distinguishes your goods from competitors.Finding your USP will help you create marketing plans for your products and educate you about the market you're aiming for.

    Create a brand

    • Choose a brand Name and Logo that successfully conveys your brand's uniqueness. It's crucial to keep in mind that a solid brand name speaks to the audience you're trying to reach. Keep it appealing, pertinent, and simple to remember. You can work with a freelance graphic designer who is familiar with your brand and has relevant ideas for the brand logo.
    • Employ your brand's font and colour scheme on your website, in postings on social media, an din other marketing materials.
    • Create a memorable brand tagline. Consider your tone and voice as well when writing copy;you want them to align with your brand identity and business beliefs.

    4. Pricing your Purses

    Before selecting the prices for your purses, conduct a comprehensive market analysis. In order to decide how much to charge for your handbags, it will provide you inaccurate understanding of the market and competitive climate in which they will be released.

    Pricing Strategies:

    • Competition-Based Pricing: Set your prices relative to competitors.
    • Cost-Plus Pricing: Calculate the total cost of producing and selling your bags, then add a markup.
    • Value-Based Pricing: Price based on the perceived value to the customer.

    5. Make content to display your handbags

    Your product pictures,videos, and descriptions become a significant deciding factor in your consumers' purchasing selections because they are unable to physically visit your store and inspect the purses.

    After reading an enticing product description that makes them want to hold, use, and enjoy the items in their hands, customers are more inclined to make a purchase.Also, it increases your trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers and lowers the volume of complaints or inquiries you later field.

    Together with other important details, the bag's dimensions, colour, materials, traits, and purposes must all be described.

    displays your hand bag
    Display your hand bags

    Take crisp, in-focus,well-lit pictures in locations with lots of natural light to make sure your customers can see the intricate details of your bag.Moreover, you ought to take pictures of your bag from various angles. Close-ups should contain the pertinent information, such as the trademark, serial numbers, authentication stamps, codes, and so forth.

    Also, get images of the handbags' box and any add-ons. We suggest using a plain background for images that show off the bag's intricate details and including lifestyle shots of people using it so that your customers can easily see themselves owning and using it.

    6. Choosing where to sell?

    Now that you are ready to sell purses online, it's time to start interacting with your clients. The top three websites for selling handbags online are as follows:

    A cheap access point is provided by social media platforms. You may interact with a variety of people on Facebook and Instagram, and you can even use the advertising tools these platforms provide to create a campaign that particularly targets a group of people who're already buying your items.

    And that's the best thing about selling on social media: you get to market your products on a website that users are already comfortable with and confident in.

    where should i sell
    Where shoul

    Market research may be helpful in this situation. Yet when your company expands, you will need to mo veto different platforms.

    Web-based markets

    Another choice is to sell handbags on an internet marketplace. You can register as a vendor on a marketplace like Etsy, Amazon, or eBay.You get to use their marketing tools and get exposed to a sizeable customer base, but in exchange for these benefits, you will need to be prepared to pay a sizeable fee.

    When you sell on internet marketplaces, you also lose full control of your company. Moving on, let's talk about a better approach to online purse sales.

    Internet store

    Creating your own store with Typof, an e-commerce website builder, gives you total control over your operations and income. Typof helps sellers create and manage online stores with ease, offering a robust alternative to Shopify.

    7. Shipping and Packaging

    Consumers like receiving their goods promptly and in excellent condition, therefore you should use all effort to ensure this! A wonderful approach to increase client satisfaction and promote repeat business is through efficient transportation and secure packaging. 

    Get the required packing supplies, such as plastic wrap, tape, cutters, envelopes, shipping boxes, etc.Handbags typically require less packing space because they are lightweight.Keep in mind to preserve the packaging as safe as you can.Pay attention to the packaging's appearance in addition to its quality. Anything mentioned here merely enhances the buying experience for your product.

    A delivery service will also be necessary for effective shipping. You may continue to provide clients with a dependable product delivery experience by working with a shipping partner.

    8. Promote your company

    The best course of action,in our opinion, is to market your bags utilising internet marketing in order to reach a huge audience.

    Keep in mind that visual sites like P interest and Instagram often perform better for the handbag and purse industry. Instagram is arguably the best platform if you want to reach a young audience because it leans that way in terms of demographic. Interest's user population tends to be more middle-aged, making it the ideal platform to grow your following if you sell high-end luxury handbags.

    By making it possible for your followers to purchase your products directly from their social media accounts, you can increase sales or run pre-sales. Just add product tags to your photographs that point to your online store. 

    The technique of search engine optimisation involves making changes to a website to make it more visible when people search for things online. SEO aids in boosting a website's natural traffic.

    promote your company

    Your products will appear higher in search results on Google with SEO. It makes sense that a website will be more likely to attract new clients if it appears more frequently in search results. Make sure the loading time for your store is also optimised.

    If your website has bugs, your visitors won't remain long.Pay-per-click ads may be profitable because you only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad.Targeted advertisement scan be created for Facebook and Instagram, and these platforms will run them for a certain amount of time and money. 

    Consider paying for Google Ad words if you'd like an easier way to access Google's home page. But, since there is a smaller possibility that people would click on sponsored links, be ready for fewer page visits than if you arrived naturally.


    Selling purses and handbags online can be highly profitable with the right strategy. By specializing in a niche, sourcing quality products, creating a strong brand, pricing effectively, and using the right marketing techniques, you can build a successful online handbag business.

    Typof offers a comprehensive solution for building your online store, eliminating the need for third-party tools, making it a strong alternative to Shopify. Start building your store today with Typof and watch your business grow!


    Where can I sell my bags on the internet?

    On your personal online store, on specialized websites like Mercari, or on external platforms like eBay, you can sell handbags online. We advise using a specialized eCommerce platform like typof to sell bags. Each store powered by typof includes sophisticated eCommerce features and marketing capabilities.

    How do you advertise handbags and purses?

    You may utilize influencer marketing to exhibit your handbags and purses, run ads across several platforms, and promote them on social media. Here too, selling through an eCommerce business offers benefits. Every store powered by typof benefits from SEO assistance and has built-in marketing plugins. You can promote your items and brands by writing blogs.

    How do I start an online handbag business?

    Creating your own online store is the fastest and most convenient method to start selling your handbags online. In less than a minute, Dukaan enables you to establish an online store. Simply enter your company information, add your products, and begin selling.

    Is handbag sales a profitable venture?

    Sure, selling handbags may be a profitable venture if done properly. According to research, the handbag and purse market is currently worth more than $50 billion and is projected to expand by 5.4% in the next years. If you want to effectively launch your handbag business online, follow the instructions in this article.

    Is creating handbags profitable?

    Certainly, producing handbags can bring in a lot of money. Those looking to purchase customized handbags are in large numbers on websites like Etsy and eBay. There is a lot of potential for financial gain in this industry if you can pinpoint your target demographic and advertise your items to them.

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