Best Accessories for Product Photography

Best Accessories for Product Photography

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December 6, 2021
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Trilochan Parida

Your E-commerce Store needs the best representation of your products.

For that, you need to set the right FOCUS on your products to throw the SPOTLIGHT on them to urge customers to buy them. 

In the last blog, we got to know various tips for effective product photography using smartphones. 

In this blog, we will get to know the best accessories that will help you enhance the photos of your products. 

Give a boost to your product with the following accessories: 

  • LightBox:

Photography light boxes help to eliminate shadows and give you the perfect feel of professional product photography. Place your product inside the lightbox and put lights outside it to have a perfect product photo against a plain background. 

It helps you create your own professional studio, which saves a lot of costs when it comes to product photography. In India, you can get these lightboxes starting from Rs. 1,000. You can also make one at home with just a cardboard box, packing tape, and a white tissue and poster board. 

While taking photos in a lightbox, you should adjust the white balance, lighting, and depth to get a perfect photo. 

So, either make one at home or fire up Amazon or Flipkart and order one for the best photographs. 

  • Studio Lights:

As mentioned above, you will need quality lights that will help you take stunning product photographs. For mobile photographs, you can go with normal ring lights that come with their own warmth settings. 

You can place the ring lights in different positions to give you the required lighting that enhances the features of your products. You can use the lights with or without the lightbox, depending on the product. 

Along with the lights, you can also buy reflectors and diffusers to spread the light all around the subject. Also, light stands shall help in making a full-fledged setup, consisting of your smartphone. 

Hence, get the perfect lights and throw LIGHT on the path of success with the best product photography. 

  • Lens:

Lenses provided in the smartphone won’t always suffice your product photography needs. Therefore, you can always go with an external lens attachment for your phones. 

The lens can be either Telephoto and Macro lens to add a different dimension to your mobile photography. You can buy these lenses on Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce websites to make the representation of your products better. 

  • Tripod:

Tripod is one of the handiest accessories that you can buy. It helps to keep your mobile steady to produce clean images, sans any disturbances. 

Tripods can help when you are taking slow-speed exposure images. It also helps while using telephoto lenses for photographs as any kind of camera shakes have to be avoided during the process. 

Get a good quality tripod. Place your phone on it. Set the required exposure. 

And click amazing photos to entice your potential customers into buying the products. 

  • Table: 

It’s very important to have the perfect platform for placing the products to get the best product photograph. Buy a table that gives you the optimum height to click those photographs for your e-commerce website. 

The table should also give the balance and help you maintain the colour balance by not adding extra unnecessary elements. You can also use different boards on top of your table to give a different feel and background to your product. These boards can be tapped or clipped to the table accordingly. 

Therefore, grab a table to make the level of your product photography rise up to the required height of perfectness on your e-commerce platform. 

You can also go for additional accessories such as background curtains, white screens, decorative items, and others to enhance your subject. 

What do you need to do? 

Product photography forms an important aspect of an e-commerce platform and you can easily do it with a smartphone. 

Just grab the above-mentioned accessories and get the best results for your product photography. 

Setup. Unlock your Phone. Click the Perfect Photograph. 

And sell unhindered. 


What are the best accessories for product photography?

The best accessories for product photography can vary depending on the specific needs of the photographer, but some popular options include a tripod, reflectors, diffusers, lightboxes, and macro lenses.

Why is a tripod important for product photography?

A tripod can help stabilize your camera and ensure that your shots are sharp and clear. This is especially important when shooting with longer exposures or when using a macro lens.

What are reflectors used for in product photography?

Reflectors are used to bounce light back onto your subject, helping to reduce shadows and create a more even lighting effect.

What is a diffuser and why is it important for product photography?

A diffuser is a translucent material that is placed over a light source to soften and diffuse the light. This can help create a more natural and flattering lighting effect for your product photos.

What is a lightbox and how is it used in product photography?

A lightbox is a small, portable box with built-in lighting that is used to create a controlled environment for photographing small objects. This can help create a consistent look and feel for your product photos.

Are there any other accessories that can be useful for product photography?

Yes, other useful accessories for product photography can include a remote shutter release, a color checker, a gray card, and a light meter.

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