How to Sell Antiques Online the Right Way - Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Sell Antiques Online the Right Way - Step-by-Step Instructions

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February 15, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Want to sell antiques online? If yes then this articles for you.

One of the more intriguing online business ventures you can start right now is selling antiques.

Interacting with people who have fascinating stories, looking for unusual items, and learning a little bit about the past are all very satisfying.

If you're new to the business, learning how to sell antiques online can take some time, but it's one of the simplest reseller markets to get started in.Selling antiques online has numerous advantages.

It goes without saying that vintage and antique items are always in high demand. Customers from all over the world will be interested in your piece if it is unique or interesting enough.


When you sell your items online, you make more money. In fact, you may be able to recoup up to 100% of your investment in your antique. Local shoppers may not appreciate your pieces as much and be unwilling to spend as much money on them, but online shoppers may adore them and be willing to pay more.

Not to mention that selling online relieves you of the physical burden of picking up and transporting your items! You can save time and prevent unnecessary damage to the environment by going online.

So join in and start an online antique selling business. Here's everything you need to know about selling antiques online.

Find out in 2024 how to sell antiques online

1. Decide what kinds of antiques to list online

Since some items would be more alluring to the customers than others, selling antiques is a little different from selling new products. The samples of products that will appeal to online shoppers are shown below. Selling your thing online is a smart move if it falls into one of these categories.

Used furniture

Some of the moisturised antiques are pieces of old furniture. Even though some clients might choose more modern pieces, many others are still looking for antique furniture to use in their homes.

Used furniture

Antique toys and dolls

Vintage dolls and toys are common objects that collectors as a pastime pursue. They make great discussion pieces and, for some customers, they bring back fond memories from their youth!

antique toy and dolls


It is best to do some research to discover how much to charge for your specific product because the price of these things can fluctuate.

Authentic jewellery

authentic jewellery

Antique jewellery infrequently handcrafted and unique, which makes them perfect for internet sales.To add to their collections, many buyers are prepared to pay top money for vintage jewellery.

Just be careful not to market your imitation jewellery as ancient!

House ware

The term "housewares" refers to any type of kitchen or home accessory. This category includes things like plates, glasses, cups, and other accessories.

You might be able to sell the right pieces online for more money than you would if you tried to sell them locally if you can find the right ones.

2. Where to find your antiques

The most crucial part of operating an online antique business is unquestionably finding rare an din-good-condition items. Contrary to other industries where large quantities of a product are readily available, antiques are typically one-of-a-kind or extremely rare.

Finding suitable components becomes significantly more difficult and time-consuming as a result.

The procedure of sourcing antiques is the following thing you need to comprehend after choosing your expertise.

There are several options available when it comes to finding antiques. Let's look at what they are makeup of.

Yard sales and thrift shops

Yard sales and second-hand stores offer the best opportunities to find antique sat a reasonable price.Because their main objective is to sell as many items as they can in the least amount of time, owners of yard sales and thrift shops are more likely to be open to bartering.

The main benefit of purchasing your antiques from a thrift shop is that you can get many precious items for cheap costs because many vendors are uninformed of the values.

But there are certain disadvantages. When hunting for antiques at yard sales and thrift stores, you'll need to know what you're looking for to tell the junk from the-treasures.

Furthermore, knowing how much to offer for the antique you want to buy becomes essential in this situation. Knowing when to walk away from an antique if the vendor is asking too much for it is another crucial skill.


Cheap antiques can often be found at pawn shops. These markets, which frequently solely offer vintage and antique products, might take less time than yard sales and thrift stores.


Auctions having long been popular place to find antiques. It's not unexpected that many vintage merchants attend auctions frequently.

According to the auctions you visit, you're more likely to find valuable antiques that can be legally sold for a profit, which is why they're so popular.

Knowing exactly how much you can actually sell an antique for can determine your level of success at auction. Getting a profits difficult because it's simple to be drawn into a contract dispute with other dealers or individuals and wind up overpay.

Other sellers in antiques

Purchasing them from other merchant sis a great way to find antiques. But because other sellers at this level are presumably likely to have a favourable grip on antique values, it can be difficult to make a profit.

If you have a competitive advantage by concentrating in a particular antiques category, then an antique source likely make sense.

3. Establish a brand

Building trust through your brand is vital in the antiques sector. Customers must trust that you a reselling them authentic goods at a fair price before they make a buy. Because of this, developing your brand is very important.

Its company's ability to express its values should be facilitated by your brand. Consider how using colours like gold can help to emphasise the grandeur of what you're selling. You can look at other online antique dealers' logos, colours, and website designs to see how they style their brands.

Think about them from the standpoint of a customer and ask yourself, "Would I buy from them? "Then, use the components that are effective as a source of inspiration as you create your brand.

4. Set appropriate prices for your antiques

Because each piece is unique, assigning a value to your antiques can be quite difficult. The age and quality of each item can cause a noticeable difference in the price you may be able totes for them, even if you have two similar antiques. 

Pricing is important since you don't want to overcharge your antique and risk making a loss on the sale,nor do you want to undercharge it and run the danger of having no interest init.

Add up all the expenditures associated with creating and bringing your products to market, then multiply that total by your profitability to arrive at your final pricing.

5. Produce material that highlights the antiques

To persuade clients to buy your product, you need to produce two different sorts of content.

Product photos

For selling antiques online, high-quality product photos are essential. Clear product images should be taken using studio lighting. These are a few pointers for effective product photography:

1. Take pictures of your products against a whiter contrasting background to draw attention to their qualities.

2. Where appropriate, photographs have been edited or coloured to be more appealing.

3. Set up your antiques if necessary to improve the viewing experience for your customers.

4. If an antique has many intricate elements, you might want to record a high-definition 360° video Roget the full picture.

5. Try different lighting an dangle combinations to see what works best for your products.

Since buyers cannot physically see and touch the things, clear and thorough images will give them more assurance.

Antiques don't come in brand-new condition like standard goods do. To avoid angry consumers and refunds, be sure to take pictures of any faults or damage on the merchandise.

Customers will trust you more as a result of your openness in business dealings, which will encourage them to choose your store over other sin the future.

By encouraging evaluations for your store's postings, you can profit from this dynamic as well. A customer pleased with your company's openness will undoubtedly post positive evaluation sand ratings.

Merchandise descriptions

Optimising your sales-conversions requires creating concise and detailed product descriptions. Your clients will be able to make educated decisions with the aid of professionally written product copy.

Product descriptions assist in conveying what makes your thing special and worthwhile of purchase,especially when selling antiques. It is a powerful marketing technique that helps persuade customers to buy products for your store.

According to a Falsify survey, compelling product copy can persuade buyers to make a purchase.Additionally, product descriptions are excellent SEO marketing strategies.

6. Where can I sell antiques online best?

It's time to set up your internet business and start selling now that you understand how to source your antique sand choose a fair price for them.

When it comes to online antique sales, you have many possibilities. For you to make the best decision,we've detailed the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative below.

Now let's examine them carefully:

An online store

Antique merchants now haven easy way to advertise their products online thanks to websites like Easy and eBay. You can use these platforms to boost sales because they invest a lot of money in luring interested and willing customers to their websites.

However, in exchange for this audience, online markets typically charge higher transaction costs on each sale you make.Additionally, there is no chance for you to establish your company as a brand.

Internet store

An internet store is the favoured method of selling for antique dealers. Compared to marketplaces and social media, online stores offer an unmatched level of customisation and control over your business.

A business may manage and scale its operations with the advanced capabilities of specialised eCommerce platforms. Many platforms are accessible for creating top-notch internet stores.

One such platform which allows you to launch a fully complete online store in less than a minute. It gives you the freedom to tailor it to your preferences while having all the sophisticated eCommerce tools required to sell things online.

7. Shipping and packaging

Antiques demand the utmost care while packaging and shipping because they are far more fragile and scratch-prone than normal objects.

Make sure that the security of your antiques is your primary priority when packing and delivering orders. Sometimes, a single minor scratch can completely devalue an object. It would be unfortunate if a product that required so much time and research to find were to be harmed in transit.


You must export your antiques with extreme caution. Cooperate only with trustworthy shipping companies that offer sufficient security for the kind of antiques you reselling.

Although it may seem unpleasant to pay a little more for each shipment, if you deal in high-value commodities, one missed or damaged cargo might put you in a significant financial bind and harm your relationship with the customer.


Straight plastic wrapping of an antique item would be a mistake because plastic can discolour some materials, like wood. Instead, use paper to pack your antiquities. The paper can be protected twice by being covered in plastic.

A box that is a little bigger than the one you would ordinarily use should be chosen, and it should be filled with package filler just enough to ensure that everything fits snugly.

8. Promote your vintage items online

Even if you have the best store in the world and provide the most incredible antiques at the best prices,you won't ever make any sales if no one ever visits your establishment. 

Here, efficient digital marketing may be of assistance. Utilising tried-and-true marketing techniques for your antiques will help you increase brand recognition, draw in new clients, and speed up sales.

Let's look at a few marketing strategies you can use:


The method of driving traffic through organic (or unpaid) search results in browsers is known as search marginalization's (SEO). It aims to raise your website's SERP ranking.

The more people who see your store when looking for antiques online, the more sales you will make,therefore SEO marketing is crucial.

Social media

Social media marketing is the use of social media channels to interact with your audience. It aids in brand development, revenue growth, and internet-traffic expansion.

Instagram, Facebook,interested are excellent social media channels to use to start promoting your brand. Social media platforms are a fantastic tool for building personal relationships with your customers.

You can use content formats enabled by algorithms, such as reels, stories, etc., to reveal thinner workings of your company and humanise the brand. On your social media account,you can also choose to repurposed user-generated content and display advertisements.

Paid ads

Pay-per-click advertisements could be lucrative since you only have to pay when a user clicks on the ad. Facebook and Instagram both allow the creation of targeted adverts,which are then run on their platforms for a set period of time and cost.

If you'd want a simpler way to visit Google's home page, you can also think about investing in Google Ads.


Now that you are aware of the procedures to follow before selling your first-antiques, it is time to begin selling antiques online.

Just bear in mind that you frequently need to exert a bit more effort and patience in order to be able to exchange your goods for a fair price and recoup the majority of your costs.

If you are serious ab outbuilding a brand out of selling antiques online, we'll reiterate how important it is to do so.


How can I sell my antiques online in the best possible way?

Owning an internet business is the finest approach to sell antiques online. Using Dukaan, you may design your own thrift store. You may also sell antiques on other online markets like eBay landlubber as well as niche websites like 1st Dibs. These places are crowded with people, making it challenging to sell antiques there.

Is buying antiques profitable?

Yes, antiques sell well online since they are rare and no longer introduction. This is because they are in high demand. Your profit margin increases as you get better at curating antiques.

What vintage goods are the most popular?

The best-selling goods at the moment are antique records, advertising signs, jewellery, jewellery, lamps, porcelain dolls, and signs. In addition to this, collectables like toys, trading cards, comic books, and action figures also sell quickly.

Is selling on eBay worthwhile?

Selling on eBay is only worthwhile if you simply intend to do this temporarily and are not concerned in building your company's reputation. Not to mention that there are many other sellers on these markets, making it much harder to gain notice.

How should I value antiques?

Calculate all the expenses you have, from sourcing to marketing, and add your profit margin to it to arrive at the price of your antiques. The value of products can also be roughly estimated using a number of online services.

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