How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Online Shop

How to Use Instagram Reels For Your Online Shop

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March 9, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Similar to TikTok, Instagram reels are a type of brief video content that can last up to 60 seconds. Instagram reels give you access to a wide range of editing feature sand tools to enhance your video content. More clips, captions, filters,stickers, and other features are also available.

Here are the main distinctions between them and Instagram stories, if you were to compare the two:

  • Reel son Instagram don't go away after a day. Their profile is updated.
  • Instagram reels offer extra tools and editing choices.
  • Your viewers will be able to recognise the audio in your clips and use it for their reels if you include it.

What benefits does Instagram Reels offer?

Instagram reel offer
Instagram reels offer

The primary advantages of Instagram reels are as follows:

1. Greater reach

Instagram reels have a wider audience. As a new feature, reels will be pushed by Instagram's algorithm to the "Explore" page, where they will see a lot of engagement. Many new users can view your material on the explore page and can like, share, and comment on your videos. In other words, you increase brand recognition and perhaps even increase sales.

2. More interesting content will increase follower participation

Staying current on Instagram requires a variety of posts. It's possible that you (or your audience) have become tired of seeing the same old articles, info graphics,photographs, etc. Reels on Instagram are a fantastic way to change things up.

Reels are brief, lasting up to a minute, giving you plenty of time to make an impression, cover a lot of material, while also keeping it just short enough for your audience to digest it and crave more.

Increase participation
Follower patrician

3.Outstanding method of content reuse

It's likely that you experiment with various formats and lengths of content if you routinely publish videos on websites like YouTube. You might want your Instagram followers to watch one of your slightly lengthier YouTube videos.It's a great approach to reuse your content if you can pick out the best and most crucial sections of your videos and include them in your reels.

How do I make an Instagram Reel?

Now that you are aware of what an Instagram reel is and its benefits, let's look at how to make one:

How do i make Instagram reels
Instagram reels


  • You have two options for recording video: uploading previously shot video or pressing and holding the record button to record video as a reel.
  • Swipe right on Instagram to access the camera. Here, you can upload already recorded video or record new video. You can choose from a variety of modes, including story,post, live, reels, etc. choose reels
  • Many tools,including audio, length, speed, effects, video layout, touch up, and timer, are available here.
  • Add audio from Instagram's music collection using the audio tool. The video's pace can be altered using the speed tool, and its duration can be determined using the timer, among other tools.
  •  Use the record button to start recording video if that's what you want to do. Do the same when you wish to record the following clip, and when you're ready, use the align button to align the clips. Each video can be edited and re watched as necessary.
  • After you've finished editing your movies, you can further enhance and clarify the video for your audience by adding effects, stickers, and text.
  • Choose a cover-image to go with your video after that. You have the option of adding a photo from your camera roll or selecting one from the video. Then click share after adding a caption, if desired. Save the video as a draft if you don't want to share it right away.

What role do reels play in your business?

You probably want to start using Instagram reels at this point. What do you post, though? Here are some examples of reels to get you started:

1. How-Tos for products

Several companies post how-to videos on Instagram to showcase their products. It turns out that having fantastic product alone is insufficient. Your fans and prospective consumers must understand how the product operates and how to use it.

How-to videos for products can be useful in this situation. Create fast product how-to films using reels to guide your audience through the buying process.

2. Product advantages

The majority of individuals lack the patience and time to read through a complete blog post brother written article regarding a product. They would want to watch a shortened version of it. Your followers will be better able to comprehend what they can expect from your goods if you use Instagram reels to quickly highlight the qualities and advantages of your product.

3.The background

A lot of people are curious about the "making of" or behind-the-scenes images of a popular thing or activity. You may entice viewers with sporadic behind-the-scenes videos posted on Instagram loops.


Teasers are effective for the same reason that movie teasers are effective: by giving your viewers a sneak peek of something to come. Instagram reels can be used to tease your impending product, service, event, or anything else to your audience.

5. Announcements and Promotions

You will occasionally need to release announcements or marketing materials to remind your audience that you have goods to sell. Think about posting a brief statement about your deals,competitions, discounts, or anything else you may have to offer utilitarianism reels.


Instagram reels initially drew criticism for copying TikTok, but now more users are doing it. As a brand,you are losing out on a lot of interaction, followers, brand exposure, and consequently, many purchases, if you are not using Instagram reels. Start publishing Instagram videos right now to see your company's brand recognition soar.


What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short, 15-second videos that can be created and shared on the Instagram platform.

How can I use Instagram Reels for my online shop?

You can use Instagram Reels to showcase your products, share behind-the-scenes footage of your business, highlight customer testimonials, share tutorials or product demonstrations, and more.

How do I create an Instagram Reel?

To create an Instagram Reel, open the Instagram app and navigate to the Reels tab. Tap the camera icon and select Reels. You can then record and edit your video using a variety of creative tools.

Can I use music in my Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can use music in your Instagram Reels. Instagram provides a library of licensed music tracks that you can add to your videos.

How do I promote my Instagram Reels?

To promote your Instagram Reels, use relevant hashtags, tag other Instagram users or businesses, and share your Reels on your other social media platforms.

How can Instagram Reels help me drive sales?

By showcasing your products and highlighting their features, Instagram Reels can help you generate interest and drive sales for your online shop.

Can I track the performance of my Instagram Reels?

Yes, Instagram provides analytics for Reels that allow you to track metrics such as views, engagement, and more.

How often should I post Instagram Reels?

The frequency of your Instagram Reels posts will depend on your specific business needs, but it is generally recommended to post consistently and frequently to keep your audience engaged.

Are there any best practices for using Instagram Reels for my online shop?

Yes, some best practices for using Instagram Reels include keeping your videos short and engaging, using relevant hashtags and music, showcasing your products and highlighting their unique features, and sharing your Reels on your other social media platforms.

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