Live Streaming E-Commerce: Buying gets more personal than ever

Live Streaming E-Commerce: Buying gets more personal than ever

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December 5, 2021
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Trilochan Parida

Buying and selling have evolved from the barter system to e-commerce.

It speaks highly of human evolution, right?

From exchanging goods to exchanging intangible currencies for goods, it has made us go from “a-thing-for-a-thing” to “seeing-photos-and-buying.” 

Ecommerce has made you stay in your comfy pajamas while making you buy the designer dress for your next party. That’s how important it has become in our life. It has turned “window shopping” into “endless scrolling” as the product list sees no end and your fascination sees no boundaries. 

One criticism that e-commerce receives is that it has destroyed the essence of the seller-buyer relationship. It has dismantled a previously believed structure to be noble and entertaining because both things can’t be derived from your screens. 

BUT, we are humans. 

We evolve with every century and find solutions for things that create worry. 

And we found one for this too. 

By finding out a way to preserve the seller-buyer relationship’s very sanctity through our screens while we are still in our pajamas with a hot mug of coffee in our hands. 

LIVE Streaming Ecommerce:

Yes, you heard it RIGHT. 

Not only will you see Virat Kohli scoring a 100 LIVE, but also your preferred seller showcasing their products LIVE for you. 

What a deal, right? 

Live streaming e-commerce has evolved itself to be the new form of online selling. It’s being considered a dynamic, fast, and more personal way of selling goods to people. 

Live streaming is a way to replicate the authentic offline experience on the screens, same as having online meetings and classes. 

It has restored the “personalization” factor to modern ways of doing trade by helping you to know the seller, interact with them, and negotiate with them. It gives you the chance to look into the product better and make your choices accordingly. 

Instead of buying by scrolling down a vast line of photos, you can request a LIVE demonstration of the seller’s product. It will be done upon choosing the date and time, as per your convenience, on the particular platform. 

LIVE Ecommerce Platform:

Previously, photographs played a huge role in e-commerce, but with the advent of better resources, videos have taken the centre-stage to promote and present products better. 

Video allows a buyer to explore a product better. It will enable you to connect better with the product while seeing it in ACTION. 

That’s what a LIVE e-commerce platform brings to the buyer. As mentioned above, e-commerce doesn’t allow you to touch and feel things, but with LIVE streaming, you can ask questions regarding its use and get them cleared on the spot. You can interact with the seller and enquire about its various functions and see its use as many times and from as many angles you want. 

We as buyers should have all the information regarding the product, and the seller can do it most accurately and correctly with LIVE streaming e-commerce platforms. 

So, as we describe the LIVE e-commerce platform, we talk of the buyer’s enhanced experience. 

BUT what about the seller?

Sellers interact with their buyers and clear each doubt regarding the product, thereby increasing the product’s credibility. They also reach out to new customers due to the high “share” proposition on the internet, especially social media. 

Buyers get to spend more time with the seller, making the latter learn from the former and implement the recommendation or changes in the next product. That’s what makes LIVE eCommerce platforms a place for knowledge-sharing as well.

LIVE streaming e-commerce platforms make the entire e-commerce industry more interactive. They make it more PERSONAL, ideally conceived otherwise. 

Growth of LIVE Streaming Ecommerce: 

LIVE eCommerce is experiencing mammoth growth in countries such as China and Singapore. The new format of e-commerce has become a $100 billion industry and is forecasted to grow tremendously in the next few years. 

The format is soon expected to catch up in India, and many startups and established players are exploring the new format for “personalized shopping”.

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