Singh Styled’s Transformation with Typof: Taking Tradition to New Heights

Singh Styled’s Transformation with Typof: Taking Tradition to New Heights

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June 20, 2024
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4 mins
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Lopamudra Barik

Singh Styled blends tradition with contemporary fashion, helping Sikhs worldwide maintain their Guru-gifted identity with style. Their mission is to empower every Sikh to wear their pride with elegance and modern flair.

Before Partnering with Typof

Singh Styled aimed to enhance their online presence and customer experience:

  • Customization: They sought advanced customization features to offer unique products.
  • Conversions: Enhancing conversion rates was a priority to grow their customer base.
  • Payments: They needed to streamline payment processes and reduce Cash on Delivery (COD)orders.
  • Costs: Cutting platform fees to allocate resources effectively was crucial.
  • Support: Access to reliable, 24/7 technical support was essential for seamless operations.
Singh Styled

How partnering turned the table around

Everything changed when Singh Styled partnered with Typof.

The King Box Launch

Singh Styled introduced The King Box, a custom gifting option that delighted their customers. Typof's robust e-commerce platform made this innovation possible.

King Box Page

Boost in Conversions

With a new, engaging website, Singh Styled saw a 20% increase in conversion rates. Typof’s website builder helped create a shopping experience that resonated with their audience, turning visitors into loyal customers.

Reduction in COD Orders

Thanks to Typof, Singh Styled streamlined their checkout process, reducing COD orders by an impressive 92%. This improvement enhanced cash flow and reduced logistical challenges.

Cost Savings

Typof's affordable services allowed Singh Styled to cut platform fees by 45%.This cost-saving enabled them to invest back into the business and enhance their offerings.

Reliable Support Typof’s 24/7 tech support meant Singh Styled always had a helping hand. Whether trouble shooting or optimizing their site, Typof was there to assist, providing peace of mind and continuous improvement.

How Typof Can Help Your Business Reach New Heights

Typof is dedicated to empowering businesses like Singh Styled. Their all-in-one e-commerce platform and website builder provide a streamlined, powerful solution for managing online stores. Typof eliminates the need for third-part yapps, offering built-in features that simplify and enhance business operations.

From building a custom website to managing your store with ease, Typof supports your growth every step of the way. Embrace the future of e-commerce, reduce costs,increase conversions, and enjoy round-the-clock support with Typof.

Transform your business like Singh Styled and achieve new milestones with Typof.


1. Can Typof reduce my operational costs?

Yes, Typof can reduce operational costs by offering affordable services and eliminating the need for multiple third-party apps. Businesses have reported significant cost savings, such as a 45% reduction in platform fees.

2. What kind of support does Typof offer?

Typof provides 24/7 technical support to ensure smooth operations and assist with any issues or optimizations needed. This constant support helps businesses maintain and improve their online presence.

3. What are some success stories of Typof ?

Typof has empowered numerous businesses to thrive online with its intuitive e-commerce solutions. From small startups to established brands, Typof's success stories highlight significant growth, streamlined operations, and enhanced customer experiences. Its robust platform supports diverse industries, making it a catalyst for online success stories worldwide.

4. Can small businesses like Singh Styled afford Typof’s services?

Yes, Typof offers a range of free and affordable tools designed to meet the needs of small businesses. These tools help minimize startup costs while providing robust features to support business growth.

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