Top 7 Wix Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Top 7 Wix Alternatives to Consider in 2023

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April 4, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

The top 7 Wix alternatives for small businesses are listed below for business owners that are sick of using Wix.

It lets businesses to handle payments, track orders, manage inventory, and provide products and services online. With Wix, you may totally customise the layout, colours, fonts, and other aspects of the appearance of your online store.

Wix's drag-and-drop site builder may be used to create websites for a range of applications, including photography, education, and design. It provides more than 1000 templates that provide a fundamental structure that can be changed artistically.

Explore these 7 Wix substitutes for 2023


The no-code e-commerce platform Typof is just as simple to use as Canva. This platform includes a variety of features that direct-to-consumer businesses typically need, making it simple to set up a store with pre-made components and ensuring a simple checkout process.

They prioritise building effective,SEO-optimised (SEO) e-commerce sites to enhance the user experience, and they work to support businesses in going live in 30 minutes as opposed to months.

The no-code e-commerce platform Typof is just as simple to use as Canva

Why Typof ?

1. Better Performance

2. Auto SEO Optimisation

3. RTO Optimisation

4. 24*7 Support

5. Personalise Feature Customisation(Only in Typof X)

2. Bigcartel

Bigcartel is a website where artists may sell their work. It offers a sizeable, close community that makes sharing material and visibility simple.

Similar to Etsy, but with a social network and other features. You can sell your own artwork on BigCartel or even create pieces on commission. Bigcartel offers artists everything they require in a one location, similar to a gallery.

Additionally, it integrates with social media so that fans can follow the careers of their favourite artists without ever leaving the app.

Big Cartel is a website where artists may sell their work

Although having a lot of eCommerce capabilities including payment gateways and marketing tools, their complete functionality is relatively simple.

Big Cartel is specifically made for those who lack technical knowledge and coding experience. Although their selection of themes is rather small, they are all free. 

These themes are also well-designed from a creative standpoint. These are highly attractive and simple to customise. You can play with different design elements, such as logo, text, font and colour.

  • When you first sign up for the Bigcartel platform, you will be taken step-by-step through the process of setting up your store and beginning the addition of products.
  • A WordPress-style editor also makes it very simple to personalise the store. Your online store dashboard makes it simpler than ever to manage your products and orders.

3. Magento

The open-source platform Magento can be a perfect WooCommerce replacement for large businesses searching for a reliable platform. The platform originally had a reputation for being difficult to use.

However, the usability seems to have improved since Adobe acquired the company in 2018. With Magento, you may create a totally customised  eCommerce website for your business. You do need some technical skills to use the platform, though.

Open-source platform Magento

It features a comprehensive system for managing orders, items, and inventories. The platform is highly advanced. You may create and manage many stores using Magento's powerful platform. In a variety of locations and languages, you can provide assistance.

If you have the required technical skills and technological know-how, you may entirely customise your online store thanks to Magento's open-source nature.

4. Dukaan

The greatest Wix substitute for eCommerce is Dukaan, a fantastic tool for all store owners. Downloading the app and registering your business are the first steps. The final step is to begin adding items to your online store.

In that you can create an online store for your brand without dealing with any technical difficulties, it is very similar to Wix.

eCommerce platform that focuses on making it simple and successful for sellers to launch an online business.

The greatest Wix substitute for eCommerce is Dukaan

SSL and hosting are included. Together with third-party plugins, Dukaan offers a large number of in-house plugins for free.

Dukaan's built-in tools for business also include a slogan maker, a product description maker, an image backdrop remover, and others.

You can create an online store with Dukaan in under a minute. On the site, you can sell the goods, share them on social media, take payments, send out orders, and do a lot more. It really is an all-encompassing platform.

  • The features of Dukaan additionally include a number of plugins and tools that may be used to run your business more efficiently.
  • The Dukaan is the ideal answer for anyone wishing to sell their products online through their small business or brick and mortar store. You will not require any prior programming knowledge to use Dukaan.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace is a great alternative to Bigcommerce for building an e-commerce website. It offers a wide range of features and tools to help customers create an attractive and practical online store.

It is said to be more user-friendly and simpler to navigate for those who are not familiar with coding because it is intuitive and straightforward to use.  

Bigcommerce can be more difficult to use, especially for beginners. By using Squarespace's all-in-one website builder, you can differentiate your business from the other online merchants.

SquareSpace is a great alternative to Bigcommerce for building an e-commerce website

With its excellent, evocative, and trendy designs. With Squarespace, you can give your products (or services) the best possible presentation.

Squarespace is a website builder that is similar to Wix. Building websites is comparatively easy thanks to the platform's well-designed templates and themes. It can also be used as an online store builder by combining the eCommerce functionality using one of their affordable membership options.

  • Squarespace can be a fantastic substitute for large-scale business because of its dual nature.You get a website and an online store when you choose square space.
  • You can create a website with excellent visual appeal and utilise it to carry out online transactions. Other features include social media integration, useful analytical tools, etc.
  • Given that it started out as a website builder, Squarespace has a huge selection of beautifully made templates. The aesthetic appearance of their website or online store is typically prioritised by users.
  • Squarespace offers website designs and layouts that are perfect for you whether you own an online store, blog, or are a musician.

6. Woocommerce

The most popular eCommerce platform for both small and large enterprises is Woocommerce. 

It allows you to easily sell things using WordPress on your website without having to spend hours creating complex interfaces. Woocommerce is renowned for its adaptability. With a comprehensive selection of plugins,themes, and add-ons, you can always find a solution for your requirements.

You can accomplish everything on the platform, including establishing e-commerce websites, blogs, and individual designer portfolios. It is the Wix alternative with the most features.

  • Woocommerce is more appropriately referred to be a plugin for the WordPress platform than as a platform in and of itself.
  • The design a inspect largely taken care of thanks to its connection to WordPress.
  • You may brand your eCommerce site precisely how you want thanks to the variety of themes.There is a learning curve, but it is not too steep.

In comparison to Wix,Woocommerce is undoubtedly not beginner-friendly. There are many themes available, but not every one of them is appropriate for an eCommerce website.

7. Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce was created primarily to scale and grow eCommerce enterprises that require specialised solutions. 

You can easily list,market, and sell products via more than 100 channels, including Facebook,Instagram, TikTok, Amazon, and more, thanks to its access to a flexible, open platform.

Big commerce
Sell products via more than 100 channels

Brands may benefit from Bigcommerce's border less commerce since it allows them to connect with customers anywhere in the world.

BigCommerce features everything, from its sales tools to inventory management, product catalogues to payment gateways. Despite the abundance of functionality, Big Commerce is not very user-friendly for beginners.

  • Bigcommerce does provide a selection of themes that may work well for online businesses in a variety of sectors and subcategories. Few of them are free, though.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to become used to the platform. That is more difficult than Wix. There are many eCommerce platforms available that are much simpler to use when getting started.
  • BigCommerce is most appropriate for well-established companies that may gain from such a robust platform. Also, they will have the tools necessary to manage their platform business more effectively.


Here are the top 7  Wix alternatives that are quite similar to Wix.

Wix is a popular choice mostly due of how user-friendly it is. Pre made themes and simple drag-and-drop website development are certain advantages. Yet Wix has its own drawbacks and problems, which is why people have been exploring for better Wix alternatives.

You can check more alternatives of Shopify here


What alternative exists to Wix?

Typof, WebNode, WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, , Bigcartel, and Bigcommerce are a few Wix alternatives you can utilize.

Why Wix should not be used?

Wix has very little customization and functional options. Without a designer or developer, you could find it challenging to update your website. On Wix, there are no SEO capabilities that have been optimized to help you rank higher in search results.

Which free website builder is the best?

A free trial is typically available before purchasing a paid subscription with most website builders. Bigcartel is an option if you want to create an eCommerce store without spending any money. The strategy, however, is simple and contains several restrictions.

Is publishing on Wix free?

On Wix, you can get started for nothing. But, you will need to choose one of their premium plans if you wish to publish your website. Their introductory plans cost $14 a month.

Is WordPress superior to Wix?

From a design perspective, Wix is a fantastic choice that is also simple to utilize. WordPress is a superior choice if you want to build a professional, fully customized website.

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