Why is an E-commerce Site needed for Small Businesses, Independent Artists and Weavers?

Why is an E-commerce Site needed for Small Businesses, Independent Artists and Weavers?

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December 6, 2021
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Trilochan Parida

Starting a Business is the same as Realising YOUR Dream. 

And it can be in any shape or in any domain of your preference. 

You can be starting out to achieve bigger dreams but it's always something SMALL that you should get started with. 

The most common forms of small businesses can belong to any domain. Along with that, independent artists and weavers are also considered a part of the small business family. 

But, how do you build that SMALL BUSINESS to a level where it helps you achieve those BIGGER DREAMS?

Let’s crack a small code to make you stand taller among your bigger competitors.

E-Commerce: Why is it beneficial for Small Businesses? 

E-commerce has become an omnipotent mode of business. 

It’s everywhere and is making every business reach out to everyone. 

As a small business, this is the best way to go forward in achieving bigger dreams. 

Create an e-commerce site for free and get started. 

Small business, independent artists, or weavers, e-commerce helps with the following: 

  • Thematic Experience: 

E-commerce websites allow you to create a thematic experience for your customer. You can create an interactive and attractive interface for your customers with ease. 

Thematic experiences can allow you to showcase your product, services, art forms, and others in a better and simplified manner. 

As a business owner, you should think about the kind of experiences and the products you are providing to your customer. Be a unique seller with the best experiences. 

It will definitely urge them to get their carts filled and check out to help you achieve your dreams. 

  • Easy Customization: 

E-commerce provides you with the flexibility to easily cater to customer demands. Create an e-commerce site for free and target customers with a custom domain and payment gateway, among many other things. 

Create a preference-based store for each customer and make them feel at home. You can also go with product streaks to make your e-commerce lively. E-commerce websites also give the liberty to post LIVE customer reviews, thus increasing the credibility of the product. 

Independent artists bring in uniqueness and flexible customization helps in boosting one’s business by a great deal. 

  • Social Media Reach:

Now, e-commerce has been clubbed with live video shopping. This has given it a better reach and has increased its level of interactiveness. 

E-commerce websites act as a great driver for Social Media handles. You can post LIVE products, product reviews, and LIVE tutorials of products on your social media handles. 

Social Media is all about uniqueness, and as a small business owner and independent artists or weavers, you can create your own audience through this medium. 

Social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and others offer a great platform to promote e-commerce websites. 

Hence, fire up your social media with interactions and creativity to gain the necessary Followers, Shares, Likes, and Save. 

Vouch for the Reach with E-commerce and achieve that Bigger Dream. 

  • LIVE Video Shopping: 

Many e-commerce websites are now providing LIVE video shopping features to make selling more interactive and give it an increased level of credibility. 

LIVE interactions allow customers to book a live session with you, in which the product can be showcased through a LIVE session. 

It will help you showcase your unique products, art pieces, and other creations and generate curiosity among your potential customers. 

LIVE interaction videos can be shared across multiple social media platforms to create better reach and increase customer interactions. 

Apart from the above advantages, e-commerce websites can be beneficial to take a unique business forward. Attractive price models, promotional schemes, and others are a great incentive through e-commerce websites. 

The internet has modified the way things are done nowadays and our shopping experience is not far away from that. 


Hence, achieve your bigger dreams by starting SMALL but choose the right channel to START WITH A BANG. 

Build an e-commerce website for free and create an urge in people to check-out with a smile. 

Help people fill their carts and achieve your dreams.


What is an E-commerce Site?

An E-commerce site is an online platform that allows businesses to sell their products or services online, and customers to purchase them.

Why is an E-commerce site important for small businesses?

An E-commerce site can help small businesses to expand their reach beyond their local market and reach a global audience. It can also help to reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining a physical store.

How can an E-commerce site benefit independent artists and weavers?

An E-commerce site can provide independent artists and weavers with an online platform to showcase and sell their products to a wider audience. It can also help them to build their brand and reach new customers.

Can small businesses, independent artists and weavers sell their products without an E-commerce site?

Yes, they can sell their products through other online marketplaces such as Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. However, having their own E-commerce site gives them more control over their brand, pricing, and customer experience.

How can an E-commerce site help with marketing and promotion?

An E-commerce site can integrate with social media platforms and allow businesses to use targeted advertising to reach potential customers. It can also provide valuable customer data and insights that can be used to improve marketing strategies.

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