8 Tips to Help You Sell Cosmetics Online Easily

8 Tips to Help You Sell Cosmetics Online Easily

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March 14, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

This detailed manual covers how to start an online beauty business from scratch as well as how to sell cosmetics online.Since 2021, the make upmarket has been growing quickly. Before, people preferred to purchase cosmetics from actual stores. It's a good idea to have a backup plan in place, especially if you're going to be travelling.

The eCommerce beauty industry is become more well-known than physical stores that sell cosmetics  because anyone can now easily launch one. As a result, business owners are growing increasingly interested in selling cosmetics online rather than renting out expensive retail space. 

Over the past ten years, the beauty business has become more democratic and is no longer dominated by as mall number of powerful corporations. Anyone today who has a working knowledge of cosmetics may sell it online. You can sell anything online, including BB lotions, lipsticks, new eye palettes, and concealer shades.

You can start selling cosmetics online if you enjoy wearing it and want to increase your income. High profit margins are common among young professionals who sell cosmetics online. You must first and foremost be familiar with internet cosmetics sales.

In 2023, how should I sell cosmetics online?

1. Locate a niche

The US market for cosmetics is expected to grow at a rate of 3.5% annually, despite the fact that the business is already enormous. This suggests you have a sizeable potential audience, but it also suggests you'll need to stand out from the plethora of other sellers of beauty items online.Instead of trying to impress everyone, pick a certain market to focus on. Your products won't connect personally with anyone if you cast a too wide a net.

Consider what distinguishes your brand from the ones that are already on the market. It could be anything from low-cost cosmetics items to novelty cosmetics items (airbrush cosmetics, etc.) or high-end cosmetics items.

Consider what distinguishes your brand from the ones that are already on the market. It could be anything from low-cost cosmetics items to novelty cosmetics items(airbrush cosmetics, etc.) or high-end cosmetics items.

Identify the value that your product offers: Ask yourself if you would want to carry the same thing in your kit if you were a third party.

Find the market need that your product fills:

For instance, if your product does something better or different than the already existing items, there is plenty of room for new products in the market in areas like sustainability, cruelty-free, and anti-ageing.

Keep your target market in mind:

Is your product something that college students will be interested in? Or is it something that would appeal to ladies in their middle years more? Consider everything, including age, gender, and employment. To find out what kinds of things are popular in the marketplace, you can also use discussion boards, Google Trends, and keyword research.

On the market, there are over 700 different cosmetics brands. You need to have a unique selling proposition if you want to compete in this market. Discover your target market by researching current trends in the beauty industry.

Choose a product category, then carefully examine the items within it as well as the technology applied to address customer issues.

2. Conduct a competitor analysis

You must evaluate your competition as well as your niche. You must make sure that your cosmetics offerings, costs, and level of customer service surpass those of other online beauty merchants. You need to convince customers that your brand is better than competitors if you want to increase sales and money.

You may improve the market position of your brand by conducting competitor research. Long-term, it will assist you in generating more leads, conversions, sales, and profit.

3. Choose a business model

When starting an online business in the cosmetics sector, there are several options to offer cosmetics products. A company plan that meets or surpasses your resources and budget is what you should choose.

Let's examine the various cosmetics businesses that you can start.

Busies model
Business model

Create your own cosmetics line

By developing one-of-a-kind cosmetics products and selling them online, you can launch your own cosmetics company. Making simple products like lip balms, skin oils, bath bombs, etc.

might be a terrific place to start.Despite the fact that you will be producing the cosmetics products yourself, you must abide by FDA regulations on air quality, ventilation, and surfaces.If you wish to produce your goods on a larger scale, you'll need to set up a manufacturing unit and properly document your procedure for duplication. Create your own eCommerce store

Create original things for sale

To create formulae for your cosmetics items, you can also collaborate with manufacturers. In order to do this, you will need to look up reputable manufacturers and collaborate with them to develop your own line of unique beauty items.

Finding local or foreign cosmetics makers who will work with you to create a distinctive range of products entails doing this. In this manner, you are able to oversee every step of the development of your product while receiving the necessary assistance.

Also, you can brand all of your products as "original" by choosing this route.

Sell white-label cosmetics

Another choice for launching an online cosmetics business is to purchase items in bulk from well-known cosmetics manufacturers and then market them online with a modified profit margin. You can market items made by nearby companies as well as natural or organic goods.

This allows you to make minor adjustments to the product's original recipe, such as changing its Colour aroma, and then brand it as uniquely yours to put on the market.

Although it sounds useful, there is a significant disadvantage. Since you won't be able to justify these products as "one of a kind" or "unique" it is going to be tough in the long run to generate credibility and consumer trust around them.

white label cosmetic


If done correctly, flipping cosmetics may be highly profitable. You can resell cosmetics that hasn't been used on websites like Posh mark and Glam bot (and even used one in some cases.)

By reselling beauty items, you can eliminate the work of producing them. To locate a provider who offers the best prices, handles shipping and customer service, you must speak with vendors. In this way, you can purchase shares in large quantities without having to spend anything up front.

4. Choose a supplier

You need a pool of trustworthy suppliers to obtain your items whether you intend to produce, white-label, distribute, or resell them. A lot of careful investigation must be done before selecting a supplier for your company. Here are some guidelines that can help you understand:

The supplier's procedures and methods align with your brand's goal

When you are aiming for vegan or organic cosmetics, etc., this becomes extremely crucial. You need a vendor who is flexible enough to meet these needs. To assure the durability of the products, you need to look at everything from how they get the products to what additives they add and what preservatives they employ.

Supplier quality control in your nation

Verify that your supplier complies with all applicable rules. For instance, your supplier must adhere to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and the Fair Packaging and Labelling Act -based enterprises (FPLA).

Order requirements

Verify if the supplier has a minimum order requirement or amount needed to process an order. It is advised that you start out by not investing a huge sum. Select a supplier who permits you to spend in a small amount of inventory when building your brand and earning customers.

5. Packaging, labelling, and branding

In a survey, 70% of participants said that when dealing with clients, consistent branding inessential. Professional branding and labelling should be used for your cosmetics goods. You must provide your products a unique brand name, logo, packaging, labelling.

It may seem difficult to work with so many dynamic elements, but the idea is to choose one, extensively adjust it, and then simply sync the other elements to the same tone. This ensures that your branding is constant while also saving time.

Branding is more than just your product marketing strategy. It also matters how you present it, market it, and even bundle it.

Packaging and barnding
package and levelling


Start with the symbols and hues connected to your brand. Once you've decided on a hue to symbolise your brand, you can use it. Colours have more meaning than you might realise. You may also use colour psychology to align the colours of your brand with the tastes of potential customers in your niche.

Experiment around with fonts now to see which one best represents your brand's vision, as this will affect how your other branding elements will ultimately look.


For brand coherence, create a visually appealing logo and use your colours in it.The fullest application of colour theory can be found in Logos.

Company name

Make sure to create a memorable, distinctive, and relatable brand name.

Your company's name serves as a symbol for your brand, the principles that guide it, and the principles it upholds. It significantly influences how consumers will view your brand and establishes their expectations for it.Make sure you choose a name for your brand carefully so that it can expand in the direction you intend.


A cosmetics product's packaging can, in some cases, give it a competitive edge. Using cheap packaging will result in long-term costs that are higher. Inexpensive packaging does not appeal to individuals from all walks of life and increases the possibility of product damage during transit.

Packing is crucial for both shipping your goods safely and giving clients a satisfying unwrapping experience. To increase consumer experiences, make your package appealing and stylish and integrate your brand's visuals and emblem.

Pay close attention to your product labels in addition to the packaging. Keeping track of your nation's or state's legal requirements is a requirement of labelling.

6. Choose a website to sell cosmetics on

Finding an audience and developing brand loyalty are key to selling cosmetics online so that customer swill purchase your products without having a chance to sample them first.

The internet

To sell cosmetics to your consumers directly on social media, you can set up stores on Facebook or Instagram. There is a substantial influence network on Instagram.Working with influenced might review cosmetics items and promote them to their audiences is one of your business's opportunities. Choose influences who uphold the principles of your brand. 

For instance, if you sell organic cosmetics, look for influences who share your aesthetic values.


Millions of buyers have access to a wide range of product categories on the most popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, including beauty. Given the size of the audiences these markets currently have, it is a safe choice to take into account. A successful technique to initially reach a wide audience is by signing up for a marketplace network.

Due to the high density of users on these platforms, you will have to outsell many other vendors who are offering comparable goods for less money. This makes building your brand while selling on marketing challenging.

7. Send your cosmetics

It's time to figure out how to ship your cosmetics to customers when you've finished building your inventory and online business. Shipping can be relatively straightforward if it is broken down into steps.

send your cosmetc
show your cosmetic product

Change the source address to:

Because it affects how tax is calculated, the shipping address is crucial. The source address will typically be your home address, the address of the workshop or office where you work, or both.

Think about these places:

Depending on whether you're sending locally, nationally, or internationally, the shipping costs will vary. You can create"shipping zones" with different rates based on a postal code, state, or country to set geographic bounds.

Ascertain that clients are aware of their options:

Three main shipping options are available: precise shipment (charging the actual cost of shipping with carriers), flatmate shipping (simpler, fixed price that you would apply to all orders within the US), and free delivery(you can apply this to all products or offer it as a perk for purchases above a certain amount).

Choose a courier:

Use reputable and knowledgeable courier services to ensure that your cosmetics products arrive at your customers' destinations in pristine condition.

8. Promote your cosmetics company

Now that you know how to sell cosmetics online while at home, you need to know how to advertise it successfully. These are some marketing tactics to take into account.

Promote your cosmetic online
Promote your company

Use recommendations from personal experience

Customers are being trained to ignore conventional marketing channels and rely instead on recommendations from friends, family, and influences. An effective marketing tactic for raising brand recognition and obtaining successful business referrals is to take use of your consumers' networks.

Provide incentives to your customers so they would promote your products on social media. By utilising their network of family and friends, you may boost your marketing efforts and create new business through personal recommendations.

User-generated content and customer testimonials are the best ways to increase the legitimacy and trust surrounding your company.

Using influences

In comparison to brand messages, 63% of consumers trust influence messaging more. Influence marketing is a terrific channel for a digital brand since it allows you to promote your items to customers you already have their trust.Selecting the platform or platforms to market on is the first step in implementing influence marketing.

There are many choices, from P interest and Facebook to Twitter, but given that 83% of beauty companies deal primarily with Instagram influences, we suggest the photo-sharing website as the best starting point.

Influence marketing also allows us a lot of freedom. You can agree to a deal with an influence of your choosing and stature in exchange for goods, exposure, or financial recompense.

Get professional product evaluations

Having industry professionals evaluate your items is another tactic for marketing your cosmetics line. Many gurus or experts have enormous followings on their social media profiles, including their YouTube channels. You might ask them to include your cosmetics items in their list of evaluations and ratings.

This would make it simple for your merchandise to get in front of their enormous following.

Hold raffles

Giving free something to customers as a "thank you" can go a long way. Free extras, like samples or merchandise, attract repeat business, according to study. In all likelihood, it will please your clients since, let's face it, who doesn't appreciate getting something for nothing?

Stay up of recent advancements in the eCommerce cosmetics sector so that you can modify your marketing plan properly.


How do you persuade customers to buy beauty products?

Customers can be convinced to buy beauty items by using influencer marketing, running ads, and social media advertising. Since you don't have to worry about rivals, selling your beauty items to customers through your own online store using platforms like typof is risk-free.

Can cosmetics be dropped-shipped?

Absolutely, you can dropship makeup. Actually, dropshipping makeup will enable you to market a bigger range of cosmetics without spending a fortune. You only need an internet store (eCommerce systems like typof can assist with that) and a consistent supply of suppliers to begin dropshipping in the beauty niche.

Where can I sell beauty products online most successfully?

Online marketplaces like Poshmark, social media platforms like Instagram, and online stores created using an eCommerce platform are just a few of the venues you can sell beauty products. Out of these, we suggest selling through your own store in order to grow your company into a brand.

Is selling makeup a profitable endeavor?

Over the years, the makeup industry has continually been a lucrative business sector. According to research, the profit margin ranges from 40% to 80%. Thus, selling makeup is a viable and evergreen business idea.

Can I make money online by selling makeup?

Online beauty sales are a legitimate source of income, but only if you play your cards wisely. You'll need to consistently work on growing your business online, experiment with various business models, develop cost-cutting plans, and, most significantly, make an effort to turn your company into a brand. This will eventually enable you to stabilize your revenue.

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