ArtsyByAppy - Apoorva Bhat

ArtsyByAppy - Apoorva Bhat

January 8, 2022
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Divya Mallick

After having a conversation with Apoorva, founder of ArtsybyAppy which is based out in Bangalore, we got to know that it’s been some 12 years she has been in the line of art and crafts which let her gather more experience than someone else.

But she was in a dilemma whether she should start selling her artworks to a big audience or in the local market. As we kept on talking, we got to know that she was working in a multi-national company and that’s when she realised, she could not do this job and work like a mimic in a cubicle. 

She left that monotonous job to start her own home décor brand ArtsybyAppy, a brand that not only showcases her handmade products but also has a touch of the cultures of India.

Shop these beautiful Mandala artworks.

She further said how excited she was to make home décor products with mandala and floral art. There were some difficulties that were faced by her to get her customers to know about her brand.

Even if some people knew about the brand it was very tough on her side to send all the pictures to them through Instagram. It was almost impossible for her to go through that for every customer again and again.

After all this mess she realised that she needs to get herself a website for the business. She got connected with Typof through Instagram and helped her build a website for all her products and helped her with all the technicalities that she needed to know.

After joining Typof she says that the platform helped her reach more people and it was a professional way of approach too.

The success rate just boomed in some time and the customers could see the complete range of products on the website. She also mentioned that typof has been a great help to her and she looks forward to more and more success of her online store.  

Being a full-time mom all she needs now is the ease of work from home. Hope she excels in her area of expertise.

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