“HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK”: Learn how IPL can propel your Online Business?

“HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK”: Learn how IPL can propel your Online Business?

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December 6, 2021
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Trilochan Parida

“It’s a MAXIMUM.” 

Don’t you want to relate this line to your online business as well? 

Yes, isn’t it?

The festival of huge sixes and toe-crushing yorkers is just around the corner.

It’s a festival where fielders turn into spectators and spectators turn into fielders. 

It’s a festival which can gain you rich fortunes for your online business. 

Just strategize right and see the match swinging in your favour. You will “HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK” while your competitors might be still struggling with their defence. 

But how do you put up an unchallengeable score this IPL season? 

Build your e-commerce site for free and lift the trophy. 

Take a look at strategies that you can implement to win over your potential customers during this IPL season. 

From winning the toss to hitting the winning six, YOU will do it ALL. 

  • Harp on the IPL Trends: 

IPL not only gives you good quality cricket but also trends which you can harp on. As a business owner, you can apply the trends to your products or services and make them more relatable to customers. 

These trends can be easy to catch but if done uniquely, will catch your potential customer’s attention. 

It can be a Tweet, Facebook post, and other social media or other platforms. Try to relate with those trends and take the trophy home this season. 

  • Chalk out your Resemblance with Teams: 

IPL teams have a huge fan base. They emerge from all over India which you can easily capture to build your customer base. 

Business owners should look forward to striking a resemblance with the teams by sharing relatable content. 

If you have a team from your area, then you can easily do it to attract the local crowd. 

Capture the mood of the team and their fan base with your products and HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK. 

  • IPL-themed Products: 

IPL drives in magnanimous business values and one of the most important factors is the themed products. 

As a business owner, you should be looking forward to releasing IPL-themed products that can easily capture people’s attention and make them buy and flaunt them. 

The products can be t-shirts, paintings, crafts, and other products or services. It’s better if you focus on any local team or research the customer base and work on it. 


IPL will have BIG SIXES raining all over but you could also have BIG DISCOUNTS all over. 

You can come up with themed discounts, about top scores or special performances in the match. IPL has become no less than a festive season in India. 

Customers shall also want to rejoice in the performances of their favourite team or player. This shall help them do it happily. 

  • Sharing Memes: 

Nowadays, marketing strategies revolve around memes. They create a huge impact on the engagement of a business concern. 

You can drive huge engagement on your social media handles by sharing relatable memes on IPL. This will help you be a part of the #trend and attract customers accordingly. 

  • LIVE Streaming Content for IPL: 

LIVE Video Shopping is the way ahead for e-commerce. It creates credibility and allows customers to interact with their seller, making for a better buying experience. 

You can customize your LIVE streaming content for IPL 2021 and make it more relatable for the customers. During the LIVE streaming, you can present your products by giving some resemblance to IPL 2021. 

Share the LIVE stream’s clipping on your social media handles and create an engaging customer base. 

IPL is one of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world. It provides a great opportunity to budding cricketers as well as business owners like YOU. 

Hence, build an e-commerce site for FREE and soak in the amazing atmosphere that IPL creates by scoring BIG RUNS with your business numbers. 

“HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK” with the best strategies to play the biggest and most successful match of your LIFE.


What is IPL?

IPL stands for Indian Premier League, a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India.

How can IPL propel my online business?

IPL can provide a platform to reach a large audience and promote your online business through various advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

What kind of advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available during IPL?

There are various options available such as sponsoring a team, player endorsements, in-stadium advertising, TV commercials, and social media promotions.

Can a small business afford to advertise during IPL?

Yes, there are different levels of sponsorship available, and small businesses can choose the level that fits their budget.

How do I choose the right advertising strategy during IPL for my online business?

It is important to consider your target audience, budget, and marketing goals before choosing an advertising strategy during IPL. Working with a marketing professional can also help you make the right decisions.

Can I measure the success of my IPL advertising campaign?

Yes, there are various metrics that can be used to measure the success of an IPL advertising campaign such as website traffic, social media engagement, and sales data.

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