How to sell handicraft products on Etsy?

How to sell handicraft products on Etsy?

February 14, 2022
5 minute read
Divya Mallick

Etsy is a good place for handmade products. Sellers are love making a sale on Etsy because of their excellent reputation for customer service, handmade products and unbeatable return policies. 

Selling handmade products on Etsy can be very profitable because you don’t have to spend much to get started, and you can always upgrade to Etsy’s professional seller package if your business takes off. 

The best part is that you will be supported by a robust and passionate community of handmade product sellers and buyers, which is key to a thriving Etsy-based business.

Etsy is very popular for selling handmade products. However, to succeed on Etsy, you will have to have excellent product photos. It is important to have attractive and clear product images. Customers will not place orders if they cannot get a good idea of what the item looks like. Etsy is a marketplace that focuses on handmade items. Customers will not understand if you sell mass-produced items. The targeted customer of Etsy is Artisans.

What is the Cost to sell on Etsy?

The amount required to open an Etsy account is  $0.20 & on item sales, Etsy charges a 5% transaction fee.

How to start selling on Etsy?

Step-1:- Go to & sign in.

Step-2:- Customize your shop’s setting including product description, language & location.

Step-3:- Choose your Shop Name

Step-4:- Start listing your products

Step-5:- Select your payment method

Step-6:- Add Billing information

Step-7:- Optimise your shop which includes adding user profile, store bio & 


Step-8:- Start Selling

So this way you can start selling your home decor & handicrafts products on Etsy.

But if have a long term vision & are serious about your business, then start with your website. 

WHY ??????


Selling from your website is much better than selling on another marketplace. Selling from your website gives you more control over how your product is marketed and how much you make.

Artisans are spending huge before getting any revenue, and are stuck on outdated legacy eCommerce platforms that are not optimized for artisans' expectations.

There are several factors to be considered when selling effectively on your e-commerce website.

The first is knowing your product. A successful e-commerce business is a business that sells products that are valuable to the customer. Valuable products are a product that people will pay for.

When you know you have a valuable product, the next step is to make your website look professional. If you have a website that looks "homemade," few people will trust you, and fewer will buy from you. 

And if you want to start your e-commerce shop then, typof would be the best option for you. Typof is specially designed to help people to start their e-commerce store without selling their products on another marketplace.

We are at typof

1. We are packaging 80% of solutions needed by Artisans in the Typof platform itself.

2. Allow businesses to give in-store experiences to their customers through live video shopping.

3. Simplifying store setup with ready-made commerce components.

4. Connecting Custom Domain for free.

5. Allowing them to sell on multiple channels on a single platform.

6. Single-click checkout experience

7. Allow going live in 30 minutes, not in months.

8. Building performance-oriented eCommerce for a better user experience.

9. Building auto Search Engine Optimised eCommerce.

10. Building a website from social media.

As you know, eCommerce platforms are the best place to sell your products if you want to sell them fast and easy. But it's not always the best place to sell your products if you want to sell them for a long time. So start your journey with your website. We hope you have enjoyed reading it. Thank you for reading!

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