The Ultimate Guide To Product Packaging | Tips, Trends & Best Practices

The Ultimate Guide To Product Packaging | Tips, Trends & Best Practices

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March 30, 2022
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Divya Mallick

There are many factors that influence the way the customers perceive the brand you’re selling. The product packaging one is choosing, and designing is one of the important factors.

All the product packaging comes down to how the packaging is done. The packaging is closely related to the customer’s feelings. A packaging shows and tells the story about the product where it came from and how it was made.

Choosing a look that should capture the customer’s attention in one go and make them go around about what’s inside the package. Getting a theme for the packaging is also important; like a beachy theme or flowery theme or a theme based on gifts and all.

Product packaging also says a lot about the brand in split seconds, with customers judging the value or quality of the product. The right packaging also helps one out in standing out which is another big asset to the firm.

Packaging can also appear like a negligible detail and too many margins oversee it last possible instant. However, packaging plays an important role in maximizing sales and growth maximization.

In this post, we will be talking about how good packaging can help in the better marketing of your product.

Packaging for products: What you need to see formerly you design

 There are so many things that go into product packaging: colours, visuals, size, shape, boxes, vs. bags vs. wrapping, materials, and much more. Before one starts making any of the abovementioned decisions, research is a crucial part perform.

There are four key things, which will affect the package design more significantly. These include:

  • Who your audience is?: One needs to understand the target audience and what are there want from the product to be sold to them? Many men, for example, aren’t actually going to reach out for something decorative in a pink bottle. 
  • Connotations you want to evoke: What is that you want the people to think when they see your brand? Let’s think about the audience here. Natural and old packaging works nice for skincare products and organic objects’ packaging but would not necessarily work best if you are trying to present your products as clinically prepared products.
  • The visual branding you already have established: Do you as of now have a website, brand title, and/or symbol? It’s vital to select bundling that will work well with what you’re already working with, supporting your brand rather than working against it.
  • What else is happening in the market: You need to see what your competitors are doing. It’s great to get it what’s standard, so you'll explore for a plan that will stand out. That being said, in some cases it’s great to stay with the status quo.

Product packaging types to consider

There are three primary sorts of item bundling simply may require, depending on what sort of items you offer and how they’re getting them to the buyer. Let’s take a see at each one.

1. Product Packaging

You wish to bundle up the item itself. This will quickly secure anything you’re offering. Think of the bottle for the cleanser, the wrapper for the sweet bar, or the box for the gems that you’re offering.

The item bundling too incorporates the names and/or hanging labels that will go on those items, in the event that pertinent. The immediate item bundling is likely attending to be the central centre, so typically where you ought to begin.

On the off chance that clients are seeing it on a rack, what will make them need to seize it? Usefulness and aesthetics are both critical here.

2. Outer Product Packaging

In case you’re shipping items to clients, how are you doing that? Envelopes, boxes, or something else? Or perhaps you’re dispersing racking boxes to offer those sweet bars to boutiques or little nearby dealers, as well; what do those boxes see like? Outer item bundling is the box or bundling that your items will be conveyed in, which is especially critical for shipping purposes. They often incorporate branded mailing boxes, envelopes, and stickers. This gives you the chance to take off a more grounded impression the moment the client sees the bundle within the mail.

3. Inner Product Packaging

On the off chance that you would like external item bundling, you'll require inward item bundling, as well. This incorporates everything that goes interior that external box or envelope that isn’t the item itself. It may incorporate destroyed paper or pressing peanuts, mailer embeds to keep everything input, guidelines booklets or flyers, and more. The huge thing to centre on here is common sense. How can you transport that glass bottle of salve and guarantee that it isn’t breaking? Wrapping the thing in a cloth pack or paper and after that staying in the destroyed paper, for case, can help secure it. All of this will be branded, giving your bundling a more uniform appearance, which makes your brand see set up and proficient. It moreover gives you control over the total client involvement when it comes to how they’re getting your item.

How to Pack a Product: 6 things one needs to put on the boxes

When one is designing the product packaging, there are going to be some things one needs to keep in mind every single time. They include:

  • Product Titles: what is the name of the product? It needs to be on the packaging to let the customer know.
  • Copy Explaining what the product is: This may be a simple tagline, or it could probably be a small section somewhere on the label detailing exactly what it is.
  • Instructions on how to use it and care for it: clothing items can be separated as handwash only, for example, one is selling handmade clothes the washing care is different for them. Write the washing care instructions on the product directly.
  • Imagery: This includes logos of the brand and anything specific to the product itself that the
  • The required information like safety labels, nutrition labels or bar codes: some industries and locations have requirements for information like these, depending on what you are selling.
  • As needed info like batch numbers: even if the numbers can be obviously changing, one will need to make sure that there is a space somewhere on the packaging.

How To Plan Ecommerce Packaging

There are six important steps involved in the brand packaging procedure. Let us look at each one.

1. Do your research

Do you inquire about it upfront? We secured this prior to the post. You would like to know who your gathering of people is, what is right now happening within the commercial centre, and what you need your packaging to say the item you are offering. Competitor and showcase inquire about are planning to be huge here and creating buyer personas for each person item if you have not however will moreover be valuable. Branding and bundling go hand in hand. Keep this in intellect.

2. Choose your product container type

Sometimes recently you make any assist choices, it’s critical to choose what sort of item holder you'll require. Diverse alternatives for item bundling include Boxes, Cans, Bottles, Glass Jars, Laminated Envelopes, Wrappers, Cartons, Cardboard Tubes. Remember to select something that meets all the taking after criteria: It looks great. It adjusts with what clients would predict on the off chance that there’s an industry standard. It’s functional.

3. Decide what you need

Once you’ve chosen the precise sorts of item holders you need to go with, it’s time to look at everything else that you simply may require. Think approximately how your item will get from your store to the client on a common-sense

 and tasteful level. You’ll require a shipping container, like a mailer envelope or box. But what else will you wish to ensure that everything arrives looking incredible and with the product protected so that the client has the leading involvement possible? In expansion to that branded shipping box, you'll also need to buy branded pressing tape. And maybe you've got standard item packs that may effectively advantage from a custom mailer embed, otherwise, you realize that you just require pressing peanuts or destroyed paper to form beyond any doubt that your items reach the client safely. Consider all of this and make a list of everything simply require. It'll be imperative moving forward.

4. Design the packaging

This may be a one-time take a toll, where you contract somebody to plan the bundling that you simply need, counting the external and internal bundling, as well. During this arrangement, make it clear what colour conspire, symbolism, and by and large aesthetic that you’re going for. It’s critical to form beyond any doubt that it’s clear what precisely your item is so that on the off chance that somebody was to ever see it on a rack they wouldn’t be cleared out scratching their heads. You need to keep in mind to incorporate everything on the bundling that’s needed, including the clump numbers. On the off chance that you disregard it the primary time around, you’ll get to begin from scratch (and pay for a do-over). Many printing companies offer bundling plan administrations, streamlining the method for you.

5. Get feedback

Once the plan is total, it'll be shot back to you for endorsement. Survey it carefully. Twofold check all the duplicates and make beyond any doubt that it’s precisely how you need and guarantee that it looks how you imagined (or superior!). Once you get the ultimate plans, get feedback. Inquire peers who are experienced within the eCommerce or retail industry. On the off chance that conceivable, you'll indeed inquire individuals of your target group of onlookers, whose opinions will matter. This can be an enormous choice, so you need to urge it right sometime recently you begin ordering.

6. Start the printing process

Many printers allow you to have an example finished before ordering a full batch. Take benefit of this to make sure everything is perfect.


The item bundling plan prepared is clearly an included one, and it’s not something that ought to be taken gently. It can help make or break your brand, so it’s critical to create the choice deliberately. The leading bundling will strike an adjustment between cost-effective and outwardly shocking and will remain genuine to your brand and what your gathering of people needs to see.


What is product packaging?

Product packaging refers to the materials and design used to enclose and protect a product for distribution, sale, and use.

Why is product packaging important?

Product packaging serves several purposes, such as protecting the product during transit, attracting customers to the product, and communicating important information about the product, such as its features, benefits, and usage instructions.

What are some best practices for product packaging?

Some best practices for product packaging include making it visually appealing, using sustainable materials, ensuring it is functional and easy to use, and providing clear and concise information about the product.

What are some current trends in product packaging?

Some current trends in product packaging include the use of minimalist designs, eco-friendly materials, interactive packaging, and personalized packaging.

Some current trends in product packaging include the use of minimalist designs, eco-friendly materials, interactive packaging, and personalized packaging.

To create effective product packaging, start by researching your target audience and competitors, and then design a package that meets the needs and preferences of your customers. Consider factors such as the product's size, shape, and weight, as well as the packaging materials and printing methods that will best showcase your product.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when designing product packaging?

Some common mistakes to avoid when designing product packaging include using confusing or overly complicated designs, choosing inappropriate or unsustainable materials, and neglecting to provide clear and accurate information about the product.

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