How To Use The IPL Trend For Your Online Business

How To Use The IPL Trend For Your Online Business

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April 17, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Want to see your favourite team triumph while expanding your internet business? Find out by reading on.

The T20 format of cricket, particularly the Indian Premier League, is a revolutionary, dynamic idea that has practically become a religion in our day and age. Due to a variety off actors, it completely changed the game and has since emerged as one of the best forms. 

Because of its country-free theme and insanely large fan base in India, it attracts fans fro mall around the world. 

IPL has also shown to be a fantastic business option for both small and large organisations.

Due to its global reach,IPL draws companies of all sizes to collaborate with it and get the benefits of their partnership.

How Can Your Store Get Ready For The IPL?

Do you feel  bewildered and unsure about what to do to prepare for the IPL? We have some advice that applies to both new and experienced sellers.

On-demand and customises are currently hugely popular due to the growth of small businesses on social media. People enjoy feeling special, and customised goods give them that feeling.


Customisation is crucial in this. You can allow the clients make as many decisions as possible, if not all of them, and then give the ideal products to them.

Re brand your products to fit the IPL concept if you are an existing merchant who wants to ride the wave. Another thing you may do is include a few on-demand items in your current inventory that are simple to obtain and have speedy delivery.

You can also perform your own product analytics and discover which goods are selling well and poorly at this time of year. Then, you may direct your attention and advertising toward the things that sell better.

You can revamp your store's appearance and change the theme of your website to match the team's colours.

What Items Should I Sell?

The second problem you can encounter is deciding which goods to offer during IPL. Please don't worry; we have you covered there as well. We've done the research and highlighted the items that have sold the most this year.

Put your own touch on these and start stocking your business with them right away!

Team banners

Everyone wants to celebrate their team's victory by waving the flag of their team. These flags can be sold through an alliance with IPL, or you can pay designers to internationalised versions for your clients. During the IPL season, it is one of the products that sells the most.

Decor for the home

1. Pillowcases and cushions

Customers can select things like teams, players, team colors, and sizes while purchasing these products.

2. Candles

You can either let the buyers choose the scents and colors for the candles of the various teams.

3. Wallpapers

For the die-hard supporters who follow their teams all year long, you can collaborate with the teams to sell wallpapers with their logos or colors.

The clothes

1. Masks

People have been accessorising masks for a long time and they are now part of the new normal. One of the most popular items today are masks with the official team logos.


You can sell only the ones with logos on them or personalise them with clients' names and team logos.

Visit The Mask Store to see the incredible IPL customised masks that we offer! In addition to this, they also have some other really unique masks that are guaranteed to turn heads.

2. Hoodies & T-shirts

T-shirts and hoodies are yet another wildly popular and in-demand item during the IPL season that you can add to your store temporarily or put on sale to get more customers.

 (Remember to give them 'Buy 1 Get 1' offers for their companions!)

3. Caps

Everyone owns and use caps when watching matches, and this IPL season, caps with team logos are sure to draw people into your shop.

4. Athletic clothing

People are inspired to go outside and run or workout by all that activity, and you may encourage them by giving them clothing featuring their favourite teams.

5. Sleepwear

Customers can purchase nightgowns, eyeglasses, and pajamas that are printed with player quotations, cricket analogies, or witty asides, and wear them to bed as they daydream about winning the championship along side their favourite captain.

Items of accessories

1. Phone covers

List customisation phone cases in your shop and watch the orders come pouring in.

2.Computer Skin

Small goods like laptop skins and stickers can be added to your business and even given away as freebies with specific purchases.

Accessories that resemble those worn by players can also be listed; these products will rank among your store's top sellers.

Electronic devices

1. Lightweight projector

It doesn't feel right to watch the game from home instead of being present in the stadium. To enhance the viewing experience for your consumers while they cheer on their preferred team, you can sell portable projectors from your business.

2. Bluetooth headphones

These can be used in conjunction with projectors to create the atmosphere of viewing the game indoors while yet feeling like you're in the stadium.

3. Smartwatches

These can be added to your shop, and you can let buyers decide which team color they want to buy.

4. Earbuds and headphones

You can sell customisation headphones and earphones in your store for individuals who plan to watch the game in their offices or during class.

Personal care items

1. Shoes

These come with customisation settings and can be purchased separately or in a set with the apparel.

2. Grooming supplies for men

Customers can purchase grooming aids to help them seem like their favourite athletes, the brands they support, or the trimmers they use, for example.

Ideas to Draw Customers! (If You Have An Online Store)

You must now be wondering how to inform customers about these incredible items in your store. Well, we considered every possibility.

You could draw customers to your store in a variety of methods, including:

Competing in trivia

By offering prizes and coupons, you may attract new consumers to your store and conduct trivia competitions. Invite them to your store to receive rewards after they demonstrate their expertise of cricket.

Facebook promotions

While watching the game,you can invite friends to take and post pictures of individuals using various things in exchange for awards, gifts, and features on your social net worksites.


Customers have traditionally been highly motivated to visit stores and make larger purchases when there is a sale. Declare a sale on your products and go old school!


Giveaways are wonderful.They are adored by everyone, including ourselves. See what a difference it makes to your sales by giving away a few things with a specific quantity of purchases or with each purchase made over a certain period of time.

Influence advertising

You can contact influences and request that they highlight your products on their social media pages. Your reach will be greatly expanded as a result.


Join Typof  today if you don't already have an online store with us.

The only thing left to do is create your store with Typof now that you're ready to go for six with this article. Take advantage of IPL frenzy.



What is the IPL trend?

The IPL trend refers to the Indian Premier League, which is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India. It is one of the most popular and widely followed cricket tournaments in the world, known for its thrilling matches, star players, and massive fan following.

Are there any legal considerations when using the IPL trend for my online busine

Yes, it's important to consider legal aspects when leveraging the IPL trend for your online business. The Indian Premier League is a registered trademark, and unauthorized usage of the IPL logo, team names, player names, or any other intellectual property associated with the tournament may lead to legal repercussions. Always ensure that you have the necessary permissions, licenses, or approvals from the appropriate authorities before using any IPL-related content or trademarks in your marketing efforts.

How can I measure the success of my IPL-related marketing efforts for my online business?

To measure the success of your IPL-related marketing efforts, you can use various key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments), conversion rates, sales revenue, customer feedback, and brand awareness. Monitor and analyze these metrics regularly to evaluate the impact of your IPL marketing strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimize your online business performance.

Are there any ethical considerations when using the IPL trend for my online business?

Yes, it's important to consider ethical considerations when leveraging the IPL trend for your online business. Avoid spreading misinformation or fake news related to the IPL, players, or teams. Be transparent and honest in your marketing efforts, and do not engage in any unethical practices that may harm the reputation or integrity of the IPL or its stakeholders. Respect the intellectual property rights and follow the laws and regulations related to the IPL and online business marketing in your region.

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