Quick-Start Guide for Selling Handmade Online: 8 Steps

Quick-Start Guide for Selling Handmade Online: 8 Steps

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March 2, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Many people desire goods that aren't created by big-box shops and aren't the same as what neighbourliness and friends own. People value handmade goods for their distinctiveness. They are enjoyable to own and also make wonderful presents.Because of this, there are numerous chances for creative people of all stripes, whether they have lifelong passion for making crafts and are just getting started or are business owners with a keen eye for locating and curating homemade goods.

Consumers usually associate the following qualities and values with crafts:

Unlike to the standard,"cookie-cutter" items produced by companies, crafts are unique, customised, imaginative, and creative. Additionally, data on eCommerce growth during that period shows that craft sales have increased 133% since the pandemic. The most lucrative channel in the last 20 years has fast surpassed traditional retail thanks to the internet.

The following are some advantages of selling crafts online:

  • cheaper than in-person sales in comparison.
  • margins of profit higher than those of brick and mortar establishments' consignment sales.
  • Huge customer base—you can reach people 24/7 from all around the world who might not have known about your product otherwise.

So, with all the new opportunities for success that have appeared in the online market for handcrafted goods, this is the greatest time to sell crafts online 

Yet, it is crucial to plan ahead and do your research if you want to minimise the negative effects of eCommerce and optimise its positive aspects. You may set yourself up for success and construct what will hopefully become a profitable business by following the steps stated below.


How to Sell Handmade Online in 8 Steps

Let's rapidly move on to the process of starting to sell your crafts online while meticulously breaking down each step.

1. Determine a market niche for your crafts

It's a common fallacy that offering a wide range of products and alternatives will attract more clients, especially when you're first starting out. But, if you try to please everyone, your store and social networking platforms will feel disorganised.

Determine a market of your crafts


It's easier to define your target market, concentrate your marketing efforts,develop your craft, and position yourself as the go-to artist for that certain product or style if you focus on only one thing. Your firm will have focus if you choose a niche and concentrate on it. Before making a decision, make sure to take into account everything, including your interest in the area, the level of competence needed, and the market's demand.

The best kinds of crafts to create and sell online are listed below.

  • The best kinds of crafts to create and sell online are listed below.
  • Several articles of clothing, such as hats, sweaters, totes, and enamel pins
  • Tablecloths,candles, carpets, artwork, and dream catchers are examples of home decor.
  • jams, pickles,sweets, and spices are examples of food items.
  • Gift baskets,photo boxes, and invitation cards with a personal touch.
  • Card making,origami flowers, and scrapbooks are examples of paper crafts.

Here,you have two choices. You have the option of making your own crafts, purchasing-them from other online or offline merchants, or doing both. If you choose the former, you can either learn how to make crafts or make them yourself if you already know how. It is crucial to do thorough research at this time to determine who your rivals are, what services they provide, and how you may set yourself apart from them to increase sales.

2. Establish a brand

The most successful brands invest time and money into developing a unique identity. Having a strong brand will help you, regardless of how tiny your business is, as clients are more likely to relate to you when you have a strong brand identification. It's a smart idea to think about branding right away so that as you move along, your product images and marketing will have a consistent voice. Strong brand identification encompasses much more than just a name and a logo. It entails being aware of who you are, what makes your handmade goods special.

Establish a brand

 However, it entails reflecting those beliefs and ideas in everything you do, including the Facebook photos you post, the tone you use in your descriptions and on social media, and the way your online business is designed.Customers will grasp your brand more easily and the process of gaining a devoted following will go more quickly if your tone, voice, and style are constant.

3. Cost of the craft

When launching any form of business, pricing concerns are frequent.You need to strike the"perfect balance" between making a profit and selling your product.Getting your price right the first time takes time, but it's worth it if you want a successful business. If not, even if you have a lot of sales, your company will collapse.

Cost of the craft

Make sure you factor in every expense, including those for manufacturing, labor, packaging, and shipping. Don't stop there, though. To ensure you make money from the sales,you need also incorporate profit margins.Also, keep in mind the rewards you might give your clients. It will be challenging for you to give good discounts if your profit margins are low (and customers love a good bargain!)For instance, if you want-to be able to give clients extra incentives to encourage repeat business, freer discounted delivery, or run Christmas discounts, you'll need a little wiggle room in your rates.

It would also be a good idea to look at the prices of the products that other artisans who create comparable crafts sell. Verify your price to make sure it complies with industry standards.

4. Information and images of products

You've created goods for your potential customers and set appropriate prices. There is just one more thing to do before you can sell them online. You must present your handcrafted products in the best possible light in your online store in order for them to attract buyers in the virtual world. 

And in order to do so, you'll need three things: eye-catching images, captivating titles, and succinct descriptions. They become essential when you sell products online because clients can't physically inspect the items and must rely entirely on the details and images you supply.

Information and image  of your product

Product images

If you intend to sell your handmade goods online, it is imperative that you take images of your creations that look professional. These product photos will be what prospective customers will view when they navigate through a long list of products, therefore they must be distinctive, enticing, and interesting.

Strive to abide by the rules for taking product photos. Often, this requires taking a picture of the thing from the optimum perspective in front of a plain white background. This method makes sure that nothing in the image would draw attention away from the product. A simple, bright background also produces fantastic results.

Product images

To add more depth to your shots, you may also include pictures of your product infuse or style them with accessories. Provide videos of your products that provide a 360-degree view of the item as another smart move.


The listings contain both the product name and description. Hence, another way to boost sales is to be mindful of the wording and tone you use in your product listings.

Listing of the product

Brand name

While coming up with the titles for your items, try to think of something memorable,appealing to the target market, and simple to remember. When selecting a name for a listing, it's also a good idea to incorporate the search terms used by your target audience in your product description.

Brand of your product

 Product information

An advertising and sales tool is a product description. To accurately describe the product to your customers in terms of its use, quality, and justifications for why it makes a good purchase, include a product description.

As a result, the product description for the item in your listings needs to be stated properly and concisely. Provide all information that your customer would find useful. Also, avoid spreading any misleading information.

Product information

5. Choose a website to sell crafts on

Just as crucial as what to sell and how to sell is where to sell. You must make a decision about where to sell your handmade goods online at this point. There are countless possibilities available after you dig a little further to get you started, but we've provided a simple list below to assist you in selecting the top websites to sell crafts online.

Web-based markets

Selling your crafts online can be done easily by using a reputable online marketplace . Infrequently sell their wares on Easy, but you can also sell your things on more accessible websites like eBay or Amazon.

Web based market


You can reach a big client base that is eager to buy your products through online marketplaces, but you will be responsible for the costs generally involved with each sale. Whether you're trying out new products or expanding your sales methods, online marketplaces are a wonderful option. Yet, there are drawbacks to selling on marketplaces as well. In a congested market where your company must compete with numerous vendors, building brand recognition is difficult. The performance of the website is also beyond your control, and payment terms are subject to abrupt and unforeseen alteration.

the internet

With platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Interest now enabling shops to sell to clients directly without them ever needing to leave the platforms, social commerce is a relative newcomer to the eCommerce industry. You may contact with your clients directly and sell to them on a platform that they are familiar with when you sell through social media. Because you may reuse user-generated material on your social media account, it is also simple to cultivate customer trust through social media.

Nevertheless,not everything on social media is as positive as it seems. Social media has less extra costs than many other markets, but one of its biggest limitations is that you have no control over how the network works.

6. Make your policies clear

Make an extra effort to make sure clients are aware of your company policies before they make a purchase from you if you run an online store. Make it clear to customers, for instance, that if they buy a digital gift card from your store, they shouldn't expect to receive a card in the mail. The use of gift cards in your online business should also be made clear; specify if they can be applied to all of the things you sell or just a select few.

Some customers might not be completely enamoured with each craft's unique characteristics when you sell it. Making your policies and commitments on your website simple to find is a good choice because of this.

Make your policies clear

By managing your customers' expectations, you can help them fully appreciate each product's unique qualities and make them proud to own a one-of-a-kind work of art. In your return policy, don't forget to specify your return duration and the grounds for accepting or rejecting requests for returns or exchanges.

7. Shipping and packaging

When selling crafts online, it's essential to make sure your products are delivered to the consumer quickly and in top shape. The item must be protected by the packaging so that it reaches the consumer in the same condition that it did when it was in your possession. The quality of your craft packaging speaks volumes about how much you value your customers.

Also,they expect eye-catching packaging from a crafts company. Hence, appealing packaging significantly contributes to both business growth and customer satisfaction.

shipping and packaging

Customer swill love and remember your brand if you package your products in something other than a basic brown box. Personalised messaging, the use of colourfulness, and even modest freebies offer a distinctive touch that will draw clients.

Shipping's the next step. Ensure sure your purchase tracking and shipping processes protect your merchandise.

Findings dependable delivery partner for your online business can occasionally be difficult. It is necessary to consider factors including the availability of COD, delivery prices, and overall effectiveness. To find out more about the boxes, packaging materials, and shipping insurance available, contact neighbourhood post office.

8. Promote your company

It goes without saying that selling crafts online is quite difficult. You must market your business online if you want to generate sales. Because no one canpurchase your goods if they are not aware of them, marketing your online business assures that people can learn about your great artwork.

You can use the following digital marketing strategies.

Promote your company


To increase the number of people that visit your online store, use SEO. Customers should be able to find your shop while searching for crafts online.

Making your website search engine friendly will help visitors find you as a result.It's also crucial to check that your online business is quick and responsive on mobile devices.

Content promotion

Investing time in content creation is definitely one of the best moves you can do for your company. The simplest approach to increase the visibility of your brand on search engines and guarantee a constant stream of customers to your store is to incorporate blogs into your website and keep them updated often. To boost the return on your content creation efforts, share your blog posts on social media. To further increase traffic to your blog, you may also consider collecting back links.

Sponsored advertisements

Another tactic for boosting your online craft shop is paid advertising. To quickly reach a highly targeted audience, consider experimenting with some low-cost Facebook and Instagram adverts.

Also,you can use search engine advertisements to show up in search engine results for certain terms associated with your line of work.


It's finally time to build a website for your crafts company. We truly hope that this article is beneficial and helps you steer your creative business in the right directions! 

Understand that when you start selling your products online, you will surely make a few blunders. This is both a natural and effective strategy for developing your skills. See failure as an opportunity to learn rather than letting it demotivate you. In my opinion, opening your own shop and growing it into the name-brand company you've always wanted it to be is the ideal method to sell your crafts online.


1.How can I sell crafts online the best way?

Using a typof-created store, you can sell handcrafted goods. You can also register for accounts on specialised websites like Etsy and eBay, third-party markets like Amazon, and social media platforms. You can also offer other retailers wholesale prices on your handmade goods.

2. How can I make my creative endeavours a business?

The quickest method to transform your crafting hobby into a business if you already have a wonderful product that sells is to open your own internet store.Building reputation, maintaining a devoted customer base, and raising brand exposure are all benefits of selling through your own store. Using typof, you can launch your online business.

3.Is it possible to make a life online selling crafts?

You can, in fact, support yourself by selling crafts online. As you have more control over your income and promotion when you sell using your own internet store, it becomes more profitable. You can also put your company on other markets like Etsy, Bonanza, etc. to augment the money you get from selling goods.

4.How should I set my craft prices?

When setting your craft prices, take into account the costs of production,distribution, fulfilment, and marketing in addition to the profit margin you hope to achieve per sale. It is wise to evaluate your pricing in relation to the industry standard. In response to shifting market prices, you can modify your pricing.

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