The Complete Guide to Sell Jewellery Online in 2023

The Complete Guide to Sell Jewellery Online in 2023

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February 15, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Want to sell jewellery online? If yes then this articles for you.

A significant and timeless part of the human experience is jewellery. The significance and meaning of a piece of jewellery can range from being a gift, a status symbol, or even a gorgeous piece of home decor.

Jewelries let people show their individuality, love for romantic relationships, and friendship from Ancient Egyptian societies to the current United States. Our human nature is instilled with the need to enjoy aesthetic beauty, express ourselves, make fashion statements, and pass down jewels as treasures to future generations.

If you'rethinking of launching or expanding your own online jewellery business, the times now. A December 2020 New York Times article claimed that those who wanted to indulge themselves amid the pandemic raised purchases of pricey jewellery.

The global jewellery market is expected to grow from $229.3 billion in 2019 to$291.7 billion in 2025. In addition, 79% of jewellery sales in the US were expected to come from non-luxury items by 2021 .

These economic estimates paint a picture of a huge global market with room for both emerging companies and existing market leaders.
The variety of jewellery increases its appeal, and online platforms enable even the tiniest businesses to have a strong user base.


Online Jewellery Sales: 10 Steps to a Successful Sale

  1. File a business registration 
  2. Identify niche
  3. Buy your jewellery locally
  4. Where should I sell?
  5. Showcase your goods
  6. Establish your brand
  7. Pricing your jewellery reasonable
  8. Sell your jewellery
  9. Remember the Shipping
  10. Organise your customer service 

Sell jewellery online: 10 Steps to a Successful Sale

1. File a business registration

If you want to grow your eCommerce platform and surround yourself with a solid staff,you really must register it. Choose a respectable company name, then apply for the necessary permits and licences to properly launch the business.

Keep in mind that depending on where your firm is located, this method could change. On the website of the U.S. Small Firm Administration, residents of the US can get additional information about registering their business.

In several countries, sole proprietorship businesses are exempt from registration requirements. However, licencing your online store will boost brand recognition by establishing its legitimacy, which is advantageous if you want to grow it.Over time, it will also protect your personal belongings.

2. Identify a niche

One of the initial steps in launching an internet jewellery business is choosing a niche.

Identify product

Do you want to focus on a specific metal, such as gold or silver? You might also think about marketing costume jewellery. Choosing a niche and sticking to it religiously will help you differentiate your company from the competitors.

Additionally, creating a brand identity and concentrating your marketing efforts will be simpler.

Remember that you have a variety of jewellery firms to choose from. Are you considering putting your pricey, beautiful jewellery up for sale? In such case, your initial materials will cost more, but you'll be able to sell your products for more money while preserving a strong sense of your brand identity.

The market competition

Look at the jewellery stores operated by your online rivals to learn from their successes . A detailed examination of your competitors might help you better differentiate your brand.

Publish surveys

Find jewellery enthusiasts on social media groups or other forums and communities who could be willing to answer inquiries about the jewellery pieces they like.

Look at Google Trends to see what's popular

To find out which products are in demand, use resources like Google Trends to search for sector-specific trending themes. For instance, charm bracelets, clay jewellery, and resins have recently seen an increase in demand.

3. Source your jewellery

It's time to choose where you will acquire your jewellery for online sale after registering your firm and selecting your jewellery niche.

To source the inventory, choose from the list of business models below, along with a brief description of each model's advantages and disadvantages.

1.Drop shipping

If you want to start a drop shipping business, you need be prepared with a list of reliable drop shipping suppliers who are willing to send the jewellery on your behalf, either locally or internationally. Setting up an internet store and choosing the jewellery itself are the only concerns you should have.

When thinking about selling jewellery online, the ease of this business plan will be its main selling feature. Two of the most well-known drop shipping platforms are Earlobe landownership.

Advantage of drop shipping

      a- There is less financial risk as you only buy the items that clients order.
      b- Setting up takes less time.
      c- It is not necessary for you to handle inventory control, packaging, and shipping.

Consequences of drop shipping  

It has lower profit margins.
It is impossible to control a product's quality.
Refunds and exchanges are more difficult.

2. Distributor

Purchasing cheap, high-quality jewellery in bulk from vendors and reselling it under your own brand is how you obtain wholesale jewellery for resale.

Alibaba and Top Ten Wholesale, as wells other domestic and international wholesalers, are great places to find cheap jewellery.

Advantage of distributor

               a-  You can use it to check the things' quality.
               b-  It provides items faster.
               c-  It offers the chance for personalised packaging.

Consequences of drop shipping

a-  To launch a firm, financial investment is necessary.
b-  It's possible that some inventory will go unsold.
c-  It requires a large amount of storage.

3. Personification

The best business technique for selling distinctive jewellery online is private labelling. It requires collaborating with a manufacturer to make jewellery that is especially made for your company.

But keeping the reputation of your business depends on choosing private labelling vendors known for creating fine jewellery.

Advantage of private Labelling

a-  You have the opportunity to promote customised jewellery made exclusively   for your company.
b-  In terms of branding, pricing, and packaging, you are in total control.

Conseqencesof private labelling

A large capital expenditure is required.You become reliant on manufacturers to guarantee quality.

4. Self-production

The market for handcraft is expanding. With this business strategy, you can make money from your pastime, and you won’t need to rely on suppliers. Betsy and Novice are the best online markets for handcrafted jewellery.

Self production

Advantage of self production

Alternatively, you canals build a website and market your jewellery there.You have control over things like product quality,specifications, price, and shipping.

It provides you with the opportunity to sell your jewellery on a reliable website.

Consequence of self production    

Making jewellery requires artistic talent.

4. Where should I sell?

We are aware that the internet is a very large place and that it may be difficult to know where to start. The best online jewellery-selling platform for you will depend on your needs, goals, and target market.

Internet markets

The best aspect of internet marketplaces is how easy it is to get your item in front of clients.Popular websites like eBay, Amazon, and Betsy see a tonne of daily traffic.

You have no control over branding, and there is intense competition from other companies competing in the same market. This implies that you won't attract enough repeat or devoted customers if you don't have a distinctive brand. 

Although selling on online markets doesn't come at a large subscription cost, depending on the marketplace you choose, you might have to pay transaction or listing costs. Always read the fine print before agreeing because exorbitant fees could hurt your bottom line.

On social media

You may reach a large audience by selling jewellery on social media. In addition, it is quick, cheap,and easy to set up.

But once you get going,selling jewellery on social media can be very time-consuming, especially if you do it every day. You'll also find that you have the same branding challenges that you do on marketplaces because your brand and design are limited by the design of your profile page. 

Instead of relying solely on social media to market your jewellery, we advocate using it as a tool to engage with clients and expand the reach of your company.

Internet Shop

Selling jewellery through your online store is the most effective way to start an internet business.

You have complete control over the appearance and feel of your business; you can present all of your products in one spot, establish a reliable brand, and give your clients a positive shopping experience. 

Most people are discouraged from doing so since setting up an online store takes a little more effort than just adding products to an online marketplace like Amazon.

On the other hand, the  platform makes it simple for you to launch an online shop in under a minute! 

Since the technical work has already been done, you wouldn't need technical knowledge or coding skills to sell your products on this platform.

You will get lots of templates that go with your brand. It will help you design a store that appeals to your intended market.Furthermore, it's easy to control online payments, add services, and alter the appearance and feel of your online store as needed.

5. Showcase your goods

When it comes to showcasing your jewellery in your online store, there are a few factors to consider:

Product descriptions that are thorough

When you sell jewellery online, you give up the benefit of forming a personal connection with your customers.

As a result, it's crucial to develop captivating and persuading product descriptions since your only resources are words and pictures.

The descriptions ought to be thorough and reflect your brand. How you describe each item of jewellery has a big impact nohow your buyers see it. Therefore, you may easily persuade potential customers by emphasising the value of each jewellery piece in your description.

Beautiful product images

When buying, customers want to know what they're getting for their money. They must rely on product pictures and descriptions because they are unable to physically inspect the items.

As a result, you must take and submit engaging product photographs to your website.

product imge

Take Pandora as an illustration. One of the most well-known jewellery companies in the world uses many, excellent photographs rather than just one. The customer's experience viewing the product is improved by this.

6. Establish your brand

Customers' perceptions of your jewellery store will be shaped by your brand identity. Brand identities develop over time and are crucial to a company's credibility.The

USP, or unique selling proposition, of your jewellery company includes what sets it apart from the competition. It should include evidence for why your company provides clients with more value than its direct rivals.

In order to create a USP, respond to the following inquiries:

             A-    Who is the ideal client for my company?
            B-    What problems may my product solve for the customer?
            C-    What will persuade them to purchase my product?
            D-   How does my company's brand vary from its rivals'? 

By providing you with a clear understanding of what your brand stands for and the direction it should go to get the best conversion rates, developing a USP can help you further define it.

Establish your bard

Discover your brand's voice and stick to it. You will speak with your clients in this manner. Is your brand wacky and vibrant? Or is it understated and minimalist? Choose a distinctive brand voice to aid in brand recall.

Create a brand's visual identity. Design a memorable logo, choose a chic colour palette, choose your font, and think about how you'll shoot each item.

Keep your brand's presentation constant.Make sure your brand is consistent on all of your websites and social media platforms where you sell jewellery.

7. Pricing your jewellery reasonably

It's crucial to price your jewellery correctly if you want to draw in buyers.

Any piece of jewellery made with precious stones should be priced accordingly. Similar to this, the final price must account for your time, labour, and talent if you sell hand crafted jewellery.

It may be difficult to judge whether the prices you charge for your goods are reasonable; if they are too high, no one will buy them, and if they are too low, you won't make a profit.

Here is a list of our top recommendations:

Pay for your costs:  At the very least, be sure you're not selling at a loss!
Research the market:  Look for a rival jeweller whose costs seem to be equal to yours and contrast them. Take into account their reasoning for the price as well as how your products and prices stack up.
Try this equation:  Final Price = Total Product Cost + Markup.

8. Sell your jewellery

Even if you have the most beautiful jewellery in the world, if you don't advertise it, no one will know about it. It can be helped with marketing.

You'll need to consistently use a range of marketing platforms to generate traffic to your website because it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Some common marketing strategies include:

Using social media

Your jewellery store needs an Instagram account. Other platforms to think about are Facebook, Twitter,Ticktock, and YouTube. However, you are not required to be active on every social networking platform.

Pick a handful, then work on each one separately. On Facebook and other social media sites, you can also run tailored advertisements for your potential customers.

Ads by Google

Use Google Ads to promote your company, help with product or service sales, raise awareness, and increase website traffic. Your advertising campaign, including your ad copy, settings,and budget, can be created and modified at any time.

Email advertising

One of the best methods for communicating with clients is email marketing. Sending emails to consumers who have signed in to receive them allows you to market new jewellery items,offer specials and discounts, publish blog updates, and make customised recommendations.

SEO advertising

SEO marketing is part of solid marketing strategy. Make how-to guides, presentations, or blog posts about your product. It will help your company's conversion rates and client happiness go up.

Make your store more visible on SERPs by utilising effective SEO strategies (search engine results pages). Using focused and relevant keywords will help you rank higher on Google.

There are many top-notch email marketing tools on the market that may streamline and improve your email marketing operations.


A person who has a sizeable social media following and the power to influence others' purchasing decisions is known assn influence.


Influences have a lot of power as trustworthy information providers. To promote your jewellery, work with influences and other content creators. They will demand a portion of each sale that emerges from their promotion in exchange.

9. Remember the Shipping

Online jewellery sales require careful consideration of the shipping alternatives, unless you run airdropping company. 

While some eCommerce platforms already have shipping rates set up, others require the company owner to manually enter the data. Here are some of the most common methods of shipping:

Free shipping

It is a common marketing tactic to draw clients and boost jewellery sales. All items, specific categories, or orders that total a certain amount can all receive free shipping.

Standard shipping charges

It is an easy way to pay for shipping expenses. Larger orders may result in some financial loss, but smaller orders will result in more financial gain.

Costs-for shipment as estimated

Some platforms allow users to use additional programmes that provide real-time shipping quotes. The easiest way to make sure you aren't overcharging customers or losing money on shipping is to use this approach.

Based on pricing and weight for shipping

It should go without saying that you can determine shipping fees based on the cost or weight of your jewellery products using normal postal services.

There are some heavy pieces of jewellery among the generally lightweight things. Additionally, if the majority of the jewellery you sell is heavy, you can select this shipping method.

10. Organise your customer service

Like in the real world,customer service is essential to the success of a jewellery business.

Customers often have questions about your items that go beyond what is stated in the product description,particularly in regards to sizing, materials, and company regulations.

Therefore, by employing open-book customer service practises, you'll help your customers make better decisions before making purchases.

A key marketing tactic for your jewellery store is customer service. To put your strategy into action successfully, you can use a variety of strategies, such as:

  • Live chat.
  • Messaging centres
  • sources for information that offer responses to frequently asked questions.

The level of customer care you can provide will depend on the size and nature of your business. No matter what degree of customer service you provide, it's crucial to be open and honest with your clients about how and when you'll answer their questions.

Top Advice for Selling Jewellery Online

Avoiding-selling phoney jewellery products,especially if you specialise in selling fine jewellery, is the most important piece of advise we can provide you when it comes to selling jewellery online.Spending more money on items that will satisfy clients and keep your business afloat is preferable to selling inferior imitations that will receive a tonne of negative feedback.


Always build your online store to be responsive on-mobile devices. Customers use their smartphones to buy both necessities like food and luxuries like jewellery.Therefore, it is essential to make sure that all mobile devices can access your online store. Another crucial SEO ranking factor that search engines considers mobile friendliness.

Make sure the page layouts are appealing.Choose a page layout that is both lovely and chic. Pick straightforward colours like off-white, beige, or neutrals. Too many design elements might be distracting, therefore a jewellery business should avoid having them. Make sure your page doesn't contain any extra pop-up windows, banner ads, or links.

Use graphics  that are inviting in your online store. Customers rely on product images to judge a product's quality because they are unable to touch or study the item in person. Therefore, while selling items like jewellery, you must offer high-quality images on your product pages. To encourage people to buy the products, business owners should also place one or two CTAs on the page.

People naturally have a tendency to trust the opinions of their peers, making product evaluations and testimonials essential components of your marketing approach.Make sure to include customer testimonials and product reviews on your online store. Even if the product with less reviews is of higher quality, customers are more likely to choose it out of two comparable products.

You can provide loyalty programmes to entice clients to visit your store more regularly.This strategy works well, especially if your company sells priceless jewels.Due to the high cost of fine jewellery, customers may feel obligated to compare prices and items from other producers.

To draw new customers to your store, provide special sand discounts. Customised and limited offer deals also aid in instilling in your consumers a sense of urgency,encouraging them to place an order right away. 

Keep abreast of the most latest jewellery fashions. It's critical to stay current with developments in your sector because the market and the tastes of your target audience will change drastically over time.


Now that the basics have been covered, you will have the foundation to build an online jewellery store from scratch at a fraction of the cost of opening a physical store.

There are various option sin the jewellery industry. It is up to you how you will make use of them to create a successful jewellery company and offer the best possible client service.

Knowing the size of the market jewellery-making companies and the processes to establish your store on an E Commerce platform will help you get off to a strong start when opening your jewellery store.


How can I sell my jewellery in the best way?

The type of jewellery you choose to sell will determine the best method for doing so. A classic brick-and-mortar store will draw in a lot more clients if you are selling expensive jewellery.It is advisable to use Duncan to quickly set up an online store for fashion jewellery.

What is the greatest online marketplace for jewellery sales?

There are a few online markets where you can sell jewellery, including Easy, Bonanza, and Amazon Marketplace, however these venues have drawbacks like expensive commission fees, limited branding opportunities, etc.

What type of jewellery sells best?

In recent years, there has been significant rise in the market for fashion jewellery and imitation jewellery.Statement jewellery, resin jewellery, and other specialised categories do well online.

How can I launch a profitable internet jewellery company?

Finding a niche and researching your target market are always the first steps in creating a successful internet business. Create a website for your business using a reliable eCommerce platform, then market your goods to attract clients.

How do I launch a home-based small jewellery business?

You can sell handcrafted jewellery if you want to launch a jewellery business from home. Market trends include jewellery made of resin, terracotta, jute, paper, etc.Additionally,you can easily produce and sell them from the comfort of your own home.

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