Top 10 Free Background Remover Apps for 2023 - Get Rid of Unwanted Backgrounds

Top 10 Free Background Remover Apps for 2023 - Get Rid of Unwanted Backgrounds

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April 19, 2023
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By Lopamudra Barik

Using a background removal tool is essential if you want to produce professional, high-quality photographs for your company's website or social media campaigns.

A background removed from an image can be easily integrated into several sales channels, draw more attention to your product, and improve image SEO. However, you might be unable to remove image backgrounds on your own. 

There may be more ways than you realise to eliminate image backgrounds if you're in charge of branding design responsibilities. Photoshop exists, to be sure, but it is not the sole choice.

Free picture editors and more scaleless solutions are also available. 10 excellent background removal tools are listed below.

Top 10 Free Background Remover Apps

1. Remove Background From Photos Pxl

The Pxl Photo Background Remover is a free software that enables you to quickly and easily remove backgrounds from product photographs.

You can save time and money on editing by having the AI detect your object and erase the backdrop. Additionally, you can remove up to 15 backgrounds at once and add a colourful background to coordinate with your store's style.

  • Background removal with one click
  • Automatic Backup functionality
  • mass background removal procedures


Artificial intelligence issued by to determine which area of the image is the background, after which the backdrop is made transparent. From there, you can select a different background.

One issue is that the AI-determined transparent background cannot be altered in any meaningful way.You must make sure the uploaded photographs are very clear for the AI. With this software, plain foregrounds and solid-color backgrounds perform best.

  • Removing backgrounds automatically
  • Export pictures in various sizes suitable for social networking
  • You can download many image sizes in high-quality versions

3. Background Remover InPixio

InPixio is available in both a free and a premium edition. The online background remover in the free edition employs an AI algorithm to eliminate the undesired elements from the background of your shot.

Free and a premium edition

The best feature of this program is that it also includes retouching tools that let you choose your background in greater detail. You have the option of saving your photo as a JPG file with a white background or superimposing it using one of the pre-made background images.

  • Automatic background removal
  • Retouching tools
  • Free, with a $49.99 annual fee for full access

You can use this picture editing program to save and upload images an unlimited number of times. However, until you purchase a yearly subscription, you are unable to use any other photo editing capabilities.

4. PicMonkey

An online photo editor called PicMonkey can be used to modify smartphone-taken product images. Everything in PicMonkey is instantly saved to the cloud, and you can access it from any of your devices.  

It contains a background remover that can be used manually or automatically, as well as some decent photo editing tools and collage and banner designs.

PicMonkey is instantly saved to the cloud

Even while PicMonkey is free to use, most of its features are only accessible through paid subscriptions. For instance, you'll have to purchase an annual subscription if you want to download the image you've been working on 

  • Automatic cloud archiving
  • Resources and tutorials built-in
  • Being able to print your pictures

5. Remover of Background

A free backdrop removal software for Android is called backdrop Eraser. It is really straightforward and focused solely on assisting you in removing backgrounds from your images. Background Eraser is available for download from the Google Play app store.

Background Eraser
Removal software for Android is called backdrop Eraser

Background Eraser's single limitation is that it only removes backgrounds. To overlay your photographs or transform them into marketing materials, you'll need to download additional apps.

  • Three options for removing the backdrop
  • Simple to use
  • Tools for simple picture editing

6. AutoClipping

Online-based AutoClipping is a free tool. All you have to do to get limitless uploads and downloads is sign up with AutoClipping. 

Online-based AutoClipping is a free tool

For novice picture editors who don't want to muck around with difficult adjustments, this online tool is fantastic. The AI in AutoClipping does all of the tedious background removal. For the AI to function successfully, you must ensure that your photographs contain clearly defined subjects.

  • Background removal for AI
  • Simple to use


You are no longer restricted to simply erasing the backgrounds of images. You may now do it in your videos as well.

With the help of the web tool, the backgrounds in your photos and movies are automatically removed. You may also choose any background to superimpose your photographs and movies on.
You may now do it in your videos as well.

You may also add text to your photographs and crop them with to meet the requirements of various social media platforms. All in all, if you require fairly straightforward editing services, this is a terrific one-stop shop.

  • Removing backgrounds automatically
  • Delete the backdrop from videos and photos
  • Superimposing movies and photos

8. PhotoScissors

An internet tool called PhotoScissors removes the backgrounds from photographs with cluttered backgrounds. Additionally, it contains settings for trimming photographs to make them appropriate for social media and websites like Amazon and eBay.

With PhotoScissors, you can upload an infinite number of times, however purchasing photo credits is required if you want high-resolution downloads. And you'll need to get In paint, a separate program that works in conjunction with PhotoScissors, if you want access to the more thorough background removal features.

  • Removing backgrounds automatically
  • Built-in instructions
  • Delete any backgrounds from challenging objects, such hair
  • Transparent items' backgrounds should be removed
  • Free with the option to pay for more advanced features

9. Using Magic Clips

Clipping Magic is yet another excellent online backdrop removal tool. With every picture uploaded to its servers, its AI technology updates the background removal algorithm.

Using magic clips
Excellent online backdrop removal tool

The free version of this tool's only limitation is that it adds a watermark to each of your photographs.You must purchase API credits if you want an image without one. If you wish to use the full complement of Clipping Magic's features, including its bulk clipping option, you'll also need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

  • API Integrations for background
  • Removal automation
  • Bulk clipping Instructions
  • Then $3.99 per month for free

10. Express by Adobe

A free online image background remover is available from Adobe Express. Simply upload any JPEG or PNG to the website, alter it in Adobe Express, or add a new background there.

Adobe Express
A free online image background remover is available from Adobe Express
  • Easy-to-use erasing tool
  • Using Adobe programs, excellent editing capabilities
  • Free, starting at $9.99/month for premium plans


As you can see, there are several tools available to assist you in obtaining the ideal photos for your company.

And you don't have to spend all day in front of a computer or be an experienced photo editor. You may have the ideal souffle image to lure everyone on social media with a quick upload into one of the image programs on our list.


What are background remover apps?

Background remover apps are software applications that allow you to remove unwanted backgrounds from your images. These apps use various tools and techniques to automatically or manually remove the background and replace it with a transparent or new background.

Why would I need a background remover app?

You may need a background remover app if you want to remove distracting or unattractive backgrounds from your images. This can help you highlight the subject of your image and create a cleaner, more professional look.

Are there any free background remover apps available?

Yes, there are many free background remover apps available. While some of these apps offer limited features, they can still be effective for basic background removal tasks.

How do I use a background remover app?

he exact process for using a background remover app will depend on the specific app you are using. However, in general, you will need to upload your image to the app, use the app's tools to select the background you want to remove, and then replace the background with a new one or leave it transparent.

Can I use a background remover app on my phone?

Yes, many background remover apps are available for both Android and iOS smartphones. These apps can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Do I need any special skills or knowledge to use a background remover app?

No, you do not need any special skills or knowledge to use a background remover app. Most of these apps are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with simple tools that allow you to remove backgrounds with just a few clicks. However, some apps may require more advanced skills if you want to use more complex features.

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