What is a Live Streaming E-commerce Platform?

What is a Live Streaming E-commerce Platform?

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December 6, 2021
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Trilochan Parida

E-commerce has always defined itself as a store on our mobile phone which is just a tap away. We scroll down the endless list of products and shop according to our preferences. 

But just like the constant evolution of technology, this store also had to go through the same.

Scrolling, selecting, and zooming in on photos to buy products is the NEW OLD,

And e-commerce has been taken one notch higher. 

LIVE Streaming E-Commerce has become the new “member of the cart” among e-commerce players and is the next big thing in this domain. It allows sellers to LIVE to stream their products at the request of the buyers and sell them.

Now, buyers can see how their products work with a LIVE demonstration and get their doubts cleared with ease. This procedure makes e-commerce so much better: it has always been scrolling down photos, zooming in to see what it is, reading product descriptions, and finally reading product reviews before buying it.  

It actually makes buying and selling easier and gives the local market feel, and brings back the revered buyer-seller relationship, which e-commerce has allegedly destroyed. 

But how do you LIVESTREAM E-commerce?

For that, you need the right kind of e-commerce platform that shall take your LIVE stream shopping to the next level. 

What is a Live Streaming E-Commerce Platform? 

LIVE streaming e-commerce platform or live shopping platform helps sellers list their products and create an online marketplace. Here, they can LIVE stream their products as per the customer’s request and sell them. 

A good e-commerce platform makes selling easy and buying attractive. It optimizes well to give the best results to both parties. 

Features of a LIVE E-commerce Platform: 

Following are the features of a GOOD LIVE streaming e-commerce platform: 

  • Personalized E-commerce Store: 

Sellers should set up their personalized e-commerce store with an interactive theme that matches their products or domains. The e-commerce store set-up should be facilitated in a few clicks and help them sell their products easily. 

Sellers should have the liberty to set a tune for their e-commerce store that makes their buyers come back for further shopping. 

LIVE commerce platforms should feel lively, and with an interactive online store, sellers should be able to attract and get recommended more by their buyers. 

  • Custom Domain and Payment Gateway: 

Platforms should be able to facilitate custom domains for the sellers. This way, they can maintain their own identity and increase the trust factor amongst their buyers. 

A custom domain helps them maintain a good domain authority score and rank better on the SERP. Also, it allows the seller to create a personalized email address for better interaction and credibility. 

Apart from a custom domain, sellers should also get a custom payment gateway to increase trust among the buyers. Buyers get trustworthy payment options that give them the confidence to avoid fraud. 

  • LIVE Streaming and Customer Interaction: 

Albeit the most important thing, a good e-commerce platform should facilitate good quality lag-free LIVE streaming of the products. It should enable the buyer and seller to experience an interactive session that benefits both. 

The platform should also facilitate optimal customer interaction. It helps the buyer know about the product better and the seller to gather feedback to make his/her products better. The platform can also host domains to help sellers and buyers chat and recommend or create new products. 


Dynamism should be the most valuable feature of a LIVE e-commerce platform, and it should facilitate a better product experience for the buyers. It should channelize customer attention to give an attractive conversion rate to the seller. 

LIVE streaming e-commerce as a service has grown exponentially in China, with the market being valued in the billions. In India, it's still at a nascent stage, but with new technology and the evolution of buying needs and standards, this new method will make inroads into the Indian e-commerce market. 

Hence, mark your field and select the right platform that gives you as well your buyer an immersive experience. 

From scrolling to watching products LIVE, these platforms shall make the buyer-seller relationship not only sacred but more lively and interactive.

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What is a live streaming e-commerce platform?

A live streaming e-commerce platform is an online marketplace that combines live streaming video and e-commerce to create an interactive shopping experience.

How does a live streaming e-commerce platform work?

A live streaming e-commerce platform allows sellers to showcase their products in real-time video streams, allowing buyers to interact with the sellers and make purchases directly from the video stream.

What are the benefits of using a live streaming e-commerce platform?

Some benefits of using a live streaming e-commerce platform include increased engagement and interaction with customers, improved customer satisfaction, and increased sales.

What types of products can be sold on a live streaming e-commerce platform?

lmost any type of product can be sold on a live streaming e-commerce platform, including clothing, electronics, beauty products, and more.

What are some tips for using a live streaming e-commerce platform successfully?

Some tips for using a live streaming e-commerce platform successfully include having a clear message, engaging with your audience, and promoting your live streams on social media and other channels. It's also important to create high-quality content and to be consistent with your live stream schedule.

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