8 Effective Link Building Techniques for 2023: Boost Your Website's Visibility

8 Effective Link Building Techniques for 2023: Boost Your Website's Visibility

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July 11, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Backlinks give your website authority. which can improve your ranking.

Your backlink strategy should, however, prioritize quality. not amount. So, to identify the best backlink prospects, you'll need to apply efficient link building strategies. and see progress.


It is common knowledge that raising your website's position in search engine results is the best strategy to get more people. You will generate more business the more Google traffic you obtain. But how can you raise your domain authority and search engine results?


Well ,if you want to do this, experts concur that implementing efficient SEO link building tactics is one of the crucial tasks. Discover8  of our best link-building strategies for 2023 by reading on.

What is link building?

Creating links to your website from other websites is a process known as link building. These links can be positioned anywhere on the page and can be either text or an image.

These links are seen by Google as endorsements of the relevance of your website by other websites. As a result, it improves your site's rankings in search engine results.


Having said that, there are numerous strategies you may use to increase the number of links pointing to your website and improve its Google ranking. While some of them have been tried and true, others are no longer as effective.

1. Outreach

Outreach is the process of contacting pertinent websites and requesting links to your website. Most link-building tactics require some sort of outreach.

In your pitch, be sure to provide readers a compelling incentive to link to your material. Because your outreach activities could not be successful if you don't provide individuals a strong reason to link to you.

Return to the "In Progress" page after sending your outreach emails to keep an eye on your potential backlink sources. Your emails' "Status" column indicates whether they were sent, read, or answered.

Moreover, it displays "Backlink earned" status once one of your prospects links to you.

2. Building a Broken Link

Building broken links entails identifying broken external links on other websites and providing are placement link from your own. Dead links impede user experience, which is why this works. They are therefore unwanted by everyone.

By entering the domain of your rival, then selecting "Analyse." Determine what subjects the content used to cover by examining the URLs of the broken pages.

See if the content on your website is similar. Otherwise, you can make a new page (as long as the subject is pertinent to your website, of course). After that, get in touch with websites that link to broken pages and offer your new link.

Toggle the "Domains" column's number. These are some of your possible customers:

3. Brand Mentions Without Links

Websites that mention your brand name without linking to your website are said to be making unlinked brand mentions. Websites are already aware of your brand if they mention you by name. Thus, they could be more inclined to provide a link.

Reach out to websites you believe might be a good match after analysing the results. You receive another backlink for each person who agrees to "link" your unlinked brand mention on their website.

4. Analysis of competitor backlinks

You may learn which content kinds in your market tend to draw the most backlinks by examining the backlinks of your competitors. Do your rivals receive backlinks for their listicle posts? How-to manuals? Viewpoint pieces? or another thing?


Utilize this knowledge to produce similar content for your website. Aim to gain backlinks as well. You'll see a thorough account of the backlink profile of your rival, including referring domains, backlinks, and an overall Authority Score.


If you work in the same field, you might want to try posting lists on your website.

To generate topic ideas, go through the same process with the other contestants. If necessary, refer back to the outreach procedure for the Link Building Tool after producing fresh material.

5. Using HARO

Another strategy for creating high-quality backlinks to your website is to use HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Journalists and industry professionals are linked through HARO. because experts' opinions are frequently needed by journalists for their publications.


Additionally, there is a significant likelihood that they will connect to your website if they cite you .HARO is used by reputable media outlets such The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, and TIME.

As a result, you may get backlinks from respectable sources. Then give a significant gift in response to the request. This refers to adding value by completely addressing each query's inquiries.


We also advise including a link to your website and your contact details. Journalists can then get in touch with you for more information. And if they cite you, they'll know which link to use.

6. Digital PR

Digital PR is a tactic used to raise brand awareness online by using digital channels. It covers several of the other link-building techniques we cover in this list, like HARO and developing linkable assets.

These are some further instances of digital PR:

  • Sending MediaNews releases about your business
  • Establishing connections with online journalists or bloggers
  • Becoming a part of influencer marketing

Link building and digital PR go hand in hand. Let's assume that something noteworthy occurs at your business. And you want the story to be covered by journalists.

Send out a press release about it to journalists at appropriate media outlets.


In the event that journalists choose to write about your narrative, they normally connect to your website whenever they discuss your brand.

7. Linkable Resources

A piece of content that organically draws backlinks is known as a linkable asset.

Several examples are as follows:

  • Infographics
  • Original study and data analysis
  • Calculators
  • Free resources
  • Detailed instructions and lessons

What sort of linkable assets, nonetheless, ought to you produce for your own website? Examine the websites of your competitors to get ideas on what works in your sector. 

Try producing comparable guides or research if you're in the SEO niche to gain backlinks.

Don't merely restate the facts, though. Only if your resource is the greatest, most thorough option, will others want to link to it.

8. Using a guest blog

Writing and publishing a blog article for another website is known as guest blogging. It usually leads to a backlink to your website. It is one of the most well-liked link-building strategies. However, there are proper and improper ways to guest post.

You're breaking Google's rules if you guest blog on any website merely to gain more backlinks. Instead, collaborate with relevant businesses in your sector to produce informative, worthwhile content.

You'll continue to gain reputation and brand recognition. However, you won't go against Google's link spam guidelines. However, anyone may do this and locate opportunities. So many guest post requests must be made for these websites.

Reach out to relevant websites even if they don't promote guest posting possibilities to stand out .Many people are eager to offer free, excellent content that is pertinent to their website.


You'll get publicity, and the other website could possibly see an increase in visitors. It benefits both parties.

Always give a list of things you'd want to discuss when you contact out. And make sure each one is afresh topic for a blog post.


What are some effective link building techniques for 2023?

In 2023, there are several effective link building techniques you can employ to boost your website's visibility. Some of them include guest blogging, influencer outreach, broken link building, content promotion, social bookmarking, directory submissions, creating valuable infographics, and participating in industry forums.

How can guest blogging help with link building?

Guest blogging involves writing high-quality articles or blog posts for other websites in your industry. By including links back to your own website within the content, you can attract referral traffic and earn valuable backlinks. This technique helps establish your expertise, builds relationships with other website owners, and improves your website's visibility in search engine results.

What is influencer outreach in link building?

Influencer outreach is a strategy where you reach out to influential individuals or popular bloggers in your industry to collaborate on content or obtain backlinks. By leveraging their existing audience and authority, you can gain valuable backlinks and increase your website's visibility to a wider audience.

How does broken link building work?

Broken link building involves finding broken links on other websites and offering a replacement link to your own relevant content. This technique provides value to website owners by helping them fix broken links while also earning you a new backlink. It's an effective way to build relationships with other webmasters and enhance your website's visibility.

What is content promotion in link building?

Content promotion refers to the process of actively promoting your website's content to gain exposure and attract backlinks. This can be done through various channels such as social media, email outreach, influencer partnerships, and content syndication. By increasing the visibility of your content, you increase the likelihood of others linking to it.

Why is participating in industry forums beneficial for link building?

Participating in industry forums allows you to engage with like-minded individuals and establish yourself as an expert in your field. By contributing valuable insights and providing helpful responses, you can build trust and credibility. In turn, this can lead to opportunities for others to link to your website or content, enhancing your link profile and visibility.



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