How to write high converting product descriptions for your online store

How to write high converting product descriptions for your online store

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January 14, 2022
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Sanmaya Biswal

Product descriptions are essential components of every type of business, not just e-commerce stores.

They are very important in marketing your product and creating a good reputation. E-commerce stores that don't have product descriptions don't exist anymore.

It is a place where you can show products' features, benefits, USP and other significant details. A well-written product description can boost your product page conversion rate, increase your sales, and make more money.

But a poorly written product description can also hurt your sales and decrease your conversion rate.

Writing product descriptions might be the most undervalued skill in eCommerce.

But understanding the importance of how to write a good product description will increase your sales. Many times, without even realizing it, you are losing potential customers because of the way you describe your products.

Let’s Spice up your Product Description for more sales and conversion for your online store

Writing a high converting product description starts by understanding the user needs and wants and positioning your product as a solution for it.

This would require you to have a piece of deep knowledge about your user and the product, try to answer the questions below and you will be moving close to your goal of writing high converting product descriptions.

Question 1: How would you describe your product to anyone who doesn’t know about it but could be your probable customer?

The question might feel daunting to some of you but doing this you will be very clear on what you are truly selling to your end customer and how he/she can use your product

  Provide a simple and crisp answer. This could be really simple as two or three-line sentences describing your product.

  It’s hard for every entrepreneur to explain about their product in just two or three sentences as their product is like their baby and they want to praise and tell you about it going crazy.

But this small little effort will let you clear all the fluff and get what the end customers want to hear and even get excited about trying your product.

Simply write down a small description as if you were explaining the product to your friend or anyone whom you think might buy it.

Here’s one Sample answer for you.

Let’s say you sell handmade traditional jewellery then here’s how you could explain it

(Your product name ) is handcrafted jewellery designed with special patterns used by people in the medieval time period?

So you could see how you positioned your Hand made jewellery product as unique via their design and build pattern.

Question 2: What’s so unique/special about your product than any other product out there in the market?

Nowadays customers have a lot of other choices and that’s why it’s important to make a strong value proposition statement.

The goal of this question is to identify something unique, something new which your product specifically has that’s not available in your market.

Is there something exciting and new in your product?

This could be anything like a particular feature, the material used in it, your guarantee, an offer or simply a different price


What’s so special about your handmade jewellery that your competitors couldn’t give?

Our handmade jewellery items are made with special designs that are found in ancient medieval times plus they are super affordable that you can even buy two pairs of anything at the same exact price as anywhere else.

NOTE: Look how I positioned our handmade jewellery again via three different ways of differentiation: price, guarantee and unique design. The same you can do with your products.

Use this growth hack: Try to do a survey on amazon your current users who have recently bought it and take notes and notice the pattern of what is that particular thing that every or most of your customers felt compelled to buy from you rather than any other online store out there on the Internet selling the exact same thing.

Question 3: What big benefits does your product provide to the customers?

People buy stuff because they want to get something from it. Think about it, have you ever bought something because you wanted that product to do a specific task for you.

That’s all about the benefit that product gives to you

Not only do you wanna know what unique things your product has but also how it helps your customers or how customers use your product.

You would be surprised to see sometimes how differently people/your customers use your product than you thought they would be using it.


Let’s take the same case of handmade jewellery, you might think that your customers would be using your product in styling their outfits which they do but usually, people prefer to gift it to others so you could change your position and message towards that way.

Question 4: What problem/pain does your product help to solve?

People buy stuff for generally one or two reasons either to increase their pleasure or minimize pain.

And according to many researches, the pain point has been a real turning point for better conversion and motivating factors.

Here identifying the pain points of your customers and positioning your product as the solution for their problem could be a game-changer.

By answering these simple and easy questions you could easily write highly converting and compelling product descriptions.

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Why is it important to write high converting product descriptions for your online store?

High converting product descriptions can increase your online store's sales by providing detailed and persuasive information about your products, helping potential customers make informed purchase decisions.

What are some tips for writing high converting product descriptions?

Some tips for writing high converting product descriptions include focusing on benefits over features, using descriptive language and storytelling, providing social proof and reviews, highlighting unique selling points, and using persuasive language and calls to action.

What should be included in a high converting product description?

A high converting product description should include the product's features and benefits, specifications, dimensions, materials used, instructions for use, and customer reviews or testimonials.

How can I make my product descriptions stand out?

To make your product descriptions stand out, you can use descriptive and emotive language, incorporate storytelling, use humor and personality, focus on unique selling points, highlight customer reviews or testimonials, and use multimedia such as images and videos.

Should I write my own product descriptions or hire a professional copywriter?

It depends on your budget, time, and writing skills. If you have the budget, hiring a professional copywriter can save you time and ensure high-quality descriptions. However, if you have the writing skills and knowledge of your products, writing your own descriptions can also be effective.

How often should I update my product descriptions?

It is recommended to update your product descriptions regularly to ensure they are accurate and relevant. You should update them when there are changes in product specifications, materials used, or customer reviews.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my product descriptions?

You can measure the effectiveness of your product descriptions by monitoring your sales and conversion rates, tracking your website traffic and engagement, and analyzing customer feedback and reviews.

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