How to Analyse  Any Website's Backlink Network

How to Analyse Any Website's Backlink Network

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August 11, 2023
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Lopamudra Barik

Do you frequently spend hours poring over dozens or hundreds of links in search of backlink opportunities? And backlinks are the most effective technique to endorse your content.

However, how can you determine how many to aim for or which backlinks are the most valuable?


At that point, a backlink analysis is helpful. In this article, we'll go over all the key elements of a backlink analysis and the procedures you must take to do one.

Let's look at what a backlink analysis is and why it's vital before we get started.


You won't have to sift through columns of data or spend hours researching backlinks.

Instead, you may quickly obtain the entire impression.

  • While researching the authority and connections of a website, you want to save time.
  • To help someone understand the network of referring domains for their domain, a visual aid is required.
  • You want to look for opportunities for backlinks in specific niches.
  • Find the second and third tiers of links that connect to your referring domains.
  • You require knowledge of a site's link profile, including any potential PBN or link scheme links.

What is Backlink Analysis, and Why Is It Important?

A backlink analysis is a comprehensive assessment of the quantity and calibre of websites connecting to your domain or a particular piece of content.


The study looks at more than simply the quantity of links pointing at your page. It looks at the fullrange of your backlinks' amount, quality, anchor text, and recency while also taking other aspects of SEO into consideration.


You can perform a backlink analysis on the blog of your business or even on the blog of a rival in order to learn how well each is doing in terms of obtaining highly sought-after backlinks and raising keyword ranks.

You can find backlink possibilities and competitors' backlinks that you should target using backlink data.


A thorough backlink analysis provides you with a variety of performance data you can use to enhance the performance of your posts and websites and determine how well your company performs in comparison to rivals.

  • Sites will typically link to yours if they value your content and believe in your brand. A significant number of backlinks might be a sign of a devoted fan following that wants to spread the word about your business or content.
  • You may find out how many direct target sites and high-quality backlinks you need to build in order to increase your SEO and outrank a top competition by researching them.
  • According to research, 91% of websites don't receive organic traffic from Google, primarily because they don't have the backlinks required to raise their rankings and compete in SERPs.
  • You may better understand your competition and how to strengthen your backlink outreach efforts by performing a backlink analysis.
  • Although backlink analysis can be carried out in a variety of methods, it must always include these four elements.

Making use of the 5 Step Backlink Analysis

We may begin now that you are aware of the value of a backlink analysis and the resources available to you. We'll use Septate, our preferred tool, to analyse our own website to demonstrate the procedure.

1. Analyse  all of the links pointing to your website.

Finding the overall number of backlinks currently linking to your site is the primary goal of our backlink research, therefore we'll finish it first.


We'll be more detailed and extensively scrutinize certain elements of the data when we pull it in order to uncover fresh insights. However, we'll start broadly to obtain a broad picture of where things stand right now.


To swiftly calculate the overall number of websites referring to your page or domain, SEO software can compile all of your backlinks for you.


However, you can see where you stand if you contrast it with a competitor's total number of backlinks. 

You must consider your overall number in light of everything else, including your competitors and how they are dispersed around your website.


You may determine which pages are the most important to your audience by looking at the total amount of backlinks to your entire domain. Blog entries that are performing incredibly well can be segmented, and you should focus more on those topics.

However, not all blog postings perform equally well. Finding your top performers is made easier by digging into the details here.


You've left your mark in the sand by knowing how many backlinks you now have. This is just the beginning.

2. Identify distinct domains.

Obtaining as many high-quality, unique backlinks from a variety of distinct domains is the high-level backlink objective. You must segment based on unique domains in order to determine the proportion of your total backlinks that come from various websites.


You need to know how many different domains are linking to your website in addition to the overall amount of backlinks you have. Google does not necessarily favour websites with a large number of backlinks.

Companies have simply purchased and had created fake backlinks over the years. Additionally, some people simply bought numerous websites and linked them regularly to increase their total number of backlinks.


Google put a halt to this and started emphasizing distinctive domains. Google prefers you to have backlinks from various, pertinent websites rather than just a lot of them coming from the same one.

A large number of backlinks coming from various trust worthy websites is a powerful indicator of the value of your content.

3. Look for high-quality backlinks by examining domain authority

Let's continue delving. Your total number of backlinks and unique domains are known. 

But do they have any worth? Do they wear black or white hats?


Google seeks out websites with high ranks and domain authority. You should check the proportion of unique domains that are also high-calibre sites with high domain authority scores.

High-quality backlinks are mostly influenced by the domain authority and the age of the backlink.

The authenticity and credibility of the domain connecting to your site are evaluated using the metric known as domain authority. The domain ranking reveals how strong the backlinks are. Search engines will judge a site positively and reward it properly if its domain authority is high.


Google started placing more focus on quality backlinks from distinct, related domains when websites began to artificially inflate the quantity of their backlinks.

  • In order to make sure your material is still relevant and beneficial for today's searchers who are looking for content relating to their search keywords, Google assesses the recency of your backlinks. The search engine doesn't want to provide customers with outdated, irrelevant information.
  • As a result, you want to obtain as many backlinks as you can from domain authority-high websites and make sure that new backlinks are consistently being added over time.

4. Evaluate the value of your anchor texts.

It's time to look at the websites that are linking to your page now. 

Let's focus on the anchor text that websites use to include a link in the body of their website copy or blog post.


The words or phrases on the internet that link to your website are called "anchor text. "These could be signs that the backlinks you get are of higher quality. They should be kept an eye on and, if necessary, upgraded.

Another indicator that indicates how relevant a site can be for a related search phrase is the anchor text.

Google may be able to determine whether or not a site offers useful information to folks seeking if the anchor text is pertinent to the subject matter of the site.

  • You can contact the website and request a change if your anchor texts don't appear right or don't emphasize your brand and emphasis keywords.
  • Although the business might not, it's worth a try. This is frequently a quick and simple way to update the anchor texts and perhaps even establish a relationship with the business.
  • You can make sure that all of your backlinks are optimized to provide the most value for your content by looking at your anchor texts.

5. Analysis of pages vs. sites, outreach, and more

You've now finished analysing all of the backlinks to your website. What's next?

Time to complete one for ascertain page on your website. This might give you more information about the types of material that are most beneficial to your target audience.


It will also be easier for you to concentrate on concrete ways to start constructing more worthwhile backlinks if you contrast posts or pages with a lot of quality backlinks to those that are underperforming.   

It's time to start doing out reach once you've determined where you need more backlinks to remain competitive.


Locate websites with a high domain authority and get in touch to ask if you may write for their blog or provide research that links back to your website. 

It goes without saying that this takes time. You may thus always collaborate with us to raise brand awareness and improve the number of high-quality backlinks to your website.

With the knowledge you've gained from your backlink analysis, you can start implementing an SEO and backlink plan to improve the competitiveness of your content on search engines.


Everyone wants to appear highly in Google searches, but how can you actually do that? After exhausting all options, you could feel a little adrift.

Your backlink analysis, an audit that shows all the pages connecting to your site, may hold the key to finding the solution.


Backlink analyses offer vital data that can help you measure your standing against competitors and outperform them. You must examine your backlinks, segment unique domains, examine domain authority, and evaluate the caliber of your anchor texts to do one. 

You can learn new things about your SEO campaigns and raise your overall rankings by doing this.


1. What is a backlink network analysis?

Backlink network analysis involves evaluating the incoming and outgoing links to a website. It helps understand a website's link profile, which is crucial for SEO and online visibility.

2. Why is examining a website's backlink network important?

Studying a website's backlink network provides insights into its credibility, authority, and relationships with other sites. This analysis aids in refining SEO strategies and identifying potential growth opportunities.

3. How can I start examining a website's backlink network?

Begin by using reputable SEO tools to gather data on the website's backlinks. Look for both quality and quantity, considering factors like domain authority, relevance, and anchor text.

4. What tools can I use for backlink analysis?

Popular tools include Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, and Majestic. These tools provide comprehensive data on a website's backlink profile, including its sources and attributes.

5. What is the significance of anchor text in backlinks?

Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. Analyze the anchor text to ensure it's varied and relevant, as over-optimized or irrelevant anchor text can negatively impact SEO.

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